How to make money on the internet

How to make money on the internet

Disclaimer: Do not get the wrong idea

Before you get started, please say goodbye to misconceptions: Doing nothing is not a recipe for bubbling income. Many of these ideas require hard work, dedication and commitment – but the rewards are huge:

If you put your mind to it, they can eventually replace your current job. You earn more than you dare to dream of. But for that you have to first Put in the work; earning money online is not a no-brainer.

Take 1 – 2 years and perfect the idea – be it YouTube, blogging or Amazon FBA. It may be tedious at first, but your bank account will thank you for it.

Or step on the gas pedal and accelerate the idea: work on several platforms. This way you build up several income streams that will make you dependent in a few weeks. Regardless of your job, where you live and any time constraints.

Of course, you will also discover ways to earn money online immediately – without any experience. But you earn less. They are only a quick fix if you don’t have the money.

So, let’s get started.

1. Write texts

You don’t have to write like Goethe to earn money online as a copywriter. You only have to want to write and be able to do something – that is the prerequisite.

On copywriting portals, clients are looking for writers for their projects. This ranges from marketing agencies, to blogs, to large online magazines.

To get in on the action, you have to submit a sample text. It determines your ranking – that is, your rating as a copywriter. Therefore, sit down on the seat of your pants and make an effort:

The better the text, the better you will be rated; and thus you earn incredible more. You can move up later and make up for a bad test text, but that takes at least half a year.

Half a year for what you write for bread and water. That is: 1 cent per word. Just €10 for a thousand words.

Convince therefore immediately and make the Bewerter astonished. However, you can only earn real money with private commissions. A client is enthusiastic about you and hires you.

Here you can set your own price and keep the cash register ringing. But it takes time: Some have worked 5 – 6 hours a day, but earned only 20 to 30 euros. Yet they persevered:

Now earn several hundred dollars per day. So it’s worth it if you hang in there.

These two platforms are recommended, whereby is clearly better. There the payment is fairer:

2. Sell your skills

Can you design, write, create videos, proofread, sing…?. you can do anything? You can do it, people want it.

Because on Fiverr you can turn everything into money – even sing Happy Birthday in a bathing suit. Such skill-selling platforms give you the opportunity to sell your services to the man.

You set the price yourself; it’s just that the system thrives on reviews: The more good customer reviews, the more customers will be aware of you.

So gather a following first; convince before you make a lot of money. Only such platforms have a catch: Light skills are quickly overrun.

For example, translating or proofreading are a dime a dozen; the competition is too big. That’s why you should work professionally to attract good customers magnetically.

To earn money online, you first have to establish yourself. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Top sellers are happy to take several hundred dollars per gig (order).

These platforms are recommended, especially if you want to make money online as a student:

3. Design T-shirts

Mass is class – this is especially true in the t-shirt business. Quality counts here too, but quantity makes the difference. How do I mean that?

T-shirt designing is a mass market. You design a t-shirt, upload it and the platform takes care of the rest – you’re out of the loop.

If someone buys your t-shirt, they print it and ship it out. You don’t lift a finger, just the platform.

You have to create a lot of designs for that because the competition is big and doesn’t sleep. At least 1000 to 2000 designs should be there already. Why so many?

Let’s say you get 5 Euro per T-Shirt. Then it makes a difference if you have 10 designs or 1000. The probability is just higher to make money online with more designs.

With enough designs, you can easily earn over 1000 Euro per month passively – you put in the work once, then the store is up and running.

Moreover, you improve; you learn. This rubs off on your designs – they are more likely to be bought. Of course, you can raise the price further:

You register on several platforms and upload your designs everywhere, if allowed. So you reach a higher customer base faster.

These platforms are recommended:

4. Blog

There is one basic rule: if the entry barrier is low, many will do it – your chances of winning are zero. Making money with blogging is such a business.

It’s crowded like a Chinese bathing beach. Just download WordPress and get the party started – unfortunately a false promise. However, you can still make money online with blogging.

Only the requirements are as long as the list of Russian holidays. You need:

  • A niche (surfing, photos, dogs…)
  • SEO Skills -Skills
  • Good writing
  • Time on the side
  • Courage to make contacts
  • Sit tight if things don’t work out
  • Basic programming skills

But once the blog is running, what then? Then you can make money online in three ways:

    People click on a link, buy a product and you earn money (only worthwhile if you have a lot of readers)
  • Courses: You sell courses for your niche (z.B. How to teach your dog commands).
  • Write a book: With your blog, you already have an audience; use that to sell your book.

