How can i locate someone without them knowing??

It is illegal to locate the cell phone of a stranger without his consent or sms unnoticed read along free of charge . Only the police can locate cell phones with GPS by court order. However, there are situations where tracking someone else’s device may be warranted. In what cases is this possible, and how difficult is it actually to track a cell phone without the other person noticing?? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Why should you track other people’s phones?

There can be very many reasons for this, some of which seem understandable and others not logical at all. We would like to tell you some of the logical reasons:

  1. To watch out for children: Children worry us a lot these days, z.B. Because of the rapid developments, changes in technology and everyday life. It’s logical that parents want to keep control of their kids.
  2. To protect parents and relatives: there can be many different reasons for wanting to keep an eye on an elderly person. Diseases, discrimination, fraud o. a.
  3. To ensure the loyalty of your employees: companies usually employ a large number of employees. It can be difficult to keep track of. However, to ensure that none of them are using their work tools for personal gain or selling information to your competitors, you may need to keep an eye on them.
  4. To uncover a cheating spouse: Not exactly something pleasant, but if it occurs, it should be uncovered. In this case, locating your spouse will definitely be a solution for you.
  5. To help a recovering addict: Not only is technology evolving, but so are the diversities of addictions. In case of suspicion or even in previously known cases, one should assist an addict with help.

How to locate someone without them knowing it?

The most effective method of locating a phone

We have done an extensive research for the topic in this article and found a few methods. These methods are often suggested by other users. We have put these methods through their paces and would like to describe their pros and cons here.

Can you use a spy app to locate a phone without the owner knowing it? The answer is yes. Spy apps work on devices of different brands. You work discreetly and remotely.

When it comes to a spy app search mSpy The best app that can be found on the market at the moment. A spy app like mSpy is a great help for us when worrying about our kids, friends or colleagues.

How can i locate someone without them knowing??

mSpy is one of many spy app providers, however, research and customer reviews ‘show it to be the best app on the market. Basically, the reviews talk about the fact that mSpy does not show any weaknesses. Especially when it comes to location and remote control, mSpy is far ahead of other providers.

Find my Android/iPhone/Windows

"Find My Android" is an app that is installed on all Android devices and allows to track any of you remotely. How can I use this app to locate a cell phone without consent?

First, you need to log in to "Find My Android" with your Google account credentials.

Second, make sure the device is connected to the internet and give the app access to the location.

Now you can track your phone anytime it is lost or stolen.

In addition, you can use this application to track another person’s phone. The biggest drawback to this method, however, is that it requires you to know the other person’s login credentials.

"Find My iPhone" and "Find My Windows" work similarly to "Find My Android". To get started, you’ll need their iCloud or Google credentials.

What is is a service that allows you to get the location of another person using their phone number. The service of this website is to allow individuals to locate a cell phone, subject to the prior consent of the owner of the phone number whose location is being sought. is one of the most effective providers in this area and is also very user-friendly and affordable. The features of are:

  • Supports all models – you can locate any smartphone, regardless of the device type and age.
  • Support for all providers – Geolocation works across the entire smartphone network
  • Anonymity – the target will not know who is trying to locate them.
  • Without installation – They can locate devices without installing additional software.

With you can track any mobile phone number in the world.

  • Enter a message text to be displayed to the recipient.
  • Tracking is possible with any cell phone number worldwide.
  • Send a locate request to the appropriate device.

How to proceed?

  • First you need to send an SMS.
  • To do this, enter the number of the device you want to locate.
  • The owner reads the text message and agrees to the tracking.
  • You will be shown on the map the current location of the owner.
  • You will receive a notification where this location is at the moment.


Sometimes locating a cell phone without the owner noticing can be really useful.

A very simple example from everyday life is the following. Your son goes off on his bike and told you he’s going with his friends to a place where you don’t know exactly where that place is, whether it’s safe enough or what the kids are going to do there. After 2-3 hours you get a bad gut feeling and have to get rid of it at all costs. For such a scenario are or mSpy the solution.

How can i locate someone without them knowing??

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