How to lose weight

The fight against the kilos is not always easy, especially if you want to lose weight sustainably. We reveal 7 effective tips to lose weight healthily and in the long term.

Successfully lose weight: Tips and recipe ideas

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Atkins, 24h, Low Carb – there are surely at least as many different diets as there are reasons to torpedo the once so ambitiously started diet with sweet sins. If you pay attention to the healthy composition of your food, exercise and ensure small relaxation units in your everyday life, you don’t need a weight loss program – kilo after kilo will tumble by itself and life will become easier. Here are the most important tips for successfully starting the weight loss phase. Lose weight in the long term with these 7 tips.

Healthy and successful weight loss: 7 effective tips

1. Do not confuse thirst with hunger

If we suddenly feel hungry at our desk, we should first drink a large sip of water. Because we often cannot distinguish between the feeling of thirst and hunger. The liquid also fills the stomach and has a temporarily satiating effect – so you won’t feel sick to your stomach so quickly. Those who prefer a little flavor can also take teas or diluted fruit juices. And if you still can’t resist hunger in between meals, reach for a healthy food such as a piece of cheese, natural appetite suppressants or fresh fruit.

2. Incorporate sports into everyday life

To lose weight, not only the diet is important – regular exercise and sports exercises boost the metabolism, do the body good and burn excess calories. Declare war on fat! Even if you cycle two kilometers to work and back home every day, you will have done a reasonable amount of exercise. Always better than always driving comfortably by car! If you live too far from the office and lack the time, you can also take your bike on the train and cycle only half the distance. For the hard-core, take your jogging gear to work and run home at a fast pace. No matter what you choose, the calories will be burned and you can lose weight successfully.

3. Eat right: Meals and times play a big role

In the early morning you do without breakfast, drink only one coffee, in order to gulp down then with large hunger the fat lunch and in the evening a few Stullen before the television to eat? This is really not the right diet. So if you find yourself here, don’t be surprised about flab rolls. Make a change in your diet! Already in the morning our body needs a lot of energy. It’s better to eat a proper breakfast and have a few cohelnhydrates. For example, a delicious muesli with yogurt and fruit, wholemeal bread with cream cheese and cucumber or scrambled eggs with mushrooms – all these ingredients will make you fit for the day and provide lots of nutrients.

At lunchtime it should be light, cook low-calorie and low-fat here. Prepare, for example, steamed vegetables with potatoes and low-fat meat such as chicken breast or a tasty soup with some wholemeal bread. Or try our delicious recipe for salmon with cauliflower puree. Even a vegetarian diet is no problem at all if you want to eat healthy and sustainably. A light meal, even without meat, helps the stomach to digest and still provides a feeling of satiety. Otherwise, attacks on the sweets drawer are pre-programmed…

If you eat a large portion of noodles in the evening, you have already lost. In the evening you usually need rather less energy in the form of carbohydrates. Sandwiches, pasta or rice are likely to put on weight. Pay attention in the evening therefore to ingredients such as much vegetable and protein – particularly the latter makes full for a long time. Vegetables should be boiled or steamed in the evening to prevent a bloated belly. Here you will find a recipe for a delicious, low-calorie vegetable casserole>>
You can make an exception if you have been very active or sporty all day. Since the body then usually still burns, calories in the form of noodles, rice and Co. can also be a good alternative. be utilized.

4. Proper planning helps you lose weight

Proper organization is already half the battle: If you start thinking about your food while shopping and before meals, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Stay strong when shopping for the week and don’t put sweet and unhealthy stuff in your cart in the first place. Then you have nothing at home to tempt you in weak moments.

A little preparation will also help you for sure: If you’re in the kitchen in the morning anyway to prepare breakfast, why not chop up an apple and a few carrots for later?. If these are ready in the refrigerator, you automatically reach for them the next time you have a snack craving. Once the craving hits us, we usually have no patience left for snacking – and reach for the chocolate bar that’s lying around the corner.

5. Pay attention to the ingredients

Sugar makes life sweet, but is quickly deposited as fat on hips, belly and thighs when little exercise is taken. Many foods contain sugar – even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance. Look for ingredients like glucose syrup, maltodextrin or maltose on the package. Behind these names nothing else is hidden than sugar, only in a different composition. So you can find large amounts of sugar even in bread, soy milk or instant coffee.

6. Keep a food diary

If you actually eat healthily and do sports and still don’t lose weight or even continue to gain weight, you should keep a food diary. Note down ALL meals here, even the seemingly insignificant snacks in between and also drinks such as coffee or juices. The food diary can also be helpful for your doctor if there is a suspicion of a metabolic disorder that can lead to obesity. In addition, create a diet plan in which you write down and pre-plan dishes for the coming days. This will make it easier to stay healthy.

Sometimes you want to lose weight especially fast, z.B. before a beach vacation or a party where you want to cut a good figure. For this purpose, there are various applications that promise quick success, such as drinking cures or methods in which the fat deposits are tackled in a fast. You can find a comparison of different applications for losing weight without sports and dieting here. >>

7. Set realistic goals

You want to be as slim as the top models Heidi Klum or Lena Gercke? If only three kilos are missing until then, the ladies can be realistic role models – but if 30 kilos are in between, then the goal is set too high. It’s just not feasible to lose that much weight in the foreseeable future. Also for health reasons one should rather lose weight more slowly, for it durably.

This doesn’t mean you should lose sight of your big goal, but take smaller steps and divide the kilos into several steps. Then celebrate the stage victories, example: When I’ve lost 5 kilos, then I’ll buy myself this great lipstick. This will get you closer and closer to your goal, and you can look forward to the next reward you have already come up with. The further you get, the nicer and higher quality the personal motivational gifts can be. This psychological trick makes big goals more tangible, and at the same time helps you cope better with occasional setbacks.

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