A great blog to get started with is There you will find courses and as many tips as planets in the solar system.

If you follow them dutifully like a Prussian soldier, you can make money blogging even today.

In addition, with blogs there is another source to earn money online: Hereby you sell "space" on your blog, through which companies can market themselves. This way you will earn a commission.

If you stay at the keyboard long enough and bundle all your income sources, blogging is a highly sustainable source of income.

However, if you don’t feel like launching a platform yourself with WordPress, there is an alternative:

There you write your words directly on the blockchain and get rewarded with coins.

You exchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum or another altcoin – and earn well as long as you build a loyal community.

5. Create courses

Online courses are the epitome of passive income. Once created, they go shopping for you and deliver the money on time. There is only one grappling hook:

You have to be damn good at something. Can you cook Chinese like Chan Yan-tak? Play chess like Bobby Fischer? Or write like Schiller himself? Then teach people:

Write scripts, create videos and upload them to platforms.

Here, too, it’s the masses: the more courses, the more you earn. A reason to learn multiple skills and then share them.

6. Trade cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a young market; there’s decent money to be made trading here – or lose it all. This is the risk.

That’s why you should read up on the subject, practice with demo accounts, and choose a strategy. But why exactly cryptocurrencies?

Here, the profit potential – even without leverage (outside capital) – is much higher than with normal trading. For example, OMG Coin is up almost 9000 percent from ICO to all-time high.

From 1000 euros would be 90.000 euros have become. As said, without any outside capital – and therefore less risk.

So you have to pounce on small coins that promise high profit potential. Finding them is the trick.

Of course, you can still get rich with Bitcoin or Ethereum, too. Then with leverage.

You can also lose everything. Therefore, practice thoroughly before you earn money online with it.

You can trade bitcoin and altcoins professionally on major exchanges like

7. Fill out online surveys

You don’t have to be good at anything for this: You sign up on a platform and fill out surveys. That’s it – for that the profit is pitiful.

You won’t earn your living with it; but you will make some Euros in the train, during the break or while cooking – always when you are bored waiting.

Except even online surveys aren’t entirely kosher: you have to be a bit of a consumerist to earn anything on this one. What do I mean?

Every survey analyzes at any time if you belong to the target group. If not, you get kicked out. It’s more annoying than a wasp attack at a barbecue:

You properly fill out the survey, suddenly the process crashes: Sorry, but you are not eligible.

Companies do this specifically to ensure that only those who use certain products submit responses. Are you frugalist, you have no joy with this.

Therefore, register on several platforms; this way the chances are higher to get more surveys.

    (Vouchers only) (Click here for our MeinungsOrt experiences) (Click here for our honest Toluna experiences). (Click here for our LifePoints experiences).

8. Adclick

Share a link and earn money? You can do this with Adclick. You get money if others look at your shared ads, enter their email address, or buy.

Of course, the amounts are small – around 12 cents per viewed advertisement. So you need reach on social media to make adclick worthwhile.

Another option is a large circle of friends. Form groups of twenty, thirty people and send each other links.

If you do this for half an hour a day, you can earn a few extra euros. No effort at all, just a few clicks on your phone.

  • Click here for Adclick
  • Alternative:

9. Microjobs

Need microjobs also hardly any experience and effort on your part. For this, the payment is also puny like Sepp from the 7 dwarfs.

But what are these job? Photograph, write, or fill out anything. Most of the time you’ll be through in a few minutes.

After that you will be credited a few euros (often between 2 and 4) or you will get points. You can redeem them for rewards or money – it depends on the platform.

Microjobs mostly boil down to earning money with apps. Examples are:

10. Twitch

You gamble for hours every day? All your weapons are played to gold at COD? Before you waste any more of your life, make a business model out of it with Twitch.

There you can earn money with livestreams, and that through donations, advertising revenue and affiliate programs.

Except that even these trenches are fiercely competitive. You have to establish yourself before you can make money online. But think about it:

You gamble anyway, yell at the computer and rant harshly like a Tourette’s patient – why not turn it into a business model?

  • Click here to go to Twitch
  • Alternative to Twitch: DLIVE

11. affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing follows a simple concept: you sell other people’s products. To do this, you don’t rattle off your neighbors’ front doors, you send or place links.

