How to housebreak your dog 5 tips

dog housetraining tips

A housetraining your dog can become a real challenge and tug at the nerves!

With a good portion of understanding, patience and organization, however, this can also be managed. The respective environment is of co-decisive importance in the project "house-trained"..

dog housetraining tips

The civil world: an abomination for young dogs?

Perhaps you can not speak of an abomination but overwhelming the many civil impressions on a dog already can. Getting a dog housebroken in the city and without a yard is a state of emergency! Especially for a young dog, pretty much everything is new and unfamiliar:

  • You are u. U. new,
  • Your apartment is new,
  • his daily routine is new.

Lack of confidence in the owner, the environment, and ignorance of one’s own abilities understandably lead to some insecurity. In these cases it can be helpful to keep the spatial conditions as manageable as possible in the beginning and to get the dog used to a dog toilet.

How to get your dog housebroken?

Of course you can’t avoid going outside 3, 4 or even 5 times a day. If possible, you should always do this at the same times in order to integrate some routine into the dog’s life early on.

In the beginning, however, it is advisable to refrain from lengthy walks and instead let the dog get used to new impressions in peace and quiet. If your hairy companion does his business outside of his own accord, you should never let this opportunity for intensive praise pass by.

Throughout the process of housetraining:

Praise goes before punishment. Never punish for an "accident" that happened inside the four walls, but remove without comment and dog out.

Get dog house trained – pee on command?

As soon as you suspect that something is about to happen, i.e. after waking up, after feeding, after drinking, after playing or if he suddenly seems to become restless, put him on a dog pad and praise him if he then pees. Once he does this, you can also have a Train a specific command.

Tell z. B. every time "pee pee" or something similar. In time, your dog will really associate this command with peeing, which can come in handy later when you want to convince your dog to pee.

  • Over time, place the pads closer and closer to your front door. Your dog will realize that it is necessary to go towards the door when he has to.
  • So he will make his presence known to you by automatically taking the marching route you set for him.
  • One day the diapers disappear completely from the apartment and it always goes outside.

Pay attention to your Studying dog and analyze his body language and speech: Here you will be able to recognize valuable behavior patterns and better anticipate his behavior and "plans". Whether and how quickly you get your dog housebroken also depends on how well you can predict his urgencies.

Proper observation = faster success…

Of course – and this is a good idea if you have access to a relatively quiet garden, meadow o. a. have – you can also simply take your dog outside at regular intervals and walk up and down a bit. During the day this should be about. Pass every 2 hours to be relatively safe.

The dog Stubenrein Bekommen

Also here never forget:

Excessive Praise is mandatory! Some puppies are still so curious about smells, objects etc. that they forget their business.

Observation always plays a central role…

  • Often the little rascals show it beforehand that their business must be done in the foreseeable future.
  • At this moment: just grab the lad (or lass) and get out.
  • then stay outside until the dog is relieved.

In case of a mishap at home, you should make your displeasure known only within the first 3 seconds ("fie" or similar). Everything over 3 seconds dogs connect with something else. Otherwise, as already mentioned, simply remove the mishap without comment.

Our conclusion: to get your dog housetrained, you should be patient. With some dogs it can take a little longer (even if it is 16 weeks, this is also not a leg break).

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