Grounded: building a house – info on grounded construction

You need a good basis. This is not only true for many things in real life, but this principle also applies in Grounded. Below we show you important info about building your base, what resources and tools you need and how to build your house.

To survive against all the ants and other creepy crawlies, you need not only our tips for Grounded, but also a sturdy base. In the following we will tell you how to do it best.

Tools to build a base

To get the materials you need, you need an axe, so that you can cut dandelions and blades of grass. Later also a hammer helpful. You can then use the two tools to mine the resources you need. Axe and hammer, however, you have to craften yourself. How this works exactly and how you level up the tools, we show you in the linked guide.

Create a workbench – this is how it works

The Workbench is essential in your base. There you will craft equipment and higher quality materials. To To unlock them, you need to analyze tree resin in the analysis tent.

Bring your materials to the Analysis Tent to analyze them

Take your materials to the analysis tent to analyze them.

The right place for your base

Basically you can place your base almost anywhere in Grounded. However, the following tips will make your life much easier:

  • Build it near an analysis tent, so that the way there is not too far.
  • Make sure that Sources for clean Water and food nearby are.
  • You should not have to travel too far to the nearest source of grass, clover and ideally dandelions. This will speed up the construction of your base.
  • Keep distance to spider caves and spider webs.
  • Find a high ground as a building site. A Construction site as high as possiblefacilitates the defense of the base.

The most important materials for base building at a glance

The following materials are important for your base building:

  • blades of grass: You will need them for the construction of walls, floor and ceiling.
  • More stable plant stalks: You will need them for the door and window beams and for the roof. You can get them from dandelions or from larger woody plants, but for this you need a level 2 axe.
  • shamrocks: You need for your roof.
  • Shoots, woven fibersandSap from trees: you need it for some house parts as well as for tools and furniture. Just pick it up, you don’t need any tools for it.
  • Parts of acorns: Not absolutely necessary at the beginning, but helpful. Smash the fruits lying around with your hammer.

You do not have to do everything alone. Of course, other players can help you out

You do not have to do everything alone. Fellow players can of course help you out.

ground& Unlock the ceiling

Before you start building your base, you should unlock the most important parts for it. You can create walls as soon as you have cut down the first blade of grass. floor and ceiling parts but you first have to unlock. We also show you this in the linked guide.

How to create your home

Go to the inventory, select the "Craft" tab from and below "Base Building. Here you can choose your desired part. You can then move the item, rotate it and place it as a bluish translucent version in the desired location.

If you want to build another element afterwards, you have to switch back to the crafting menu and select the corresponding part. You can delete already placed elements one by one by pressing a key, if you are not satisfied with them.

Once you have placed some elements, look for more resources. For example, fall blades of grass and carry them to your construction site. Sight the bluish elements and press and hold the indicated button to add needed resources you are carrying. Until an element is fully populated with materials, you can still walk through it. This applies then naturally also to the crawling animals of the world.

To build such a home, you need time and lots of materials

To build such a home, you need time and lots of materials.

What else should be in the base

Once your base is up, you should equip it with the following furniture:

  • „Lean-To"the makeshift tent serves as a respawn point. You can also sleep here.
  • basket or chest: In baskets and chests you store the surplus material and other finds, which you do not want to lose through an unnecessary death.
  • Facilities for eating and drinking: If you are not in close proximity to water and food after all, consider building a dew collector as well as a mushroom garden, smoothie station, or fire pit. This allows you to store and prepare resources directly in the base.
  • And, of course, the above Workbench.

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