You get money (a commission) as soon as someone clicks on the link and buys the product through it. Advantage: The link is often tracked for weeks. This means:

If someone clicks on the link, but buys only two weeks later, you still get your commission. But what do you need?

Above all, an audience: if you don’t have a customer base, you can’t sell anything. However, this doesn’t have to be spectacular by any means:

You can market products via social media groups. For example, someone asks a question: I want to go to Australia next year, can someone recommend me a good surfboard?

You are the savior in the need, answer the question and place the link. You can leverage this by running your own website – for example a blog about surfing.

There you give advice and promote the products. There is no disadvantage for your readers; they can even get advantages like discounts or single bonuses.

Anyway: Affiliate links are worthwhile especially if you have a community. Be it on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Here you can register and take affiliate links:

12. Quora

Hand in hand with affiliate links goes Quora, a platform for asking questions. If you’ve just been paying attention, you understand the concept right away:

Someone asks you holes in your computer and you stuff them with affiliate links. Does anyone know a gourmet food for spoiled Labradors? What’s the best fall asleep music for screaming kids?

Your affiliate link is in place and you can earn money online with it. Click here to go to Quora.

In addition, you can participate in the affiliate program and earn money online for unusual questions – nothing that Google answers at pug speed.

To participate, you have to send an email to the support team. After that, post 10 questions; if they meet the standards, you will be accepted.

13. Sell photos on stock platforms

The white beach of the Caribbean, the melting stracciatella ice cream of a hidden ice cream parlor in Venice or the skyline of New York – shot in the glimmering moonlight.

We all have thousands of photos buried in the depths of our hard drive. It’s time to put the mouse to work and unearth this treasure. With this you can earn money online, and even passively:

You upload your photos, the platform distributes them, and you get paid when someone buys the photo. But most of the time it’s only a few cents – so again: The masses do it.

It should be a few thousand pictures. But don’t worry: you don’t have to fill this portfolio overnight. It grows over the years like a wisdom tooth – until it fits smoothly into your income streams.

Maybe you start with 200 pictures – after 5 years there are 2000. So you might start with a few euros a month and end up with a thousand. As we said: everything passive.

If allowed, you can even upload the same images on different platforms. So your piggy bank grunts CASHING more often.

Here are some stock platforms (by no means all of them):

Here we have described in detail how to sell your photos.

14. Canva Contribution

15. Give away photos

Of course it only makes sense if you have a lot of images. But once you have a few thousand, you can earn hundreds of Euros per month online.

Your money coach Marco and his wife Peggy (the founders of Geldhelden) raised $100 the other day with from one Donation earned. This shows what’s possible..

Here are platforms to give away photos:

16. Dropshipping via Shopify

Desire to become your own entrepreneur? Own company? Your own boss? With Shopify, you’re just a few clicks away. You build your own online store – that’s it. But wait:

Where do I get products? Suppliers? Shipping packages..? You don’t need to with dropshipping. This is e-commerce where you are just the middleman. It works like this:

Your product is not stored by you, but by a wholesaler – he stores your product and sends it to the customer. Now if someone orders your product, the wholesaler is informed; he sends it to the customer.

There is hardly anything left for you to do. Sounds like reaching for the stars. Only stars are hot and you burn your fingers easily…

Dropshipping has not only advantages: You are responsible for the goods. If the quality is rather Kick than Louis Vuitton, it’s your fault – you have to manage it.

Unfortunately, the wholesalers are often located in China – so you have little control.

Plus, dropshipping has the old problem: because anyone can do it, everyone does it. T-shirt businesses, shoe stores, jeans stores – there are more online stores than fire jellyfish on the Baltic Sea.

So you lead a ruthless price war; everyone undercuts everyone else. The result: no store is profitable and it dies like a badly cast orchid.

The solution: Either you have staying power and get through price wars (unlikely) or you find a niche that is barely occupied. This is where you establish yourself, secure market share and make money from home.

It’s time-consuming, but you earn a lot of money online.

For this, you don’t need anything but: Shopify Dropshipping

17. Sell products with Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon – that’s what Amazon FBA is called in full. It means you sell your products through Amazon. You don’t have to store anything, you don’t have to ship anything; you only pay Amazon a commission.

