Have you already seen vienna at night?

it’s hard to believe, but there are actually freshly printed pictures from the D90 again. Typical examples why the apple phone is great fun, but no alternative for the big one.

The view over Vienna at night from the Kahlenberg. Hach.


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Written by Paleica

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63 Comments on" Have you seen Vienna at night? “

Wow, beautiful!
Sooo great photos!

The song from Rainhard Fendrich is also good, right?!

thank you for the praise dear felicity, i really like to hear it.
yes, the song is beautiful!

Class! ♥ I like the first one best, the colorful lights reflected in the water… great.

how long did you expose?

thank you, I’m glad you like them!
very different – something between 8 and 20 seconds, i always played around with exposure and aperture!

Night shots at their best, I like them all, absolutely. saludos

thank you for the praise, I like to hear it (=

Unfortunately I have not seen Vienna by day yet. Menno. When I see the night pictures like that, it’s about time that I finally visit the city! Like this!

YES melli, it will be (((= and then we go times gemutich in the kaffeehaus! except in midsummer, it’s not scorching hot here either (;

Woooow they are really wonderful beautiful. ♥

thank you (= i found the view there also just fantastic!

A great view!

oh yes, you really have that there. ❤

My favorite is also the first one. The colored lights and their reflection in the water are really great!
But I also like the other photos very much. All the little lights resp. I find points of light simply fascinating.

goes the same for me.the view there was just breathtaking, i was so glad to have packed the camera!

I am really excited. From all photos! You did a great job, a feast for the eyes.

thank you! i only came close to trying to capture the great view (=

Hello, I like your night shot of Vienna very much. I was also already there and we fell in love with the city directly. From the flair she is simply unbeaten.

Many greetings

thank you dear alex, i am happy that you like the pictures and of course that you are a vienna-fan.

Great, in October I’m back in Austria, then I will also look at Vienna at night!

worthwhile in any case (= can give you gladly one or the other tip if you like!

Very atmospheric, dear Paleica! I love night shots of cities very much. My fav is the one with the stubborn branches in the foreground. This shows the distance of the lights all the more.
LG from Rosie

thank you for the praise dear rosie, i am glad that you like the pictures! I feel the same way. are always impressive, the light games!

Wow, I am thrilled! Very atmospheric&

Hach, wonderful.
But it is certainly still somehow nen taken sharper, nen bit of sharpness is missing me a bit.

But the details are great, especially the lights from the cars, I like that kind of thing.

But the colors are great.

did you make the pictures big? wordpress mostly compresses them a bit it seems to me – on my screen they actually look sharp!
thanks anyway (((=

I made it big, but that can also be due to compressing the sharpness bissl shrinks.

But I still find them totally beautiful and successful the colors are so wonderfully great and the reflections&

hmm, that is strange. but of course i’m happy that you like them anyway (=

Huhu dear Paleica&

..can’t for the life of me decide which of these great view photos I like the best. The brightly illuminated church ..spontaneously .. then picture no. 3 with the river, and Nr. 2 – the colors. Simply fantastic!

Very dear greetings to you,

dear ocean, the good thing is, you don’t have to decide (= I’m glad you like them). and also that the picture with the monastery klosterneuburg has its lovers ^.^

Hello you,
very nice pictures (:
The task for this month will be exciting again. The other participants had already everything so ready. I really have no picture at all on the a Spiegeleung is to be seen. Completely new territory for me.

I’m currently thinking about whether I buy a new digital camera, because mine just spins around a bit and no longer wants to focus /:
Now I’m looking for something between amateur camera and professional monster device^^ Do you have there maybe a tip ? (:

well, that’s actually the point of the project – that you go out and take new pictures. archive pictures should actually be rather the exception. but must eh everyone hold as he believes (;
puh, that’s a good question. I know myself there now nciht sooo out. i wouldn’t want to give away my dslr, with the small one i take pictures only in exceptional cases. there are also rather handy cheap dslrs (nikon d3000, canon eos 1000), or bridge cameras, they are a middle thing between compact and big ones. but also the new compacts can do a lot (panasonic lumix, canon ixus). helps you further ^.^?

wow! the pictures are really impressive!
especially this illuminated building. is that a church? looks almost like a castle..

thanks for the praise dear abraxandria!
this is the stift klosterneuburg (in the north of vienna). so I think it is a monastery or so ^.^

*wow* really great photos, dear Paleica!
I am thrilled by Vienna at night&

Best regards

I’m glad to hear that. by the way, that’s me again and again (((=

i like the third photo best! because the lights are also reflected in the water, which looks totally great! cities at night are still something special anyway &

right. cold colors had the last layout also not. but even though it is one of my favorite layouts, i just had to get something new. the better that everyone likes it quite well, then I can leave it without bad conscience for the time being. &

so your new, freshly shot photos are of course as written also great! & nevertheless I’m looking forward to seeing polaroids from you again. ^^ the effect is really just great, because even stinknormal, actually boring things look really interesting!

yeah, so i never had any problems with money either. all always have no money for this or that, but since I’m quite sparam, I can then also always buy what I want. has just as I said everything advantages and disadvantages. although it is sometimes a bit annoying when you want to indulge yourself and then think back and forth again.

clearly, a sister in puberty is exhausting! ^^ and we also argue sometimes. hey, we are sisters.. anything else would be abnormal. but i am also of the opinion that we get along pretty well and argue a lot less etc. than others! &

i don’t know. mainly because my sister wouldn’t take her as a friend! ^^ then facebook becomes uninteresting for my grandma again..

i totally love the waterlight reflections too!! and at night cities really always have a special flair. paris was also beautiful at night. hachhhh.

no, cold colors were not, but green and blue tend to be cooler than orange and red (; i think also. but the most important thing is that you like it. after all, you see it most often!! i can’t even tell how long mine will last. actually my old lay was the perfect one, it was always the same, but i could always update the colors and the header. but it was too ‘analog’ for me, it just didn’t have enough gimmicks, that’s why i didn’t like it anymore. but since then nothing new came up at wordpress that i liked similarly.

that’s true about polas. but also with the iphone lomofilter is so. there will soon be something new again (=

I feel the same way. if something was super important to me, then I also had money for it. I was always so frugal that I had put back enough there. i usually spent 1x a year on a little vacation with mr. dot and otherwise let him give me the bigger things on any occasion ^.^

well that’s great that you actually have such a great relationship. unfortunately i don’t have any siblings and i envy all those who have them. all the advantages of being an only child don’t outweigh the fact that you are always alone and have no ‘ally’ at home and stuff like that.

oooh really? but I understand that. I also told my dad that I don’t want that. but he has accepted that. but he is not interested in facebook at all. fortunately (;

However only with you passage to Croatia. There was no time for a photo break. Besides, only art philistines were on board&

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