How to play golf

How to play golf

Golf swing in GTA V

Golf is a recreational activity from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto V. The goal of golf is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible with the help of a golf club.

The two offshoots are extremely different in many areas such as game rules. Golfing in GTA V is much more realistic.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories there is a golf mini-game, which is played with golf clubs, balls and hitting techniques, but otherwise follows completely different rules.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

For the first time you can play in Vice City Stories golf. The mini-game can be started on the golf course of Leaf Links Golf and Country Club as soon as you have completed the mission Home’s on the Range has defeated Gonzales. The aim of the game is to hit a target in the water with the golf ball.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

How to play golf

Luis playing golf

Golf comes back in The Ballad of Gay Tony as a mini-game and side mission on. But for the most part it does not correspond to real golf. The only golf course is located at the driving range of the Golden Pier Golf Club. The game is played on the terrace of a house, aiming at the lower golf field.

The player learns it for the first time during the mission Practice Swing where he has to hit a chained man with the golf ball.

You get the trophy or. the Achievement "Foursome" if the flag stuck in the hole is hit four times in a row. The ball does not have to be played into the hole.

Grand Theft Auto V

How to play golf

The golf mini-game in the gameplay trailer of GTA V

For GTA V the golf mini-game has been greatly improved compared to GTA IV. The location of the game is the large facility of the Los Santos Golf Club (Dorset Drive), which can be reached after the mission Complications opens its doors.

Screen layout

While playing golf, a lot of information is displayed on the screen. Observing them can simplify the game. In the upper left corner you can see which persons are playing opponents. The picture and names of the characters can be seen (see illustration). In the lower left part of the picture is the golf course or. the respective hole to see (radar). Here you can also see the position of the golf balls and possible obstacles (see picture). Some obstacles can not be passed with the golf ball. In doing so, the target symbol in the display changes to a black "x" cross. On the top right you can see which golf club you have selected. Beside this you get the hint about wind movements. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the wind. A digit tells how strong the wind is blowing. At last you can see on which surface the golf ball is located. You can also see how many strokes you have already played on the hole (see picture). When the golf ball is in flight, you can also see the manipulation option mentioned under "Control".


One way to complete the golf course is to compete against an AI opponent. To do this, you go to the golf club with your character (Michael, Franklin, Trevor). Here you choose a difficulty level from easy and medium to difficult. Another possibility is to make an appointment with a character (cell phone, hang out) and then go to the golf club with your character. You now play against your friend. It is also possible to play golf with all three characters. However, you only control the character you start the golf course with or. invites the trio. Playing golf is an expensive leisure sport. Alone it costs $100 to complete the course. If you invite one or more friends, you pay up to $300 to play. Especially at the beginning of the story you should keep this in mind.

Golf course

The golf course consists of a total of 9 holes. These differ in size and the number of strokes required to play them. In addition, trees, small lakes and bunkers (sandy areas) form obstacles that must be avoided.


You always start first in the game. After the first tee shot, it is the turn of the player whose golf ball is further away from the hole to hit the next shot. Each hole has a given number of strokes (par). If you undercut this, you will achieve a birdie. If you make the hole in the given number of strokes, you are par. However, if you stay above it, for 1 over par is called a bogey, 2 over par is called a double bogey and at 3 over par is called a triple bogey. If you need more strokes, the hole will be cancelled and you will be penalized with the maximum number of strokes. Hitting the ball too far out means a penalty stroke. Afterwards a short statistic will be shown. After all 9 holes you have won/lost the course and a completion statistic is displayed.


At the beginning of a stroke you have to choose the right club. You should also consider the wind strength and direction, because if you choose an iron with a high trajectory, the golf ball can of course be influenced more by the wind. First you aim where you want to hit the golf ball. With the further control must be set the tee strength. There is an automatic tip bar, which once triggered, determines the stroke strength. This is similar to the control of the tennis serve. On this bar a small area is highlighted in yellow. It determines the optimal stroke strength for the selected target distance (see picture). If the golf ball is in the air, there is also the possibility to make the ball rotate by pressing a button and to slightly influence its direction.

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