How to create cool animated videos for social media easily with canva

Cover image in 4 steps create beautiful Instagram post from multiple images

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on social media and is usually rewarded with greater reach. However, this doesn’t always have to be a selfie video you’ve taken yourself. Also animated videos are well received And offer you new ways to share your added value.

The free tool Canva* offers various functions with which you can create animated elements from your own designs using the Create a cool animated video in just a few clicks can. Here’s how you too can create compelling videos for social media without having to put yourself in front of the camera.

In this post, I’ll show you how to use Canva to create engaging animations that you can use to your story in an animated video to tell.

Step 1: Create the basic layout for your video

Lay out in Canva a new design an. The best way to find out the dimensions is to check the social media platform on which you want to share your video later on.

For Instagram you can use the following dimensions

  • Post in square: 1080x 1080 px
  • Post as a portrait 1080 x 1350 px
  • Instagram Story or Reel: 1080 x 1920 px

Multiple images in one Instagram post - step 1 Create design with grid

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Step 2: Use animated elements

The easiest way to turn a design into a video is to use animated elements directly. For this, Canva gives you different options. I’ll introduce you to three of them in more detail now: Animated stickers, gifs/memes or custom/stock videos.

Step 2: Create design and place elements across borders

Animated stickers

Besides the "normal" static elements, there are already animated stickers in Canva. You can animate these like all other elementseasily include them in your design and thereby add movement to your design.

Step 2: Create a design and place elements across borders

Gifs from GIPHY

You love the gifs from InstaStory and want to use them in your animated videos as well? You can also do this. In Canva, there’s a (at "More") direct integration to GIPHY. This will allow you to easily use memes and GIFs for your video.

Step 2: Create a design and place elements across borders

Video sequences

As with photos, Canva already has a wide range of stock videos that you can use. However, I recommend you to think about Upload function prefer to upload and use your own short video sequences.

Step 3: Animate your slides

Not only can you use moving elements, but you can also use the "Animation" function to animate your slides animate whole pages of your design. For each page of your design, you can choose a custom animation if you like.

Additionally, you can also use the Display duration of each page Determine. Remember to make these long enough for the viewer to capture the content of the video as well.

Tip: Look over the Play icon watch your finished video again and again to check.

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