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Thank you for choosing a Philips product. Philips products are state of the art and manufactured to the strictest quality standards. The Philips warranty only covers electrical or. electronic products (hereinafter referred to as "devices"). Philips (Philips GmbH, Rontgenstrabe 22, 22335 Hamburg in Germany or. Philips Austria GmbH, Euro Plaza, Kranichberggasse 4, A-1120 Vienna in Austria – hereinafter referred to as "Philips") warrants to you for a period of two years (see warranty period) from the date of initial purchase that your device, when used as intended, will be free from defects in material and workmanship due to manufacturing defects.

*Different warranty conditions apply to dermatology, sleep and respiratory therapy and SmartSleep products. More detailed information is enclosed with the product.

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Warranty period

Two years from the date of initial purchase of the Philips appliance (different warranty periods for specific appliances will be announced separately for each appliance).

The warranty given by Philips is in addition to the warranty obligation of your seller. Your legal rights in case of defects against your

Sellers are not limited by the warranty or the occurrence of a warranty claim. All claims arising from this are subject to a period of limitation

from 12 months. This starts from the knowledge or. grossly negligent ignorance of the defect.

As proof of warranty as well as ownership, the original proof of purchase (original invoice or. Confirmation of payment) from the dealer must be provided. The receipt must include the date of purchase, name and address of the dealer, and the full type designation of the device. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the device. If the original purchaser sells the device to a secondary purchaser (z. B. in an eBay auction), this warranty is not transferable to the second buyer.

Warranty service can also be provided by Philips authorized service centers in other countries, however, delays may occur if the

required spare parts are not immediately available. The warranty conditions of the respective country apply. If you need the address of an authorized Philips service center in your area when abroad, please contact the customer service department of the country in question. The contact details of the customer service are listed in the warranty information that accompanies each device.

In the exceptional event of a defect, Philips will, at its option, repair, replace or refund the purchase price of the device. The device can be exchanged into the same model as well as into a model with at least comparable features. This can be a device that has been reconditioned according to the manufacturer’s specifications and corresponds to a new device in terms of performance and functionality. Replacing or repairing the device does not create a new warranty. All replaced old equipment and parts become the property of Philips. Further claims are excluded. This applies in particular to claims for damages, regardless of the legal grounds on which they are based. The exclusion does not apply in case of injury to life, body and health, in case of intent and gross negligence, product liability and in case of breach of essential obligations, which jeopardize the achievement of the purpose of the warranty.

warranty processing:

In order to help you as quickly as possible when you contact your Philips customer service or dealer, please keep the following information

– Original proof of purchase (incl. date of purchase, name and address of the dealer and the complete type designation of the device)

– Serial number, if available (not all Philips devices are provided with a serial number)

Warranty Period:

Two years after the initial purchase of the Philips appliance (different warranty periods for specific appliances will be announced separately for the respective appliances).

Before handing over a device to Philips, it is the customer’s responsibility to back up data and settings. Philips will not be responsible for lost or damaged data and programs that were stored on any media of the device and the consequences thereof. An allowance for backup or. Data recovery as well as reinstallation of software or other information is not granted. In addition, the warranty will not be provided especially if:

– the device has not been properly commissioned or used in accordance with the instructions for use in the private sector.

– the device has been used or handled in a way that is discouraged or warned against in the user manual.

– the appliance has been improperly handled or cared for, especially by means or methods that cause physical or superficial damage (e.g. to displays) result in.

– the type designation and serial number on the unit has been altered, erased, removed or otherwise made illegible.

– Repairs, adjustments or modifications are made to the device by persons or companies not authorized by Philips to do so.

– there is damage caused by external factors (lightning, water, fire u. a.) or caused by improper handling.

– all or part of the equipment has been used professionally or commercially.

– the appliance has a low working performance because spare parts and accessories not manufactured by Philips have been used.

– a self-performed, improper transport (z. B. with unsuitable packaging) has caused damage or the device has suffered a fall damage.

– Pollutions like z. B. Heavy dust or nicotine deposits in vents, fans, on displays, lamps, etc. impair the functionality of the device.

– The warranty does not cover equipment or parts of equipment that are subject to normal wear and tear and are therefore considered consumable parts (e.g., parts that are not in working order). B. batteries) can be viewed, or which are made of glass.

– The warranty does not extend to non-electrical or. non-electronic devices such as soothers, bottles and accessories.

We draw your attention to the fact that the device cannot be considered defective if a change or adjustment has to be made to the device in order to enable a use of the device for which the device was not intended in its original specification (z.B. adaptation to another reception or connection standard). In addition, we would like to point out that the settings and taring (z. B. water temperature, coffee grinding degree) of a device vary depending on the country in which it was originally intended to be marketed. Due to this, all claims for changing the mentioned settings and taring are excluded.

To save you unnecessary trouble, we recommend that you read the user manual of your device carefully before contacting your dealer or Philips Customer Service.

If you have any questions, please contact Philips Customer Service in your country in writing or by phone. Contact information can be found at the following web addresses:

Warranty policy for Philips televisions, monitors, telephones, projectors, audio, video, fax, dictation products and automotive accessories

Dear Customer,

Philips products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. It provides quality performance, ease of use, and ease of installation. If you have difficulties using your product, we recommend that you first refer to the user manual or the information in the support section on this website, where you will find (depending on the product) a downloadable user manual, frequently asked questions, instruction videos or a support forum.

In the unlikely event of a product defect, Philips will ensure that your Philips product is repaired free of charge if you notify us of the defect while still under warranty, provided that the product has been used in accordance with the instruction manual (z. B. has been used in its intended environment). For some product categories, a Philips partner company is the product’s warrantor. Please review the documents included with your product.

