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Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Müller are once again in the headlines

Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Muller are once again in the headlines.

Picture: Rolf Vennenbernd, dpa (archive)

Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Muller are once again in the headlines.

Picture: Rolf Vennenbernd, dpa (Archive)

If you’re into celebrity news, gossip, you were well served this week. After the website first reported that Michael Wendler’s wife Laura Muller was pregnant, many media outlets in Germany picked up the story. We also reported on it – but with the note that an official confirmation is missing.

This did not come, instead there was yesterday the clarification: The photo, which is supposed to show Laura Mueller with baby belly, is a fake. The young woman in the photo is not Laura Muller – and she is not pregnant either.

Meanwhile, it is clear who circulated the fake image. Behind it is the Youtuber Marvin Wildhage, who currently has 538 on his channel.000 subscribers. The Berliner himself has meanwhile dissolved the hoax and described it as a "media prank" declared – thus a purposeful action, in order to lead the press behind light.

Laura Muller fake: Ikke Huftgold and Nina Reh involved

He got support thereby of Ballermann singer Ikke Huftgold and his girlfriend Nina Reh. The looks Wendlers wife Laura Mueller with a little bit of make-up namely quite similar – and made itself available as a model for the Fake photo.

Mallorca Sänger Ikke Hüftgold and his girlfriend Nina are behind the Wendler fake with a Youtuber

For the alleged baby rounding at the belly she pushed a cushion under her dress. Wildhage staged the admission then in an American supermarket in Hessen and brought it in circulation.

Is Laura Muller really pregnant? Now the 21-year-old is speaking out

Co-conspirator Ikke Huftgold now says in an interview with RTL. It’s a media prank that RTL was the only one not to fall for. And in addition one can make fun of the Wendler also times again . for two years of Aluhelm he deserves it."

Pop singer Michael Wendler caused a stir several times during the Corona pandemic with conspiracy tales. Among other things, he was therefore kicked off the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"."

Baby rumors: Laura Muller didn’t find it funny

Incidentally, Laura Muller herself does not find the baby joke very funny. The commented on Thursday for the first time on the rumors and said accusingly: "To all those who in this day and age use social media to invent rumors, spread lies or insults, should at some point also notice when you cross a line."She feels in "need of explanation" brought.

Marvin Wildage has since commented on this in a video and said: "Of course you have to respect that completely. Accordingly at this point all the best for them."

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