How to build a bow

Which Lego alternatives are recommendable?

Which Lego alternatives are recommendable??

Young and old, many people are fascinated by clamp bricks and build models for relaxation. Automatically you think of Lego. But there are now many alternatives that make the market leader look old.

Lego has a special place in the hearts of many children and adults alike. Some people like to play with the Danish sticky bricks, others collect them for nostalgic reasons. A nice, but also expensive hobby: Lego sets for children can cost upwards of 50 euros, while showcase models for adults can cost several hundred euros. This raises the question: Are there Lego alternatives??

Lego alternatives: Eyes open, it’s worth it

Yes, they exist. In the meantime, there are many suppliers on the terminal block market, including brands from China, Canada and Poland. Some are not comparable in quality with Lego, others are quite competitive and surpass the Danish company in terms of price-performance ratio and complexity of the structures. We present Lego alternatives that are well worth a look.

Important: The Lego alternatives from other manufacturers, shown here, are fully compatible with Lego terminal blocks. Only with the color palettes there are differences here and there.

Lego alternatives for kids: The Playtive sets from Lidl

Kids see Lego sets with different eyes than adults do. For them, the fun of playing is crucial:

  • Is the model open and well playable?
  • Can be easily converted or extended?
  • Play figures are included?
  • Is the construction simple enough?

All these questions can be answered with "Yes" for the current Lego sets Answer. But the same is true for the Playtive sets from Lidl. We compare the police and fire stations from Lego and Lidl:

Police station

How to build a bow

At Lidl you get significantly more building blocks at a much lower price. The clamp bricks, which are called "Clippys" at Lidl Hot, are compatible with Lego bricks and can be mixed and matched. Both stations have similar spaces and functions and have the same scale. So you can put Lego figures in the Lidl buildings – and vice versa.

The motto "more parts for less money" also continues in the comparison of the fire stations:

How to build a bow

Conclusion: Which sets are more appealing in terms of style is ultimately a matter of taste. This difference does not apply anyway, as soon as the terminal blocks are disassembled and reassembled. One thing is certain, you get much more for your money with the Lidl sets. Curious people watch the online store and also take a look at the Playtive sets around Asterix as well as Bibi& Tina. Attention: The Lego alternatives from Lidl have been frequently out of stock lately, but they keep coming back.

Lego alternatives for adults: models from CaDA, Cobi& Co.

In the evening, you can indulge in nostalgia and build models that you can then put on the shelf or in the display case: With big brands like Star Wars, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti, Lego attracts adults in particular. But they also have to bring along the necessary small change: You can easily pay 300 euros for the Lego Lamborghini Sian, and the new Star Wars AT-AT runner costs 800 euros in the Lego online store.

Even with such sets it is worth looking for Lego alternatives. We’ll take a closer look at a comparison that’s often used on the web: the Lidl set Lego Ferrari 488 GTE against the CaDA Master Italian Supercar.

Engine with movable pistons

Built-in electric motors

Remote control

Lockable doors

Shiftable gearbox


How to build a bow

How to build a bow

The CaDA sports car comes without Ferrari license, but this is also present on the Lego model only by appropriate stickers. On the other hand, the Italian Supercar, which was designed by a German designer, offers a much larger number of parts and functions.

However, there are two things to keep in mind: The construction of the CaDA model is considerably more demanding, a minimum of patience and sure instinct should be brought along. And you have to be careful to buy the right set: The car is available in a variant with remote control and motors, which has the set number C61042w carries. In addition, there is a cheaper version without RC functions, this runs under the number C61043W.

Conclusion: The Lego alternative from CaDA can do more than its Danish counterpart, but is also aimed at experienced terminal block constructors. You have to know what you’re doing and you have to get the right version.

No alternative: Historical building sets from Cobi

Fans of legendary cars use Lego. The situation is different for historical war equipment such as ships and tanks. The terminal building block giant gives such topics a wide berth. If you still want to put an aircraft carrier on the shelf and don’t want to resort to glue kits, it’s worth taking a look at the range from Cobi. The Polish manufacturer offers an abundance of cars like the Trabant or the Black Widow from Opel, but also warships, tanks and airplanes.

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