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Earn money on the Internet – but seriously, this is how it works

Dream about it too to earn money on the Internet on the side? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to earn some extra money from home or anywhere in the world, with free time management?? The Internet makes everything possible, including earning money from home. There are numerous ways to earn money on the Internet, not all are serious, some are simply rip-offs. But there is no doubt about it, earn money online goes 100% – but it remains work. Do not expect riches, even if you have already "heard" something there. Work "On the Internet" still has some unbeatable advantages, read on.

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Earning money on the Internet, the big advantages

Unbeatable advantages you have if you want to earn extra money on the internet on the side. Because everything works time and place independent. You can sit down to work in your study, but you can also take your laptop and go to the terrace, balcony or garden.

Also the Free time management is ideal, everyone finds somehow free time which one can use meaningfully instead of before the television, one must want it only. The Internet does not sleep, whether you work a few hours at night or during the day is entirely up to you.

A further large advantage: The investment costs, in order to earn money in the Internet besides, are very small. A bit depends on the individual case, do you edit videos or photos on commission, then of course it must be better hardware than you need a copywriter. But everything still manageable, a computer and an Internet connection usually suffice.

Especially those who are creative find online some possibilities to earn money on the side, an example which recently went through the press: A young man does nothing else the whole day but participate in online lotteries, and that at up to incredible 400 pieces per day. The art lies in tracking down the winning games. For quick participation, it has become more and more perfected, the whole thing takes ca. 6 hours every day. With this number of profit plays it does not surprise it also many profits thereby jump out, from small things up to dream journeys… These profits sell the young gentleman over eBay and co. From this income can live very well. An unusual, but very creative way to make money on the Internet.

Side earnings and the taxes – this is important

In advance, the tips in this section are not tax advice, but only a few tips from us. If you have detailed questions about your situation, you should consult a tax advisor. The state of these tips is from 2018.

If you Earning money on the Internet on the side want, then you must pay attention, because from a certain amount must be paid naturally also on the additional income taxes.

If you work for a company as a mini-jobber then you can earn 450 euros a month tax-free, the flat-rate contributions on the mini-job are to be borne by the employer.

But it looks different if you earn money on your own, for example by writing texts, or by selling your photos. For that is then an independent work. And with this there is an exemption limit, if your profit less all costs exceeds 410 euros, then the profit must be taxed. This exemption limit applies per year! It is thus quickly reached in a serious effort to earn money on the side. If this is foreseeable with you, or has occurred, then you make best a consultation with a tax advisor. As a rule, the will advise you to register a trade.

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How to make money on the Internet

After all the benefits about earning money online, but now a few specific tips to seriously supplement the income. Of course, not all tips are suitable for everyone, depending on your preferences and skills, pick the right one for you. The important thing is that you have to enjoy what you are doing, only then will the work be fun.

Earning money online is fun and flexible

Writing texts

You like to write, and spelling and grammar are not foreign to you? Then you have good chances to earn money with texts. In addition, there are platforms that make it extremely easy for you to find orders. There are e.g. or even – there clients put your text wishes incl. Requirements are first come, first served. You as a copywriter accept the order, write the text, after control by the client you get your wage for the text credited. If writing is in your blood, and if you can write quickly, copywriting is an ideal way to earn extra money on top of your salary.

You can also keep your eyes open for a direct cooperation, which means that you regularly write texts for a magazine, for the magazine the fee for the platform is omitted, and you know about the quality you get with you, because that is often a gamble with the copywriting platforms. This of course increases your salary. For copywriters it is common to be paid by the written word.

Sell your own digital products

Write your own book and put it on the market – this was unthinkable without the internet and only for very few people actually feasible. But on the Internet: Book (eBook) write and circulate, also for this there are special platforms about your self-written eBook can be sold. But even if there is a lot of help, it must be good, of course, otherwise it is not interested in anyone just because it is an eBook.

Ideally you write a book which helps people with a certain problem, if you have a top product, then you "only" have to reach your suitable target group, and the cash register will ring.

But you will already know that this is not just so fast to implement on the side, the eBook is one thing, but to sell it, there is a lot of training necessary. But if you keep at it, you can generate a nice passive income, because no one tells you to write a maximum of 1, 2, 5 or 10 books. As always, hard work pays off.

Earn money with services

With small services you can earn good money offline, as well as online. Online there is a special platform that specializes in the mediation of such smaller, unique, services. On, you can place orders, such as creating content, correcting texts, participating in surveys, etc. You get a predetermined fee for this work.

Earn money as a designer

You are a graphic artist and designer? Then you can also use it to earn extra income on the Internet. Let design on the for example you can earn money as a designer. The client places your orders, you take part in the tender with drafts, if you are good, then the client decides for you. Now the details are discussed and the job is done. Ideal for creative graphic designers to earn money on the Internet.

Earn money with own photos

This is also possible, photograph with pleasure and well? Of course you don’t earn money with just plain photos. If you like photography then read up to improve your skills. Photos are needed all the time, the internet and also newspapers live on photos. And these are often bought around stock photo agencies. You can upload your snapped photos and per sale you get a certain amount from the agency. But do not be frightened, the amount per photo is quite small, can also be only a few cents. But the mass makes it, no one gives you a maximum limit before.

But a few tips from us: the thousandth sunset will not find a sale. Standard motifs are available a thousand times. Your photos must stand out from the crowd. Photograph unusual and extraordinary things.

As always, the same applies to stock photography: specialize and focus. An example from the net: A gentleman is a travel blogger and passionate photographer. He puts his, really great, travel pictures for sale online through stock photo agencies. This will bring him a monthly income of 500 euros.

You can also specialize in current topics of the broad masses. For example about forest fires, jellyfish invasion, protests and so on.

Earn money with your own online store

Internet trade is booming, and has been for many years now. If you work with your own online store If you want to get started in the field of insurance, then it is relatively easy, the necessary store software is sometimes even available free of charge, a domain does not cost much either – off you go… But of course it is not that easy. Speculate on selling hot technology such as cell phones or tablets? Don’t even try – this market is so hotly contested by big players that money is bound to be burned.

Look for a niche that you occupy. Describe your products as well as possible, the entire online store must give a professional impression, pictures and description must be perfect – the competition is only a click away.

Ideally, you play with emotions, the user must feel the need to buy from you. Of course it is not easy, there is a lot of work behind it. You should be ready to learn a lot of new things. Simply installing an online store, adding products and hoping for customers doesn’t work. You have to actively do something to attract users to your store. This is about creativity and quality, or with a lot of budget for advertising

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Affiliate Marketing

So-called "referral marketing" works, but it takes a little more staying power. You create a homepage about a topic you know well, you describe or test products for example. From your homepage you then link to Amazon, or other stores, where your readers can order these products directly online. You link to the products via a tracking link, every sale that comes through your site is commissioned. You receive a certain amount.

Affiliate marketing is a huge field, there are hundreds of affiliate programs you can freely choose from.

If you know your way around insurance, for example? Write about it, become "online" expert, and earn on the mediation of insurances.

But especially in affiliate marketing the saying is true: All beginnings are difficult. Because only because you put a new homepage in the Internet still no visitors come angestromt. You have to prove yourself, constantly new and good content is a way to the goal.

Conclusion: These were just a few Ideas to make money online, there are of course many many more. For us, however, these are the most effective and sustainable ways.

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