How to easily create mindmaps for prezi

How to easily create mindmaps for prezi

There are a variety of tools to create and build effective presentations from scratch , one very useful and common learning resource are mind maps. Prezi gives you the opportunity to produce these communicative publications in a simple way , You just need to choose the mindmap you want to use, follow a few steps and that’s it.

How to easily create mindmaps for Prezi

Although it may seem like a simple task, some people find it hard to create mindmaps, and even more so when they come from an app or program. For this reason, we explain how to use Prize’s mind maps to make your everyday life more practical, whether in your studies or at work.

Specifically, you need to have the program Prezi, create or open an account and from there you can use the resources that this program offers you. Of course, it’s also possible to use Prezi directly online or download the app and get started prepare your work professionally .

Remember what Prezi is

It is a visual communication tool where you can create an exhibition of ideas developed according to your own initiatives. You can do that Presentation you Content with a professional look , Present ideas in an organized manner that serve as a guide for processing the information you’ve gathered.

Steps to create mind maps for Prezi

  • Rendez-vous From if you want to work online, or in the second case if you have already downloaded it to your PC.
  • Choose one of the models offered by Prezi.
  • Analyze which design you prefer or which design fits the theme you will be developing.
  • Centralize the main idea with direct expressions, but not so precise to be able to develop the other items.

How to easily create mindmaps for prezi

  • Use sub-items defined as sections and highlight points that are relevant or seriously considered in relation to the main idea. Thanks to Prezi’s design, using secondary points is easy.
  • In these sections, highlight other ideas that complement or expand on them Secondary ideas .
  • You can add colors to each section to highlight the order of ideas.
  • Check via zoom how the work is going and if you use the app you will see other options you may want to use.
  • A great resource is that you can insert images , with this tool it helps, Visualize the idea through an image.
  • You can brand your presentation with either your own name, the emblem of the person presenting the project or company, etc. personalize.

Many things can vary depending on the Prezi You can use whether it is the free online version, but that limits you to other functions. Of course, you can access it by purchasing the available plans, z. B. the plus plans that work for academic or commercial institutions.

Advantages of using Prezi mindmaps

Each communication tool brings its own advantages that somehow distinguish it from other options, we will introduce some of them.

  1. There are innovative : With its design you can follow attractive presentations.
  2. You can create your own template.
  3. Organize your ideas.
  4. Simplify everything the Information connected in a few points.
  5. Display ideas with visual sense.
  6. Be specific by simply clicking on the idea you want to highlight without having to go through the slides.
  7. Il can add music or videos like other apps so you personalize your presentation even more.

How to easily create mindmaps for prezi

Although the conventional mind mapping method is still useful, thanks that programs like Prezi exist. Now we can prepare our presentations in a professional and very creative way that can be adapted to work and academic environments.

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