How often to feed sturgeons?

Hello, I have now also 2 sturgeons in my pond. Pond size 20m³. stock: 20 goldfish and now 2 sturgeons approx. 40cm. How often should I feed the sturgeons with what amount of food?? As a substrate I have gravel of 0 – 20 mm. When the food sinks into the substrate, the sturgeons will find it between the stones?

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first of all I think your pond is too small for animals like sturgeon (no matter what kind, even if they are waxdick or sterlets).The substrate is also not exactly optimal for your sturgeons.

You can feed them either with normal trout food (not suitable for you, because you have other fish, which eat the food of the sturgeons, because they are faster) or with so called "perlets". Perlets, according to the size of the animals .

Feeding tip: Choose a specific, flat spot in the pond where you always put the food. It is best if you take a tube, give the perlets through this tube to the feeding station.

Between the stones you will hardly have a chance to find them.

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I agree with the previous speaker.
Why do you ask the question about feeding only after the animals are already purchased??
Before you put such fish in a pond that is too small and not suitable for sturgeons, you should inform yourself about their needs and adjust the keeping conditions accordingly.
Keeping sturgeons in a goldfish pond (the topic has already been discussed here in detail) is not a good idea!) shows little sense of responsibility towards the animals.



I would like to join the opinion of pinocio – and I certainly do not comment on species-appropriate husbandry – otherwise we will discuss tomorrow – just one more tip:

when you have found the spot in your pond in the form as tommi aptly described – compact a certain area with trickles of fine grit (

4-6mm) then you put a 2-3cm layer of sand – and this is your feeding place for the sturgeons!

. on this ground they can take the food well and it does not sink unreachable between the stones. but do not prepare a too small area because the sturgeons distribute the food properly.
sturgeons are nocturnal animals – accordingly they eat mainly at dusk and at night.

for acclimatization I would try to distribute sturgeon food at the chosen place and distract the other fish with their food at another place – once the sturgeons have found their place they will look here again and again in the evening – and if they are able to do that they can assert themselves quite well if they are big enough – the only disadvantage – sturgeons eat slowly and forever – therefore it will not be possible to avoid that other fish participate limitedly.

but your pond is really a bit small for sturgeons

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as far as the question of species-appropriate keeping is concerned, I am simply tired of discussing it – I believe that with my 35m/3 and sensible filtration I have positive preconditions.

but I have discussed this topic in other forums until the getno – there are always pros and cons.

. as far as the nocturnality is concerned i can only go by my experiences – the waxdick eat limited also during the day – the sterlet basically not – it is in the deep area during the day and from dusk it combs the whole pond.

. but why shouldn’t fish have their own characters – like us humans after all?.

— as for the stocking – as I said two waxdick and one sterlet – 8 orf and 4 wild carp – 3 silver carp and two small koi and 3 tench and a lot of minnows and minnows and a few bitterlings .

just as you talk about sturgeons disturbing the winter rest of the fish – my three were active for 3 weeks longer than the other pond dwellers – but then they stood almost still in the deep area and obviously also kept hibernation.

ps: how is your stock or. your pond size?

. not everything that many believe is the truth



normally I don’t get involved in such discussions anymore, because they usually end up in a disaster of words anyway> Gelle JurgenB *wink*. With him I have also very often discussed about this topic . therefore, discuss is good for a forum Pinocio, but please with facts and arguments.

However, the last posts went a bit too much . well . into the void, what I read here in such a way.

But what is a fact, and no one can give me any other arguments, is that sturgeon live in "puddles" under 30.000 liters do not belong in . Also the joy about the shark-like, graceful swimming behavior is of no use, it simply does not belong in there, in the o.a. Example certainly not ! The comparison with koi is inappropriate, I have seen a koi of ca. 11 kg (!!), no comparison to a 1.60m Acipenser Transmontanus .

And now we come to the crucial point, the size, because who knows exactly whether his sturgeon swimming in the pond, is not a purebred sturgeon ? I don’t think any of us can claim that here.

Another point is the food, the filter and the substrate. Most of the sturgeons starve miserably, despite supplementary feeding, a UVC resp. a power filter does its rest to it with.

And another thing, the irresponsibility with which nowadays dealers sell sturgeons is pure madness, in 95% of cases at the sale is not asked in which pond he comes not to mention the knowledge, which animal they sell there at all or generally what current fish stocking is present, nothing, all pure profiteering without regard for the animal.

All dealers who sell animals under 1 kg to pond owners have in my opinion absolutely no idea and are only after the money.

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