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You’re looking for information for a paper, term paper, or other assignment? You want to know how people in Africa, Latin America and Asia live and how we are connected to them? Topics such as human rights, climate change, energy or hunger and nutrition interest you?

Here you’ll find well-researched student booklets, images, links, videos, and more for your school work on this topic. You only have to give the link as source for texts or pictures.

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Our topics

Orange notebook

Climate Change

Information about climate change, climate conferences and sea level rise.

Purple notebook

Human rights

Materials on the topics of human rights, flight and migration.

Hunger& Malnutrition

When do we talk about hunger and when about malnutrition?? And who is affected by it?

Climate change

Here you will find a lot of information about climate, climate change, and the consequences and effects of global warming.

Student booklet: Climate and climate change

Student booklet: Climate and climate change

What is the difference between climate and weather?? And is climate change..

What’s the difference between climate and weather, anyway? And is climate change man-made? In our booklet you will find exciting information that you can also use for your paper or homework. Have fun reading!

  • Publisher: MISEREOR
  • Publication date: September 2016; Updated February 2018
  • Pages: 5

Changing course 1.5°. Paths to a climate-friendly future

Course change 1.5°. Pathways to a climate-just future

The temperature limit agreed in the Paris climate agreement – according to popular opinion – is only..

The temperature limit agreed to in the Paris climate agreement – so the widespread opinion – can only be achieved with technologies hopefully available in the future. The brochure uses practical examples to show how we can already realize a world worth living in for everyone and do not have to postpone the solution to the climate crisis until the future. Is it utopian to push for a good life for all in the face of the climate crisis? Perhaps. But no less realistic than the utopia of endless growth on a finite planet. Numerous practical examples show how we can realize a sustainable world that is worth living in for everyone – from decentralized renewable energy generation and proven concepts for sustainable forest use to ideas for modern mobility and the ecological cultivation of our food. What they have in common is that they show how we can live, work and do business well. Within planetary limits. And so that human rights and democracy no longer fall by the wayside and millions of people live marginalized and in poverty.

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