Headphones for the smartphone: how to get the best sound

Music plays an important role in life. And with the smartphone, music can be listened to anytime and anywhere. The quality of the sound should not suffer, therefore listeners take an important role. But it does not only depend on the headphones. On the smartphone, there are some sound settings and apps can be loaded that can be used to improve the sound.

Do not forget the software

The best hardware is of no use if the software has its shortcomings. Loudspeakers can only reproduce the quality that is possible with the help of the software. For the smartphone to produce the best sound, enough Headphones still a long way off. The appropriate software and the correct audio format must be available. Most smartphones already come with music player apps in the factory settings. Streaming services can be downloaded to the smartphone in a few minutes. Mostly these offer already extensive sound settings, with which the sound can be improved.

Optimize the audio settings on the smartphone

The Android phone offers the possibility that audio amplifiers can be used. These can be found in the user settings or can be loaded from different app stores. This is how sounds can be specifically emphasized or reduced. Fine tuning is also possible, creating a perfect sound for the headphones. The audio amplifiers are only conditionally suitable for music. Equalizers can be used for this purpose. Fine adjustments are possible for headphones to a certain extent and are always based on the technical conditions of the headphones depending on the.

The circumstance is different for iOS models. The manufacturer offers specific settings for certain headphone models, which can be performed on the smartphone. These headphone adjustments can be used for both music, for Podcasts and be applied to videos. Listening examples offer the possibility of configuration. Sounds difficult, but in practice it is easy to do.

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Choosing the right app

If you mainly listen to music on your smartphone, you should choose the right app for the sound. Apps offer different audio versions, but often fine adjustments are not possible. Apps for playing music should definitely provide equalizers and different settings to choose from. Playback effects, preamplifier and the regulation of treble and bass should be possible.

Headphones make it possible that the audio quality can be closely examined. Since the sound hits the ear directly, there is hardly any distracting background noise that would affect the sound. This sometimes makes a big difference to the sound, even though only minor adjustments have been made.

Basically, apps already offer presets for different sound profiles. These can be customized or changed individually.

Sound already during streaming

Streaming services already offer the possibility that the sound can be improved. Already when downloading the music, most of the Streaming services different quality levels can be selected. In principle, bit rates of 320 kbit/s are offered. If you want more, you have to choose hi-res streaming services, but they come with higher costs.

There are already streaming services that offer integrated equalizers and make them available. The perfect adjustment to individual needs becomes possible.

If that’s not enough: The separate equalizer app is still an option

Many people have a very sensitive ear, want to hear the best sound, fine-tune nuances. In order for the headphones to reproduce this sound, more is needed than the integrated equalizer and the ready-made sound profiles. Separate equalizer apps are available for download in different versions. There are very extensive apps here, which can quickly overwhelm beginners. Too many settings let you lose the overview. Sometimes less is more. The equalizer apps offer the great advantage of having extensive sound profiles in their range, with which the perfect sound can be created.


The sound of the music should reach the ear undisturbed. Not only headphones are responsible for the good sound, but also the software and the smartphone. Already on the smartphone some settings can be found to optimize the sound. Streaming services can also be upgraded. In addition, there are numerous apps with which the sound can be improved. However, it should be borne in mind that each headphone reproduces the sound differently. Matching settings can change by changing the headphones.

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Headphones for the smartphone: how to get the best sound

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