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Oliver Pocher: Wife Amira cries bitter tears after break-in in Cologne

31.01.2022 updated: 13:37

Oliver and Amira Pocher have become victims of a burglary. The couple and their children were even in the house while doing this.

Cologne – Amira Pocher (29) recently hinted in her Insta-story that something bad happened with her and her husband Oliver Pocher (43). She stated that she had been "really, really down". In her podcast "The Pochers here!"(Audio Now) there was now the resolution: There has been a burglary.

Name Amira Pocher
Born 28. September 1992 (age 29), Klagenfurt am Worthersee (Austria)
Spouses Oliver Pocher (since 2019)

Oliver Pocher: Amira cries tears after horror night in Cologne

Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira have in their podcast "The Pochers here!“ reports from a night of horror. The 29-year-old had already hinted a few days ago in her Insta-Story that she was "really, really down" because of an event had been. Your subscribers puzzled at first and now got the solution.

The couple has been burgled while they were still at home. Like Image reported, unknown persons have entered the upper floor via the garage. At the same time, Oliver and Amira were in the basement with the children, preparing them for bedtime.

Oliver and Amira Pocher found empty jewelry boxes

Oliver and Amira Pocher stated that the act must have happened between 6 and 7 p.m. „It was only when I saw my empty jewelry boxes lying on the bed that it dawned on me that something was wrong", the 29-year-old reported. The couple called the police, the insurance is apparently also already involved (read more celebrity news on RUHR24).

Of course, the events took their toll. The parents are worried. "I can not think about if we had met him with the children in his arms. I’m afraid to let the kids sleep alone," Amira confessed on the podcast. The couple has now installed both cameras and motion detectors.

Oliver and Amira Pocher can’t get a break at home

Oliver and Amira Pocher are down on their luck as far as their home is concerned. The couple’s house was severely damaged in the flood of July 2021. Pietro Lombardi (29), a good friend of the family, offered them to stay with him. Since then, the singer lives in a hotel. He, too, is likely to have some safety concerns after his house was broken into.

Amira Pocher and Oliver Pocher

The Pochers are also not the only celebrity couple to have come into contact with burglars. On Christmas Eve 2021, unknown persons broke into the house of Verona Pooth (53) and her husband Franjo (52). This resulted in six-figure damage. The perpetrators could not be caught so far.

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