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Claus Lufen holding the ARD microphone

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Claus Lufen, shown here on 8. August 2020 in Brunswick, tested positive for coronavirus upon entering China for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing are coming soon, the participants are now slowly arriving in China. "Sportschau" presenter Claus Lufen, however, tested positive for the coronavirus upon entering the country.

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In one week, the 2022 Winter Olympics will start in Beijing (4. February until 20. February 2022). The conditions of the tournament in China, including the quarantine rules and the Corona strategy, have been the subject of debate for weeks.

However, a positive Corona test can not only stop the athletes, it can also catch the reporters.

Claus Lufen tested positive in China despite three negative PCR tests

As now also "Sportschau" presenter Claus Lufen. The 55-year-old now reported from a quarantine hotel. Lufen tested positive for the coronavirus when he entered China – even though the two PCR tests he took in Germany just before the flight were both negative.

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In addition, Lufen, ex-husband of Sat.1-"Fruhstucksfernsehen" host Marlene Lufen (51), took a rapid test and another PCR test before leaving, also both negative. In the bus in China then had reached him the result of the test from China: positive!

Claus Lufen: "I have done everything possible and demanded"

"I have done everything that is possible and required. Nevertheless, the test after my arrival was positive. Despite all the precautions and the conditions that have to be met, there is a gap that can’t be avoided," said the ARD man.

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The quarantine conditions in China are as follows: If you test positive and have symptoms, you have to go to the hospital immediately. Without symptoms "allowed" to go to a specially equipped quarantine hotel.

"Sportschau" presenter: "An absolutely queasy feeling"

Lufen goes on to say that he was driven to the hotel in an ambulance by "three hooded figures" in full body suits: "Everyone involved is friendly with you. But of course you feel very embarrassed, because you have to deal only with full-body suits. An absolutely queasy feeling."

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Since the staff at the hotel, where he says it’s clean, barely speak English, Lufen can communicate almost exclusively with a translation program.

Claus Lufen: "It’s a very critical situation at the moment"

"I have the feeling that one or two new people are added to my hotel every hour. It’s a very critical situation right now. The big arrival days are still to come," he continued.

Olympics in Beijing Neureuther has evil suspicions: "How is it easier to eliminate competition. "

He concludes: "From a journalistic point of view, one thing can be said for sure: these Winter Olympics should not have taken place under these conditions and should have been postponed by a year." (tsc)

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