If the product is to be repaired in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, but you have purchased the product in another country, Philips will repair the product in accordance with the warranty provisions applicable in the country of product purchase.

This document applies to consumer products only. For professional products, the terms of the sales or purchase contract apply.

This warranty is in addition to the warranty obligation of your dealer. Your legal rights against your dealer in case of defects are not limited by the warranty or the occurrence of a warranty event.

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase as indicated on your sales receipt and ends at the end of the period as indicated in the Warranty Period section" specified below. If your product needs repair, but you have lost the proof of purchase or the retailer is unknown to Philips (z. B. a seller in an online auction), it is determined that the warranty period has begun three months from the date of manufacture, as indicated on the product or within the scope of the serial number. If a product is to be repaired without a manufacturing date or serial number on the product, a valid proof of purchase is required.

If repair is not possible or not profitable, Philips may replace the product with a new or refurbished product with the same functionality. After a repair, firmware upgrade or replacement, the warranty period continues with the original purchase date.

The warranty does not cover consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of data or loss of revenue), nor does it provide compensation for activities performed by you, such as periodic maintenance, installation of firmware updates, or storage, respectively. Recovering data.

The warranty does not take effect or apply if:

– The proof of purchase has been altered or made illegible in any way.

– The model number, serial number or date of manufacture code on the product has been altered, removed or made illegible.

– repairs, modifications and/or alterations have been made to the Product by unauthorized companies or persons.

– The defect is the result of excessive use outside the intended purpose.

– The defect is caused by misuse of the product or by certain environmental conditions that do not comply with the recommended use of the product.

– The defect was caused by the connection of peripheral devices, additional devices or accessories whose use is not recommended in the operating instructions.

– The product has been damaged, including but not limited to damage caused by animals, lightning, abnormal voltage, fire, environmental disaster, transportation, or water (unless the user manual specifically states the product is washable).

– Normal wear and tear or spare parts that can be classified as wear parts due to their nature (z. B. vacuum cleaner bags or filter cartridges).

– The product does not function properly because it was not originally designed, manufactured, approved for the country in which you are using the product. This may be. B. be the case when the product has been imported.

– The product is not functioning properly due to problems with access to or connection with service providers, such as connection network malfunctions (z. B. TV cable, satellite or Internet), subscriber or correspondent connection errors, local network errors (cable connections, file servers, user connection) and transmission network errors (interference, encryption, defects or poor network quality) are present.

To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we recommend that you carefully read the user manual and/or the information in the support section of this website before contacting your dealer or Philips. To obtain service within the warranty period, contact customer service using one of the contact methods indicated on the website. If the product is no longer covered by the warranty, you can contact the nearest authorized service center directly in some countries. If available, the addresses of the service centers can be found on this website.

For contact with Philips or. Please provide the following to the dealer so that they can assist you as soon as possible:

– The product or model number (also called model ID);

– The proof of purchase (z. B. Original invoice or cash register receipt) indicating the date of purchase, dealer name, and model number of the product; and

– The product serial number or date of manufacture code as indicated on the product.

The model number, serial number or date of manufacture code (if available) is located inside the battery compartment or on the back or bottom of the product.

Warranty period

The warranty period for the product categories mentioned in the heading of this document is 24 months in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, except for the following product categories:

Philips Lighting

Warranty provisions for Philips luminaires for domestic residential use

(For the manufacturer’s warranty of products purchased in Germany, only this document and the following provisions are authoritative)

Dear customer,

thank you for purchasing this Philips Lighting product, we appreciate your choice of Philips brand and hope you enjoy your product.

This product is specifically designed for domestic residential use and for use under normal weather conditions. The service life mentioned on the packaging is only average (according to L70B50 and IEC60969 standards) and is based on an average of three (3) burning hours per day. If you have any difficulty using the product, recommend

we recommend that you first read the user manual and the information on our Philips

Lighting website to be consulted.

Subject to the terms and conditions below, we guarantee that the Philips Lighting GmbH, Rontgenstrabe 22, 22335 Hamburg, Germany, That the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, unless a different period is specified in or on the Product’s packaging. Our obligation under the warranty is limited to, at our option, either repairing the defective product, providing a replacement product for the defective product, or offering a credit for the purchase price of the defective product. Assembly and/or installation and labor costs are excluded from the warranty, as well as glass breakage, batteries and replaceable light sources (incandescent and LED lamps). Our performance under this warranty does not extend or renew the original warranty period. We are entitled, at our discretion, to replace the defective product with another product that has minor deviations in design and/or specifications, but which do not affect the functionality of the product.

To make a valid claim under this warranty, you must provide us (or our representative) with proof of purchase and the defective product for analysis upon request. These warranty terms and conditions contain the entire liability of us as the manufacturer in connection with defective products. We will not be liable to you for any other loss or consequential loss (including, but not limited to, loss of data or loss of profits), nor will we provide compensation for any activities performed by you, such as. B. regular maintenance, storage or recovery of data. This limitation of liability does not apply in the case of injury to life, limb and health, in the case of intent and gross negligence, product liability and breach of essential obligations that jeopardize the achievement of the warranty purpose.

Your statutory warranty rights against the seller of the product are not limited by this voluntary manufacturer’s warranty.

If you assert your warranty claims in a country other than the country in which you purchased the product, the warranty is nevertheless subject to the terms and conditions of the country in which you purchased the product.

To receive service within the warranty period, please contact your dealer or the Philips Lighting Consumer Care Center. You can reach our support team at

00800/7445 4775* (weekdays 8-20 o’clock).

*free of charge from the German fixed network

Design and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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