Healthy, symptom-free and light – how to feel good in your body again.

So that you become completely healthy and your life energy returns, walk with me exciting, tailored to you alternative ways to classical medicine.

Her complaints can thus be completely tackled at the root and permanently resolved. For your radiant vitality I work similar to an architect. Let me explain it with this story.

Imagine you want to buy a 40-year-old house in which you yourself want to live and feel completely comfortable. A favorite place where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

An architect friend patiently walks you from room to room, from the basement to under the gable of the roof. She explains to you precisely,

  • what measures are necessary to keep this house intact and habitable with good basic substance for another 40 years
  • how to turn a musty basement into a great sauna and tidy storage space for your treasures
  • how triple-glazed windows provide comfortable warmth and well-being
  • how valuable energy is preserved by an insulated roof
  • that the installation of a modern heating system will save costs in the long run
  • on top of that this house could radiate lightness through fresh color.

The architect takes enough time for you and asks helpful questions. She takes care that you are clear about your wishes and needs and how you want to tackle the house project – without overextending yourself:

  • The house is to be completely renovated in 2 months?
  • I do only what is necessary and move in soon? All further renovations will follow in manageable stages.
  • Approach the remodel over a longer period of time, and stick to a customized plan?
  • What makes sense for me personally and what financial possibilities I have?

Your needs are taken into account

Once all the questions and needs have been clarified, a tailor-made concept ensures that the renovation process runs optimally.
How to transform a building from an inert renovation object into a healthy and comfortable home.

Getting healthy from the ground up!

A sick body can be compared to the house described above: inhabitable, but with little esprit, a high loss of energy and a lack of quality of life for its inhabitants. If nothing is done, it will be dilapidated and ready for demolition in a few years.

Everything in view

So that you are completely healthy and powerful I proceed in a similar way as an architect. Together we take a careful look at all the spaces in your body and scrupulously examine them:

Your immune system, nervous system, hormones, digestion, muscular system, cardiovascular functions, lymph, skin, and psyche too. No room may be forgotten!

Get to the root of illnesses

Our collaboration is about you not only being free of complaints and pain, but also perceiving your life in a positive way again. In order for powerful energy to take over the reigns of your life, it is important to get to the root of the discomfort instead of just treating its symptoms.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been suffering from discomfort for many years, or just a few weeks ago. We get to the bottom of all signs, e.g.B. if

  • you feel exhausted, drained or overworked.
  • You would like to increase your performance because you quickly run out of breath despite training.
  • Agonizing insomnia and leaden fatigue are well-known companions.
  • you eat consciously, get enough sleep and exercise and yet you are not satisfied and balanced, but easily irritable and tense inside.
  • You are always struggling with infections.
  • you are exhausted by a long illness or after cancer treatment.
  • you feel drained during the breastfeeding period instead of being happy.
  • you no longer look vital, radiant and convincing as before.

Auch of the following symptoms can often be easily cleared up

  • Digestive problems
  • Irritable bowel
  • Skin blemishes, redness
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraine
  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Overweight and underweight

Sometimes the signs are diffuse and unexplainable. Here, too, we get to the bottom of the causes z.B. If

  • different complaints occur again and again and there is no lasting improvement despite medication.
  • numerous attempts to get healthy have already failed.
  • you are considered out of treatment by classical medicine.

Success factors for your recovery

Your self-healing power
Self-healing powers are within each of us. Also in you!
We will effortlessly bring these forces to life, so that in the future you will go through life physically and psychologically healthy, light and with joy. You feel radiant and attractive!

Nothing off the shelf!
Only a health concept that is appropriate and tailored to your life situation really leads to success. Making sure that nothing overwhelms you during recovery.

Her full commitment
Our body is a sophisticated system that provides vitality. The change is a process and needs some patience to adjust.

Getting your energy back on track takes time, money and your full commitment:

  • a detailed consultation with initial impulses for your health
  • mind. 3 treatment appointments within 2 months to max.
    6 appointments within one year.
  • 100% private service
  • the willingness to let go of harmful habits and
    to focus on being healthy.

I put all my knowledge at your disposal and make suggestions for change. You may try it yourself and experience the special moment of living in a refreshed, light and glowing body.

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