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After Corona summit: Here’s what happens next in Hesse – Bouffier gives details

The Corona summit is over. Volker Bouffier explains at a press conference what has been decided and whether there will be changes in Hesse.

  • On Monday (24.01.2022), Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the heads of the federal states will meet for the federal-state summit.
  • Afterwards, Volker Bouffier (CDU) wants to announce the results for Hesse* at a PK.
  • Bouffier calls for relaxations in Corona rules* for sporting and cultural events.

Summary: In his press conference on the impact of the current Corona Summit on Hesse, Volker Bouffier chose clear words. The current course will be maintained. There will therefore be no tightening of the Corona rules for the time being. In addition, a general obligation to vaccinate was again jointly agreed.

On the subject of PCR test prioritization, no result has been reached yet. The federal government had proposed one in view of the lack of corona tests. So hospitals and old people’s homes are to be prioritized. However, he said it is still unclear what will happen to other divisions. The Minister President emphasized that no new legal situation has yet been decided in this regard. For the time being, therefore, the current legal situation remains unchanged.

Bouffier wanted to advocate at the Corona Summit for a limited return of spectators at sporting and cultural events. But here it had also not yet come to an agreement. New regulations are therefore also not yet fixed in this area. Furthermore, the Minister President advocated an extension of economic aid and a vaccination register, which will be negotiated in the future.

After Corona summit: Bouffier pushes for uniform rules for major events

+++ 19.01 am: This concludes Volker Bouffier’s press conference after the Corona summit.

+++ 18.58 hrs: Asked about the different regulations for major events depending on the federal state, Bouffier says: The starting point was that supra-regional events were held without spectators, both in sports and culture. Hesse had then opted for the 250 rule. The fact is that one has to judge in view of the pandemic events and the behavior. Bouffier believes it would make sense to establish uniform rules for all events. It is possible that these events could then be held again with a larger audience. The state and Senate chambers are expected to vote by 9. February agree on a uniform regulation for major supraregional events.

According to Bouffier, the Corona ordinance currently in force in Hesse is valid until 12. February. He sees no reason to change these rules at the moment. The heads of government of the federal states had decided in favor of the 16. February to the next Corona consultation with the Federal Government arranged.

Bouffier with statement after Corona summit: vaccination register urgently needed

+++ 18.55 p.m: What will happen with the PCR tests, asks a journalist?. „When I see that Austria has more PCR tests than we do, then someone has to explain to me why", said Bouffier. If the Federal Minister of Health says, one does not have more tests at present and one must prioritize, then one takes note of that. This means, however, that a new test strategy is needed. Exactly on it one works now.

+++ 18.52:00: Volker Bouffier speaks out in favor of a vaccination register. There is an urgent need for data, as Baden-Wurttemberg also sees it. This would have to be discussed further, and nothing concrete could be agreed on at today’s Corona summit.

It was also decided, he said: Until 31. March 2022 there would be short-time allowance. However, there are sectors that have been significantly impacted by the effects of the Corona pandemic. He considers it necessary to prolong this process. He said the federal government intends to comment on the matter in a timely manner.

After Corona summit: PCR prioritization not in Hesse for the time being

+++ 18.48 p.m: The federal government had proposed prioritizing PCR tests. These tests would then only exist for different people and groups. This could apply to hospitals and retirement homes in the future. The open question would remain, what happens in other areas?? On this one had not been able to agree on the today’s day yet. It was reasonable that this could not all be clarified in one afternoon. But these are only announcements so far. Until there is a new test regulation, the old regulations still apply. So far, the old rules still apply to testing, Bouffier said.

+++ 18.43 o’clock: The Robert Koch Institute and the Paul Ehrlich Institute could decide the rules on vaccination and convalescent status in the future. This is what has been decided. But that these changes would take place virtually overnight, that should no longer happen. In the decision after the Corona summit, assurances were given that innovations of this kind would be announced and justified in good time.

+++ 18.40 o’clock: It was not possible to agree on a uniform regulation for large events, explains Bouffier after the Corona summit. Many clubs in the sport are not viable without spectators, he said. One would have to come to other rules, that means that these events would run under pandemic conditions and with special Corona rules. „From my point of view, it can’t stay the way it is now", so the Prime Minister.

+++ 18.37 pm: At the Corona summit also the inoculation had been in the focus. The aim is to continue to campaign intensively for vaccination. A general vaccination obligation was again decided, so Bouffier.