Sounds great, but how do you get a product? There are four ways:

  1. You improve an old productLet’s say you’re browsing through the charging cable category on Amazon and you find one… Only stands under the evaluations: Bad product, lasted only 2 weeks. Aha! You order it, repair it (or have it repaired) and resell it under your name.
  2. You find a product at Alibaba, relabel it and sell it via Amazon.
  3. You buy from wholesalersYou buy cheap from wholesalers and sell expensive via Amazon.
  4. You develop your own product: Most difficult, but most sustainable. Only with your own products you can earn real money online and even become a millionaire.

But for that you need an idea and someone to implement it – usually a Chinese producer. It takes months to get everything ready. But what is the advantage?

As with Shopify dropshipping, every niche is fiercely competitive. You sell a charging cable for 5 €; 24 hours later your competitor sells it for 4,5 €. Until no one earns anything anymore.

You bypass this trench warfare with your own product – that’s your unique selling proposition. It is not immediately copyable like a knife from Alibaba.

For this you discover a problem, solve it with a product and get rich at best.

Here you can find producers and products to get started:

18. Write e-books

20 years ago, the literary industry resembled a nightclub: in front of every publisher stood a bouncer (editor), who blocked your way with critical muscles.

Today you can publish a book anytime through Kindle direct publishing. Be it a novel, non-fiction, cookbook… every niche is accessible. No editor, no publisher.

The disadvantage: No book sells itself. You need a certain range, so that your book becomes known and therefore successful.

This includes marketing, social media, interviews…

As mentioned above, nothing is a foregone conclusion. However, you can overcome this problem through mass: Write a book every month; this increases the chance of becoming known.

But the quality? It suffers of course: Often when I read Kindle Unlimited books, horror grips my throat. 100 pages of bitter letters – a reading flow like diarrhea in vomit.

Many hope for the fast money and publish anything – a hybrid of not wanted and badly done.

Nevertheless: You can earn 1000 Euros passively online, if you sell 50 books for 5 Euros – and each book is bought four times a month.

It’s even easier if you hire a ghostwriter to write it for you – be it via Textbroker, Fiverr or Content.

One of our money heroes (Dominik Fecht) has already published books on Amazon (highly recommended). He describes how he did it here:

Here you can publish books on your own: Kindle direct publishing.

Another insider tip: Use the Smashwords platform to distribute your e-books on all the major sales platforms. How to emancipate yourself from Amazon.

19. Design icons

You know what vector graphics are? You have a good knack for icon designs? For example, you draw fluently in Inkscape?

That’s where you turn your skills into money: You can sell your icons through Flaticon. Icons are, for example, the twittering Twitter icon.

Still, you have to watch out: On Flaticon there are free icons and some in the premium offer. For example, black and white icons are free, the colorful ones are only available under premium.

Two things follow from this:

  1. With free icons you build up a customer base; you become known. Become these loyal customers rather Buy your premium icons.
  2. Again mass is great. The more designs, the more you will make money online.

An alternative to Flaticon is or iconscout

20. Write about

Earn money online with

Your fingers are fluent in English and your head inhabits stories, articles, novels or expertise? With them you can earn money online:

About the portal you publish your writing in English. You write, it is rated and then suggested to the readers. This is where the magic happens:

The more you read, the more you earn – so you get paid based on success. The disadvantage: You must first become known and then write regularly.

That’s the only way you’ll build a dedicated readership. But then the dollar rolls.

21. Sell audio books

Your voice is as delicate as a newscaster’s? ahmms and Mmmhs are foreign words for you? Then record audiobooks:

You write a book, record it and market it as an audio book. Of course you need a niche again, which is in demand and in which you are fit.

That’s why audiobooks aren’t a "starting job" for making money online either. You need a network or customer base – whether it’s through blogging or social media.

Or you can apply to be a narrator and narrate other people’s books. Clearly the easier solution to making money online.

Both options are possible here:

22. Microjobs

23. Rent out a room or your apartment on Airbnb

The kids are out and the room is free? Maybe you have a guest room with a bed, on which only at Christmas the fat fattened hips of the relatives loll about? You can rent out this room with Airbnb.

You register, create a profile of your premises and wait for customers – it’s that simple. Likewise, you can rent out your apartment if you’re traveling – so travel expenses are made up for.

You can even turn Airbnb into a real business model: You ask in the neighborhood/friends if someone has free rooms.

If so, you offer them to rent them out via Airbnb – a commission will then rain into your pocket.

The only disadvantage: not every landlord allows it. If you want to earn money online, you need his permission first.

