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The Unforgivable – Destroyed Lives (movie review)

by Peter Osteried | 03.12.2021

The drama "The Unforgivable" opens on 10. December on Netflix. Here’s our review of the movie with Sandra Bullock.

The Unforgivable movie scene 002 Netflix

Image: Scene from "The Unforgivable (c) Netflix

The basis for the new movie with Sandra Bullock is the British mini-series "Unforgiven" from the year 2009. The Netflix production stays close to the original. It is thus a double-edged sword. If you know the miniseries, the film seems redundant; taken on its own, it is a powerful drama.

The Unforgivable – About the plot

Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock) comes after 20 years from prison out. She shot a police officer when the house she and her little sister lived in was being evicted. Its Parole Officer gets her a job and a place to live, but life is dull.

The only thing that keeps Ruth going: She wants her See Sister Again, but she does not suspect that she is putting them in danger as well.

The Unforgivable movie scene 001 Netflix

Image: Movie scene from "The Unforgivable (c) Netflix

The Unforgivable – A review

The film lives from the first moments of his unbelievable severity. The tragedy of destroyed lives pulls you whole story. That makes "The Unforgivable" anything but light fare. A feel-good movie definitely looks different. This film rather goes there, where it hurts.

Into the World the wrong, but sometimes right decisions, which nevertheless everything off track throw. He contemplates the Life breaks, that happened to all the characters in this story – and how these ruptures still resonate 20 years later. Because sometimes it’s no longer possible to get back even a hint of what was.

The action takers are all tragic characters, who do not know where to go with their pain. This is true for Bullock’s character, who has grief written all over her face, but also for the sons of the policeman who was once shot. All your lives are but one pale reflection of what they could have been, should have been.

While watching, one mentally prepares oneself for the fact that "The Unforgivable" no good end can take. But there is a happy ending. At least one form of it. The film saves what can be saved, but the fade-out leaves everything in a kind of limbo. Who knows how life after the final image continues.


Not a fun film, but a intense drama with a traumatized acting Sandra Bullock. "The Unforgivable" is strong acting cinema, that comes with Breaking lives after which nothing is the way it used to be. Very worth seeing if you are in the mood for a rather depressing film is.

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