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Kristina Pimenova has been modeling since she was three years old. Now she is ten years old and a world star. Is that dangerous?

(Photo: Facebook/Kristina Pimenova)

A childish pout is usually a sign that someone is not getting what they want right now. But can he also be sexy? Kristina Pimenova is already a successful model at elementary school age. Her mother is criticized for it.

Some call her "the most beautiful girl in the world". Others see behind blond hair, blue eyes and a face that undoubtedly comes across as pretty flawless for now, one thing above all: a lost childhood. Kristina Pimenova celebrates her 27th birthday. December 2015 her tenth birthday. She has been working as a model since she was three years old. At the latest since reports about the young Russian beauty began to pile up last year, she has become famous worldwide.

Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi or Benetton – the list of Pimenova’s previous employers is long. Many high-profile designer labels can be found on it, there will be even more. With more than 3 million likes on Facebook and over a million followers on Instagram, the young model has a lucrative fan base for advertisers.

In July of this year, the Italian "Vogue" magazine honored Kristina Pimenova Pimenova when she showed the girl next to movie stars like Bo Derek or Vanessa Redgrave and many more timeless beauties. Also representing her age group at the time were Mia Isis Vishnyakov, the toddler daughter of model Sasha Pivovarova, and Kaia Gerber, the now 14-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford.

Sexy "Babe with long legs?

The worries that already exist about Gerber and that could also befall Vishnyakov at some point also affect Pimenova. She does not wear makeup in private photos that her mother Glikeriya Shirokova posts on her daughter’s social media channels. There are no bikini photos of her either. In some pictures she wears shorts – the kind you would find in any conventional children’s department. Despite this, her life in public repeatedly meets with criticism.

You can’t sexualize such a young girl, write those for whom Pimenova’s images make their stomachs ache. Sometimes, under photos of the little girl, there are comments calling her a "babe" designate or give compliments for special body parts, gladly the long, narrow legs. She always tries to delete such entries immediately, affirms mother Shirokova. But there are too many to catch them all. Other online commentators insult the child: on Youtube there is a video called "Kristina Pimenova Is Not A Beautiful Girl".

Princess kissing mouth with false eyelashes

It must be obvious that so much contradictory confusion around one’s own person can’t exactly be a balm for a child’s soul. How well Pimenova’s mother shields her daughter from all this – there’s no way to know. Generally, such a judgment is always made quite quickly.

Just recently, the eight-year-old daughter of ex-boxing slut Katie Price made headlines for forming a kissing mouth to the camera in photos with false eyelashes and pink lipstick. If you do a little research, you can find out with just a few clicks that Princess Tiaamii, as the girl is called, is imitating her mother’s look in the pictures. She is currently playing the evil queen in "Sleeping Beauty" at the New Victoria Theatre in the English town of Woking and is opulently costumed in this role.

"Time to see a doctor!"

Children should play and not work – true. Some children like make-up& Photo shoots – but that’s also true. With children of prominent parents everything is always a little different anyway – that’s certainly true. In any case, Pimenova’s father is also a well-known face in Russia, he was once a national soccer player.

"You have to be a pedophile to see something sexual in these pictures", Pimenova’s mother once angrily defended her daughter’s pictures. "Then it is time for you to visit a doctor!" You can understand what she means. Nevertheless, she is wrong in her assessment of the criticism. The critical voices that Pimenova& Co. do not want to see constantly in front of the camera, are driven by concern. It’s not the worry about now, but the worry about not being able to protect the child at some point in the future. However, if she gets too loud, even good intentions can hurt a child. The protection of the offspring in the end is a matter of parents.

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