Ines anioli with plain language: “don’t be condemned to silence”

Ines Anioli speaks plainly: "Must not allow ourselves to be condemned to silence"

"Karma shall destroy you." "Nobody wants you." "You are a disgrace."

These are just three of the many insults that Ines Anioli must read every day on her Instagram account. Which she receives every day from strangers. Since the radio journalist filed charges against her ex-boyfriend, she has been met with unfiltered hatred.

Ines Anioli Has charged her ex-boyfriend with assault, sexual assault and rape. The 35-year-old still feels the consequences today. In an Instagram post, Anioli described to her fans what she was going through, "It feels like a major accident where my life was crushed. You can’t see the wound from the outside."

Nevertheless, the podcaster does not want to hide, not duck away. Instead, she makes her story public. To help women who have also been victims of toxic relationships. To whom violence has happened instead of love. Ines Anioli wants to make it clear to them: "You are not alone."

Ines Anioli speaks plainly at "Frauen100

Last week, the well-known comedian spread her message at the "Frauen100" event in Berlin, which was organized by the agency "Hell& Karrer" organized under the motto "Love without violence". Around 160 women from politics, business and the entertainment industry attended the event, celebrating female empowerment and listening to speeches by Anioli as well as human rights activist Duzen Tekkal or actress Ursula Karven.

Ines Anioli’s words were clear. They made the participants aware that anyone can become a victim of a toxic relationship. And often don’t realize it until it’s already too late. "I am here today because I have not been broken and also because I have nothing left to lose anyway," Anioli makes clear on stage.

Anioli, who runs the podcast "me-time," appeals: "I would like to spare other women this and therefore I have a request to you: I would like you victims to believe. That you believe people who have experienced physical or psychological violence. I want us all to realize over and over again that love and violence simply have nothing to do with each other and we have to stop condoning or trivializing it."

Violence in partnerships is not uncommon. All genders are affected. In 2020 alone, according to statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office, 148.031 Persons victims of violence in an existing or former partnership. That adds up to 4.4 percent more cases than in 2019. Statistics also reveal that in 2020, a total of 139 women and 30 men were killed by their partner or ex-partner.

Ines Anioli: "Must not allow ourselves to be condemned to silence"

In an interview with this editorial, Anioli explains how important it can be for those affected to confide in others: "People who listen to you, are there for you and strengthen you. That is probably the most important thing. But of course I also have total understanding if you do not want to talk about it or do not want to file a report. One delivers oneself in the moment totally."

She makes clear how important public debates are. Only if the topic becomes political, something can change sustainably. "And it happens in the meantime also what. Society is slowly becoming more sensitized," explains Anioli. Nevertheless, it is important to keep at it, not to give up and to continue on the path: "We must not allow ourselves to be condemned to silence. A grain of sand by itself may be pretty tiny. But with many other grains of sand, it’s a beach. Or at least a sandbox."

Anioli’s conclusion: "It would be nice for all victims and those who will become victims if we all listened and looked a little better.

Victims of domestic violence often do not know whom they can turn to in confidence. The international aid organization Weiber Ring is committed to combating domestic violence and provides uncomplicated support to victims, for example by offering emotional support and accompanying them to police, court and official appointments.
Affected people can call the nationwide hotline 116006 for anonymous and free advice.

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