Want to know how to build passive income with Airbnb?? Find out in the interview with Bastian Barami. He is the absolute expert on Airbnb. You can watch the interview on YouTube here (click).

24. Become a YouTube star

What teenager doesn’t dream of: I film my life, upload it to YouTube, and already the revenue is gushing like prosecco on New Year’s Eve.

Often, however, they are quickly bitterly disappointed – it’s not that simple. Many YouTubers take years to build up their subscriber numbers.

It means dedication, even if you earn nothing or little. The trick is to really burn for your topic. Here’s how to hang in there if a dry spell wears you out.

But what do you need? This would be a start:

  • A niche (e.g.B. Finance for mid-20s who don’t feel like 9 to 5.)
  • Fixed upload dates: So you are reliable
  • Bonding with the community: active work in the comments plus social media
  • Understand YouTube SEO
  • Cooperation with other YouTubers
  • Quality content, of course: not only the content, but also the sound, thumbnails, descriptions, image..

Money online with YouTube you earn then about advertising revenue. This is the first step. If you have built up enough reach, companies will also write to you – you can market their products in your videos for a commission.

Additionally, you can link products in your description – for example, as a finance YouTuber, you can link financial books. Here you make extra money via affiliate links.

25. Flip eBay Classifieds

Ebay has an advantage: many flip their stuff for free because they don’t want to deliver it. Who wants to heave a washing machine into the car and drive it to the customer??

You! As long as you want to make money. You collect free products and sell them – with delivery. For this you need a van and often strong shoulders.

It’s called flipping e-Bay classifieds and it’s an easy, yet inconvenient way to make money online.

26 Selling old stuff

Admittedly: Less ingenious, more obvious – you hawk your old stuff. Be it clothes, books, games, CDs, DVDs…

It’s not sustainable, but it gives you a financial buffer – you can rest easy on it for a few weeks.

But how does it work? You upload your stuff and they suggest you a price. Or you set a price yourself, like on Shpock or eBay Classifieds.

Here you can find the platforms:

27. Earn money as an online game tester

Is it virtual prostitution to get paid for gambling?? I don’t know, I just couldn’t think of a better way to get started.

Gaming is the #1 passion among teens and young adults. And gambling bites into the money. Here’s what you can get back by becoming a game tester.

You get to play the latest games and get paid for it – a dream, isn’t it?? But why do developers? – they are short sighted. For months her pupils drive over the Game.

You no longer see errors. This is where you come in (pun): you are supposed to find possible bugs. Don’t just dabble, work diligently.

Your work is strictly recorded: What do you do on? What can be done better? You then send this questionnaire back to the developers and cash in.

But how do you get this job? That’s the problem: They are in demand like toilet paper in Corona March.

Most of the time you have to contact the developers directly; often you can find requests for proposals on their website.

It is easier with the following platforms. That’s where you register and find out if they’re looking for playtesters:

Of course you can only make money online occasionally. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant pastime – and your friends will envy you.

28. Use paidmail services

For a change, do something you don’t need anything for – except the Internet. Paidmails are paid emails. And it works like this:

You register on a platform and receive mails. You open them, click on the link and watch an advertisement for a certain time – for that you get a few cents.

Not pirate treasure, but a way to earn 1-2 euros on the bus.

But beware: make sure you have an extra email account. Otherwise, your account will soon be a performer in the show "Get out of Messi Chaos.

On these sites you can sign up for paid mails:

29. Become an Influencer

A friend of mine has discovered a new hobby: He creates Instagram stories about metal bands. The result: it’s only been active for a few weeks and already has over 1000 followers.

Says he’s growing like a rocket – he’s well on his way to becoming an influencer. But what is it?

Influencers are "influencers"; they are a recognized force in a niche – precisely music, fashion, makeup. Everything you can think of.

These influencers operate through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook.

But how do you earn money online? Through affiliate links or product placements: agencies write to you directly to promote their products. Because you guarantee reach in a certain target group.

Of course, this path is also long and hard. You need:

  • A niche (preferably not highly competitive)
  • Excellent content
  • Audience engagement
  • Time and patience

You won’t become a Pia Wurtzbach overnight – you just need to sit tight. Therefore, inform yourself thoroughly about the platform through which you want to "influence".

Understand her algorithm, how her marketing works – read books about her. This is how you develop a strategy and eventually make it big.

Then you can make money online as an influencer.

30. Become a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, you are the girl or. Guy for everything: You research, make phone calls, book, write, or organize.

