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Hair loss in the shower: How to avoid common mistakes when washing your hair

30.01.2022 updated: 10:01

Shampoo in the hair, wash out, done - right? No, because some mistakes can happen in the process

Washing hair and showering can cause hair loss. To keep the hair thick, you can use a few tricks. Common mistakes to avoid.

  • Something that every person has to do at some point is wash hair.
  • Especially for women, hair is often sacred.
  • But just washing your hair can be a lot of mistakes, which can eventually even lead to hair breakage.

North Rhine-Westphalia – Washing hair is easy, isn’t it?? Off in the shower, wet hair, shampoo on it, massage in, rinse and done. Nevertheless, some things can be done wrong, of which in the end the hair can even break off.

Hair Head hair
Growth rate 0.3 millimeters per day (on average)
Number of hairs 226 hairs/cm² (European hair)
Hair loss around 100 hairs per day

Washing hair – Myth number one: The water is too hot when showering

Let’s start with wetting the hair. A hot shower does, especially in winter, really good- but not to the hair. The myth says that only hot water removes all the remnants of hairspray, gel and co. can effectively remove (Lifehacks at RUHR24).

But even slightly warm water removes all residues. "The hair is horn", explains Bastian Casaretto, hairstylist for the natural care brand Aveda, to World. "That’s why hair also dries out when it comes to the heat, and opens its surface in the heat, as the scales spread off." So rather lukewarm showers- that is also better for the skin.

Washing hair – myth number two: the wrong shampoo

The Everyday Shampoo is your favorite or just good old dandruff shampoo? Better not, because hair also has needs. If the hair is blond, strained, curly or particularly dry, it also needs the necessary care.

Who is unsure, should visit a hair salon for hair advice. Basically you can say: pay attention to quality instead of quantity when it comes to care products. Beware of care products that are not adapted to the hair, because they can lead to hair loss.

Washing hair – myth number three: too much shampoo

Much does not always help much, also not with the shampoo. Even with long hair, a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo is enough to completely remove all residues from the scalp. A shampoo consists of different chemicals in a pH value that irritates the hair.

Shampoo in the hair, wash out, done - right? No, because some mistakes can happen

In order to stress the hair as little as possible, the shampoo should only be applied to the scalp. When rinsing, the shampoo is distributed in the rest of the hair, which is quite sufficient. Thus, the expensive hairdresser’s shampoo is also not empty after just one month, but lasts for many months.

Washing hair – myth number four: apply conditioner on the entire hair

A conditioner, also called conditioner, provides after shampooing not only for suppleness of the hair, but should especially close the important dandruff layer. This ensures that the hair is less vulnerable and looks less frizzy.

However, you should not apply conditioner to the entire hair. This weighs down the scalp and destroys the volume in the hair and could leave a greasy film behind.

Video – Hair loss: The different forms and treatment options

Washing hair – myth number five: Rub hair dry with a towel and brush it

Hair is about 17 times more sensitive when wet than when dry. Rubbing hair dry with a towel destroys the top layer of hair and can cause frizz. But the hair can also become brittle and break off completely. Better alternative: a cotton T-shirt.

Just as bad for the hair is brushing when wet, because after all, the hair is too sensitive. A non-suitable brush quickly pulls out one or two hairs from your scalp. It is better to blow dry the hair first on lukewarm heat and then brush and style it.

Washing hair – Myth number six: Washing your hair too often

The hair is now washed and styled, but it is best not to repeat this the next day. Every washing process strains the hair no matter how much care is taken. Therefore, you should wash your hair only when you absolutely have to.

The advantage: After a few weeks, the hair will have become accustomed to it and will no longer become greasy so quickly. Dry shampoo can also be used to bridge a day or two until the hair is washed again.

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