Indominus rex

Indominus rex

The Indominus Rex Was a carnivorous dinosaur created from different species of animals. An animal of this kind was at home on Isla Nublar.

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Origins and production

After InGen’s chief scientist Henry Wu found out that because of the frog DNA introduced into the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the animals could change sex, [4] he became fascinated with the possibility of mixing the DNA of different species together to create new species. In 1997, he thus created his first hybrid plant. [3]

Isolated in its enclosure: The Indominus rex

A few years after Jurassic World opened, the investors of Masrani Global Corporation and InGen demanded new attractions, as they felt an ordinary dinosaur was too boring in the long run. The park’s revenue was also described as only acceptable in the 2013 financial report. Finally pushed for a new and bigger attraction. [3]

Under the direction of Henry Wu, experiments were eventually conducted on a new dinosaur whose DNA consisted of different species. Secretly, InGen, under the leadership of Vic Hoskins, tried to train the dinosaurs for a military purpose. In collaboration with Dr. Henry Wu, still loyal to InGen, [2] in 2012 they developed a dinosaur in the Hammond Creation Lab that contained DNA from Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Carnotaurus, Rugops, [1] Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, squid, and tree frogs. [2]

The two end products that emerged were christened Indominus Rex and raised in isolation far from the park to the north until the larger animal reached 16 meters in length. Soon, however, one of the specimens was killed by the other fellow species. [2] Shortly thereafter, Jurassic World’s homepage posted the announcement of a new attraction that was scheduled to open as early as summer 2015. [1]

Indominus Incident 2015

The only specimen of that species was kept alone in a well-secured enclosure. The only connection to the outside world was a crane that brought the animal its food. The Indominus was very aggressive and overly intelligent – it attacked the viewports and was able to perform deceptive maneuvers by camouflaging itself and regulating its heat radiation. The animal took advantage of this ability in 2015, camouflaging itself within its enclosure to mislead security personnel. [2]

The Indominus hunts down the security forces in the forests of Nublar.

Owen Grady, park employee, then went into the enclosure with two workers. The Indominus Rex minimized the heat radiation of its body and thus fooled the thermal imaging cameras. The workers noticed the deception too late and had to flee. One of the employees was killed while still in the enclosure, while Owen and a second worker were able to exit the enclosure, with the animal also escaping. Owen Grady was able to save himself by hiding under a car and covering his smell with gasoline. [2]

A short time later, an InGen task force attempted to capture Indominus Rex, but failed and ended with the death of the entire team. The hybrid then went on to hunt other dinosaurs, such as apatosaurs. During several encounters with Owen and Claire Dearing (manager of Jurassic World), it became apparent that Indominus Rex was apparently killing for pleasure, taking its place at the top of the food chain. As the animal was attracted by heat radiation, it headed towards the park – where all the visitors were gathered together. [2]

The Indominus is surprised by a Mosasaurus and pulled into the basin.

After the fiasco, Vic Hoskins decided to use the four Owen-trained raptors Blue, Echo, Delta and Charlie against the Indominus. He managed to persuade Owen Grady to lead the effort. After a brief hunt, however, the Indominus took on the role of alpha leader of the pack, which led to the raptors attacking the humans rather than the hybrid. Later, the surviving fighters confronted Indominus on Main Street, where Owen was able to use his bond with the raptors to turn them against Indominus once again. During the battle, two of the raptors died, except for Blue, who continued to oppose the hybrid. Gray finally had the idea to create an animal with "more teeth" to use, whereupon Claire released the Tyrannosaurus Rexy from its enclosure and lured it to the Indominus. Indominus was superior to the T-Rex in battle and wrestled it to the ground. Just before he could kill him, Blue distracted him and the T-Rex was able to drive Indominus to the Mosasaurus pool, causing massive damage to his opponent and the surrounding area – the pool’s fencing was then destroyed. While the Indominus was getting ready for its next attack, the Mosasaurus leapt out of the water and grabbed the hybrid by the neck, then dragged it into the depths of the pool. [2]


The physique of the Indominus Rex strongly resembles that of the Tyrannosaurus. The animal’s head shows great similarities to the abelisaur genus, especially the bony ridges above the eyes, as well as the shape of the jaws. The arms are very long and strong. [1] Indominus has three "fingers" and an opposing "thumb, with which the animal. This makes him very different from the other dinosaurs in the park. In its normal state, its skin color is white, but the Indominus Rex can adapt to its environment. It has small bone plates and spines on its body, which give it great resistance. There are additional thorn-like projections on the arms. [2] When fully grown, it is 16 meters tall. [3]

The Indominus Rex was raised in isolation, which meant that it could not learn any social behavior at all. This led to the fact that he had to find his position in the hierarchy himself and attacks everything and everyone. Since no dinosaur or human is a match for him, he develops an awareness of his superiority. It shows a very aggressive behavior and hunts almost everything and everyone "for pleasure". In addition, it is extremely intelligent. It masters complex deceptive maneuvers, possesses communication skills, and displays an efficient hunting strategy against any animal it encounters. The indominus rex can visually adapt to its surroundings to camouflage itself. It can also regulate its heat emissions to hide from infrared cameras. The animal has heat vision and can therefore see well even in the dark. The horn plates give it excellent defense against any attacker. He can grab and hold things with his claws. He can open his jaws very wide. Nevertheless, the Indominus Rex seems to be a warm-blooded animal, like the other dinosaurs. In addition to his physical abilities, however, his intelligence is his greatest advantage. [2]

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