Health insurance in case of unemployment

Even if you become unemployed, you remain covered by health insurance. The most important information on health insurance contributions for recipients of unemployment benefits I and II.

Health insurance contributions for recipients of unemployment benefits I and II

If you are unemployed and receive unemployment benefit I or II, the benefit provider will register you with the AOK as a member subject to compulsory insurance coverage. For recipients of unemployment benefit I, the Federal Employment Agency takes over the contributions to health and long-term care insurance. This also applies if you do not receive unemployment benefits at the beginning of unemployment due to a blocking period. For recipients of unemployment benefit II, the job center pays the contributions.

Change from private to statutory health insurance

If you are privately insured and unemployed, you can switch back to statutory health insurance. Provided you receive unemployment benefit I and are under 55 years old. Unfortunately, this is not possible for recipients of unemployment benefit II.

Compulsory health insurance without receiving benefits

If you receive neither unemployment benefit I nor unemployment benefit II, you are still covered by health insurance: either by law in the statutory health insurance or by application to the private health insurance – depending on where you were last insured. You can take out non-contributory family insurance with the AOK if you meet certain requirements. Otherwise, you must take out voluntary insurance and pay the health and long-term care insurance contributions yourself.

Contact your AOK

The employment agency or the job center automatically informs the AOK about the receipt of benefits. Your former employer must also inform us about the end of your employment. Since there may be delays in this process, we recommend that you inform us when you become unemployed.

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