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Freezing smoked salmon: How to keep the fish in the freezer from becoming a germ warmer

06.01.2022 updated: 13:03

Can you freeze smoked salmon? And if so, is there anything to keep in mind? RUHR24 knows the answer.

Dortmund- If it may be sometimes something special, ends up with many people smoked salmon on the plate. Especially at Christmas and New Year’s Eve the purchase of the fish delicacy is booming. People tend to buy too much fish because of special offers in the supermarket or because they are worried that some of their guests will not get any more salmon. The question then arises: Can smoked salmon be frozen??

Preparation Smoked salmon or also graved salmon
Nutritional values per 100 grams 4.3 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein and 117 calories
Storage Unopened it can be kept in the refrigerator (4 to 6 degrees) for about two weeks after production

Freeze smoked salmon? It is best to freeze it unopened and in its original packaging

The short answer is yes! If you don’t want to eat salmon for days after the feast, you can put the fish in the freezer and defrost it again for the next festive occasion. What sounds simple, however, contains one or the other detail, which one should consider when freezing smoked salmon.

First of all, smoked salmon should be frozen as fresh as possible. This means that ideally the fish will end up in the freezer in its original packaging. And that best unopened. But: If the package of smoked salmon is still sealed, the fish can usually be kept in the refrigerator at temperatures between 4 and 6 degrees for up to two weeks after production.

It is possible to freeze smoked salmon – however, these details must be observed

The problem: Once the package of smoked salmon is opened, germs can quickly form and multiply. According to the Federal Office of Consumer Safety and Food Safety, salmon should therefore be consumed as soon as possible It is best to freeze the food a few days before the expiry date and at the latest one day after opening the package.

If you have already opened the package, you can resort to a life hack to freeze the smoked salmon after all. Best one packs the fish again as air-tightly as possible, advises oko test, in order to avoid freezing fire. To do this, either use a zip bag or seal the salmon in it however, this can only be done with an appropriate device, a so-called vacuumizer.

Smoked salmon

The optimal temperature for salmon in the freezer is minus 18 degrees. However, this is the standard temperature that is set in most freezers anyway. Warmer the temperature should not be- this is not only unfavorable for salmon, but also for all other foods that you want to freeze. It is therefore worthwhile to check the temperature in the freezer regularly to guarantee the shelf life of the frozen food.

Salmon freeze: How long is smoked salmon in the freezer durable?

Once the smoked salmon is in the freezer, it can be stored there according to the Öko test also remain without problems for three to four months. After that, however, the fish loses significantly in quality and taste. Even if you defrost the salmon again, it should not necessarily end up on the breakfast buffet.

Once smoked salmon has been frozen, it is more suitable for use in hot dishes rather than eating raw. But pasta with a salmon cream sauce can also be a real delicacy. Alternatively, it is also worth looking at a recipe for a salmon quiche. Whatever you do with the thawed smoked salmon, you should definitely not freeze it again because of the changed surface.

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