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When the pregnancy test two blue lines shows, you would like to hug the whole world and tell everyone the happy news immediately. But stop! A simple WhatsApp message would be far too shameful to send the three of you magic words "I am pregnant" to the world. Since these words are rarely said, they deserve to be delivered especially.

The surprised looks of your loved ones you do not want to miss as an expectant mother! That’s why we present you the most original ideas to announce your pregnancy to your partner, parents, grandparents and siblings, friends and Co. to announce.

When should I announce my pregnancy?

Most women wait about twelve weeks With the announcement of their pregnancy (engl.: pregnancy). In the first few weeks there is a slightly higher risk of complications occurring; a miscarriage is unfortunately also possible. From 13. Week of pregnancy is considered a pregnancy more stable. Then the first trimester is mastered and the second trimester begins.

Of course it is It’s up to you to decide when to announce your pregnancy. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the decision.

Announcing pregnancy: How to tell my partner?

The partner is usually the first person to hear the good news. After all, his or her life will soon be turned upside down as well.

My right, right place is free.

Prepare a dinner together and set the table – however with an additional place setting. To your partner or. To help your partner a bit (especially with unplanned pregnancies), you can also take an ultrasound picture or a picture of a positive pregnancy test Ultrasound picture or a picture of the positive pregnancy test put on the empty plate.

Baby playlist

Create a playlist with Songs in which word "Baby" particularly common. At the latest by the third or fourth song your sweetheart or. make your sweetheart wonder. If the penny still does not drop, play a nursery rhyme and stroke your belly – then your loved one will know what you want to tell him or her.

Also exciting:

Include pets

You have a pet? Perfect! Including a pet in the pregnancy announcement is cute and fun at the same time. Hang your four-legged friend Sign with the inscription "official baby toy tester or "baby watchdog" and see how your partner reacts. You will achieve the greatest effect when your sweetheart is just coming home.

Involve children

If there is already a sibling? Great! Just announce the pregnancy together. Paint or print a T-shirt with "big brother/big sister and let it carry your child. Then you wait and see how your sweetheart reacts to the sweet message. Or paint a creative picture with your child, that reveals the soon to be addition to the team. The proud sibling then presents it to the expectant dad.

Announce pregnancy: How to tell family members and friends/girlfriends?

coffee klatsch

Invite family and/or friends over for a round of coffee and cake to announce the pregnancy. Label the bottom of the cups beforehand with a text or riddle. For example:

  • We are having a baby!
  • You will become grandma/grandpa/uncle/auntie!
  • 1+1=3?

All cups will be given to the guests filled presented – then it’s wait and see. Customized mugs also give everyone a beautiful keepsake that will capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment forever.

The baby is already that big!

Give to siblings, grandparents, parents and co. a nicely wrapped box with a marble or chocolate. On an enclosed note, write something like:"This marble is 1.5 cm tall – just as tall as I am right now. Congratulations, you become an aunt!". This moment is sure to bring a tear or two of joy to your family. Have handkerchiefs ready!

distribute fortune cookies

Bake fortune cookies and hide in them a Note with the happy pregnancy message. Hand out the cookies to family or friends as a dessert or as an accompaniment to coffee and cake. An unforgettable moment with which you can safely surprise your loved ones. Alternatively, you can also order fortune cookies with individual baby news message online.

Funny job posting

Your loved ones will make excellent babysitters, so prepare them for this task in advance. Design an email or card with a Jobausschreibung as a babysitter. Ask if they are interested in the job. A funny idea to announce the pregnancy and guaranteed a great surprise.

Announce pregnancy: How do I tell colleagues and employer/employer?

Cake is always well received in the workplace. Decorate it with unique symbols such as pacifiers, baby bodys or teat bottles and distribute it to your colleagues. Not only will you be totally surprised, but you will appreciate the sweet gesture! Cookies with baby symbols are sure to go down well too.

Before you tell your colleagues about your pregnancy you should first with your employer resp. of your employer. The boss or. The boss is responsible for your maternity leave and the adaptation of the workplace to the new conditions.

Announce pregnancy: Beautiful and funny texts

If your loved ones live too far away, pregnancy announcements can’t always be made in person. A nice option is then, Creatively painted cards or circulars with the nice message to send. You can attach a family photo or ultrasound picture to it. Here are some sample texts and sayings:

Dear Mrs. xxx/Dear Mr. xxx,

We have received your order. To our regret we have to inform you that the desired model is unfortunately out of stock. The delivery date will be postponed to xxx (date of birth). We apologize. For more information, please contact our suppliers xxx (parent 1) and xxx (parent 2).

Details of your order: model: grandchild, size: ca. 53cm, weight: ca. 3.600g. Sincerely, Mr. Stork

I’m finally starting a new job in nine months: Manager position. The salary may be poor and the overtime high, but the contract is for life. Guess right, we’re having a baby!"

When love becomes life, happiness gets a name. We will announce this to you with the birth of our child in xx months.

Four feet, big and medium small, walked alone for a long time. But soon two tiny little feet go with you wherever you go! Congratulations, you are going to be grandparents!

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