You work from home – and earn quite a bit: With the right skills, you can easily earn 10 to 30 euros per hour.

This is how you can earn decent money online as a side job.

You only have to apply; but there are portals for that too:

31. Sell your voice

Earn money online with

sell? Sounds suspiciously like Arielle: For two human legs I have to trot silently through the pampas forever. It’s not like that at all:

Producers, advertising agencies, radio stations… they are all looking for someone to speak their lyrics – clearly, pleasantly and unmistakably personal.

For example, a shaving ad needs a strong, lusty voice; an Amorelie ad needs something playfully seductive.

There is only one drawback: I did not find a German platform. So you have to speak English – speak very good English – before you get into the shortlist.

A small consolation: On there is a category for German accents – so if your "Hello" is deeply Saxon, you might have a chance.

The rest is very simple: you sign up and upload a sound recording of yourself. Next to it you describe your voice: How old does it sound? – Rather young or adult?

In addition you assign categories: What does your voice fit to? Conversation? Business? Audiobooks..? That’s it.

Of course you have to establish yourself here as well; collect good reviews and build up a customer base.

Here are two platforms to sell your voice:

32. Discoveries on Airbnb (Airbnb Experiences)

To make money online with Airbnb Experiences, you need two things: A love of people and an exceptional skill set. Because you become an entertainer for vacationers:

You organize a city tour, plan a cooking class, show vacationers the blooming landscape. You are the entertainer of a vacation trip – you donate beautiful experiences.

This can be anything: Master coffee class, magic show, learning to salsa, meditation with a Buddhist monk – yes, that’s what people really offer.

So: If you are especially talented in something, you can earn money online with it via Airbnb Experiences. But there’s one problem: you have to live in a big city, otherwise you will get not enough visitors.

Because each vacationer pays individually – so the quantity makes it.

33. Market your music on the big music platforms

34. Market your creativity on DreamsTime

35. Answer questions professionally

Make money online with Just Answer


36 Sell your products on Etsy

"Do it yourself" is your motto? Instead of an anchor, skull or child’s name you have DIY tattooed on your arm? Wonderful! You can turn your gift into cash on Etsy:

You make something by hand and sell it on Etsy. The possibilities are legion:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Deco..

The advantage: With ETSY you have a well-known and busy marketplace – in short: Traffic is already there. In return you pay fees; no service is free of charge.

The fees are linked below under "Etsy.

If a product goes down well, however, you can switch to mass production – and maybe eventually set up your own store.

Etsy could be your gateway.

Here is the way to Etsy.

37. Remote jobs for globetrotters

How to make money on the internet

Jobs distributes.

Unfortunately only in English; but those who travel the world usually know the English tongue. Plus, the range of jobs is as rich as an English mama’s boy’s Christmas stocking:

For many jobs, you don’t need a degree; you just need the skills.

Here you can focus on apply.

38. Earn money with translations

Maybe you come from abroad and speak two languages fluently? Maybe you were a year abroad? Or you are a language genius in general?

Turn this talent into money and become an online translator. About you can offer your services.

You sign up for it, prove your skills and you’re ready to go. Get paid as soon as your work is accepted. And how is the payment?

It depends on the language and how much it is in demand. You will find your earnings in each order.

Only I recommend: Connect this platform with other portals like Fiverr or Tenerr. So you don’t run the risk of running out of orders.

Plus, you have to prove yourself first and build a loyal customer base. Until then: diversify across several platforms; this way you earn more and are more independent.

Alternative: There you transcribe or translate audio files

39. Test Products

Companies don’t like to sit in the ivory tower; there they are too far away from their customers and lose contact. You don’t know what’s good anymore, what arrives or what makes the palate quiver.

That’s why they’re looking for you: You get to test, taste, try, review and rate their products. You apply on a platform and if you are accepted, the product will be sent to you.

Of course this is not a main income – but a nice hobby on the side. Maybe you can try the latest protein shakes as a muscle man?

Nevertheless, you’ll earn a few hundred euros for detailed tests. but usually it’s a few euros + you get to keep the product.

As I said: You can’t earn money online for a lifetime.

Here you can apply as a product tester:

40. Rent out your car or camper

Source post image: photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Financial enthusiast, self-improvement sensei and notorious word juggler – these three angels for Charlie are me: Robin. My texts demystify the financial world to present it to you disassembled on a silver platter. For your financial education and a more self-determined life.

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