Insider tips: these caribbean islands are largely unknown

Insider Tips: These Caribbean islands are largely unknown. Bequia, while unknown to many, is relatively affordable. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

The Caribbean attracts with sun and warmth, beautiful beaches and a warm as well as crystal-clear sea. And there are still largely undiscovered paradises. We present four Caribbean islands that most people don’t think of – also in our photo show .

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Bonaire – natural paradise for divers and snorkelers

The island with only good 15.000 inhabitants is located about 80 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela. It is also called "Island of the Flamingos", because in the south of the island you can see many of these animals. Bonaire inspires especially with the underwater world. Around 80 marked dive sites can be found around Bonaire. Since the island itself is not yet very touristically developed, one has both as a vacationer with tendency to the calm beach vacation and as a diver its peace.

Also on land Bonaire has a lot to offer. From the large salt lake Gotomeer in Washington National Park to fertile hilly landscapes and the rugged cliffs of the east coast. By the way, here you can find again and again beautiful small sandy bays, which you can enjoy partly completely alone. Some of these bays can only be reached from the water, others are accessible via paths in the rocks. For entry German citizens only need a valid passport and a return ticket.

Canouan – vacation of the absolute luxury class

The quietness, the unspoiled nature and the lack of mass tourism are also true for the small island of Canouan. The island is part of the Grenadines and only about 13 square kilometers large. There are only two resorts on Canouan, but their prices are quite high. High three-digit sums for one night are completely normal here.

The island, which comes along with beautiful vegetation and dreamlike sandy beaches, is nevertheless worth a visit. Who has the possibility, makes a day trip to Charlestown. From here visitors can easily explore Canouan and enjoy the peace and beauty at least for a day.

Bequia – island paradise for the normal purse

Unlike Canouan, there are also islands between the Grenadines that can be afforded with a normal income. Below you can find Bequia. The approximately 18-square-kilometer island comes with 5000 inhabitants and a few tourist facilities.

If you want to experience a little more hustle and bustle here, go to Friend Ship Bay, a long bay with a picturesque sandy beach. Events such as the Bequia Blues Festival take place here on a regular basis.

Much more peace and quiet can be found at Princess Margaret Beach near the capital city. That’s because you can only reach this long fine-sand beach from the sea or else via a rather breakneck dirt road through the forest. If you take the way on foot, you will reach the dream beach without any problems and will not only be rewarded with a mostly empty and beautiful sandy beach, but also with a great view of the marina of Port Elizabeth. The numerous yachts that are always anchored here make an idyllic picture, especially at sunset.

Bequia belongs, as well as Canouan, to the state of St. Vincent. Vincent and the Grenadines. The entry requirements are the same as for the other islands.

Barbuda – Antigua’s little sister

Antigua is mainly known as a cruise destination. It is rather one of the better known and touristically well developed islands in the Caribbean. But Antigua has a sister island, only about 40 kilometers away, which has a completely different character: Barbuda. Endless sandy beaches, a huge nature reserve and crystal clear water in the most beautiful colors. There are only a limited number of tourist accommodations on Barbuda. Therefore, the 1500-inhabitant island is never really overcrowded. The sandy beaches of the island can easily compete in beauty with the other pearls of the Lesser Antilles. The offshore reef offers divers and snorkelers beautiful excursions.

With relatively little rainfall per year by Caribbean standards, Barbuda is also a destination for those who want to risk as little rain as possible. Even though a classic Caribbean shower cannot be compared to the rain we know from Germany.

Here, too, a valid passport, which should be valid for at least six months after the start of the journey, and an onward or return ticket are sufficient for entry. Barbuda belongs politically to the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

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