Live after the Corona summit: What happens next in Hesse?? Bouffier now gives details

+++ 18.34 pm: Volker Bouffier takes the floor. It is difficult to forecast further developments in the Corona pandemic, he said. This was also emphasized by the Council of Experts. There is uncertainty about whether the high number of infections will also overload intensive care units or general wards. He also said it is unclear how staffing will continue to evolve at hospitals.

Because of this uncertainty, it was decided that the existing Corona measures would be maintained for the time being. There would be no tightening, it remains instead by and large with the previous rules.

+++ 18.30 o’clock: Here we go, after the Corona summit, Hesse’s Minister President Volker Bouffier now appears before the press.

Corona summit: start date for Bouffier’s statement set

+++ 17.55 p.m: As the Hessian State Chancellery has just announced, the press conference with Volker Bouffier after the Corona Summit is scheduled to take place at 18.30 o’clock.

+++ 17.46 hrs: It is still not clear when Volker Bouffier will make his statement after the Corona summit. But more details are leaking out about the points of contention between the country leaders. As the Bildzeitung has learned from circles of participants, Bouffier did not mince his words. Among other things, in view of the planned change in PCR testing and the short-term communication, the Minister President of Hesse is reported to have said: "This behavior has destroyed a lot of trust, not only with me. It doesn’t matter. But with many people in the country".

Possibly as a reaction to the urgent warning of the Council of Experts, the draft for the Conference of Minister Presidents is said to have been sharpened again. The news agency Reuters has this. In this it is said that further measures will be determined if there is a threat of overloading the health system.

Corona summit: new details leaked about state consultations – Bouffier feels "deceived"

+++ 15.09 a.m: Minister President Volker Bouffier (CDU) and his colleagues obviously seem to have a lot to talk about. For the Corona summit together with Chancellor Olaf Scholz is now to take place only at 15 clock, reports the German Press Agency. The reason given is the still ongoing consultations of the heads of the federal states. Afterwards, Bouffier is to provide information about the decisions and explain whether changes are imminent in Hesse.

But what are the heads of the federal states discussing for such a long time? According to information from Der Spiegel, a dispute has broken out between the prime ministers. In focus: who bears responsibility for PCR test shortage? There should also be massive criticism of the leadership style of Federal Health Minister Karl-Lauterbach. Some state chiefs complain that Lauterbach would not inform in time about upcoming changes. This had been assured beforehand. As the news magazine reported, Volker Bouffier had declared: "I feel personally betrayed."

Corona summit: Bouffier with clear demand – press conference announced

+++ Monday, 24.01.2022: Wiesbaden/Frankfurt- The Corona case numbers in Hessen are for weeks on record level. The Corona variant Omikron has spread rapidly around the turn of the year. All districts as well as the cities of Frankfurt*, Offenbach, Kassel, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden are currently considered hotspots.

The threshold for a hotspot region is an incidence of 350. Almost all municipalities in Hesse have now significantly exceeded this limit. In several regions, the incidence is as high as four digits. However, so far there has been no talk of further tightening of the currently valid Corona rules in Hesse.

Corona in Hesse: Local lockdowns unthinkable

Local lockdowns, such as those imposed by Bavaria and Saxony at the end of 2021 in regions with an incidence above 1000, were also out of the question in Hesse. Because of the corona protection ordinance currently in force in Hesse, a lockdown was not conceivable, they said it from the state government and from the crisis staffs of the large cities.

That on Monday (24.01.2022) is unlikely to set the course for a renewed lockdown at the federal-state summit. Nevertheless, the Corona rules are to be adjusted once again. Starting at 2 p.m., Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) will meet with Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and the heads of the federal states around Hesse’s Volker Bouffier (CDU) to discuss.

Corona summit: Bouffier wants return of spectators at sports and cultural events

In the run-up to the federal-state summit, Volker Bouffier has already advocated a number of points. Bouffier to push for limited return of spectators at sporting and cultural events at top-level meeting.
Bouffier’s proposal would allow both indoor and outdoor cultural and sporting events to establish 25 percent spectator capacity under certain sanitary conditions. This regulation should apply generally and not only to professional sports.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has meanwhile rejected any relaxation in advance. Scholz told the Suddeutsche Zeitung that it is not yet time for the end of restrictions. Meanwhile, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU) is on the same page as Bouffier. In the Augsburger Allgemeine, Soder called for relaxations for events of culture and sport, analogous to Bouffier.

Corona in Hesse: PK with Volker Bouffier on the results at the federal-state summit

Following the federal-state summit, Volker Bouffier plans to hold a press conference in the state chancellery in Wiesbaden. An exact time has not yet been set.

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