Google one: vpn is also rolled out for ios

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  1. Google One: VPN is also rolled out for iOS


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02. February 2022

Google One: VPN is also rolled out for iOS

For some time now, Google has also offered a VPN in the Google One premium subscription. There are now new features for this service and an extension to iOS. In the future, iPhone users will also be able to use it with the Google One app and the corresponding subscription.

Also new on Android devices are the Safe Disconnect, App Bypass and Snooze features. This can be used, for example, to set that the Internet can only be used with an active VPN, or to allow certain apps to bypass the VPN.

01. February 2022

WhatsApp beta hints at new communities feature

In the new WhatsApp beta Android version there are hints of the new Communities function. This is to allow users to bundle groups thematically. This is reported by the blog WABetaInfo. However, the function is not yet enabled. However, an introductory screen on WABetaInfo’s site shows that WhatsApp will soon enable communities on the platform.

Two months Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free

Amazon is currently offering its customers a free Kindle Unlimited deal. Two months e-reader users can use for free. You have to own a Kindle Paperwhite for this. Actually, the subscription costs 20 euros for two months. Customers will have access to one million e-books or thousands of audiobooks supported by the Kindle app. Those who are not convinced by the Unlimited subscription can cancel the free subscription under "My membership" Cancel Amazon account.

31. January 2022

WhatsApp boss raises hopes for iPad app

The head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart addresses the users of an iPad with an important message. They’ve reportedly wanted an iPad app from WhatsApp for a long time, Cathcart tells The Verge in an interview. The hope for this should not be given up yet. After Whatsapp implemented the multi-device function only at the end of last year, work is said to continue on a version for Apple tablets as well.

After all, multi-device now makes it possible to use WhatsApp on up to five other devices independently of the smartphone. It is therefore possible that an iPad version will be developed, as the technology required for the client has already been developed. However, due to the encryption of WhatsApp, a separate iPad app had not yet been released. However, the WhatsApp boss does not yet name a more precise timeframe for the Apple tablet’s own application.

App store supports apps that are not listed

Apple announced on developer site that apps not publicly listed can still be pushed. So the developers have the opportunity to advertise their app via link and spread it that way. The app is not to be found in the search of the App Store. This is to give developers the chance to test their apps by invitation only before they are then made available to the public. The function is available immediately according to Apple.

28. January 2022

Facebook Messenger: end-to-end encryption for group chats

Facebook Messenger users can now enable end-to-end encryption for group chats as well. Encryption has been used for messaging between two users since 2016. Already last year Facebook tested the encryption also for group chats and group calls. Voice calls and video calls are therefore also encrypted with immediate effect. Meta, as the parent company, stated that further developments for end-to-end encryption are being intensively tested.

iOS 15.4 makes facial recognition possible with mask

Apple has released the first beta version of iOS 15.4 published. A new feature concerns the "Face ID" function. In the future, it should be possible that facial recognition is also possible with mask. Apple says unique features around eyes have been enhanced for authentication. No need to wear a mask during setup. The user should optionally be able to choose whether Face ID also works with a mask.

27. January 2022

Vodafone: Numerous users affected by cable network outages

On Vodafone Germany’s cable network, it is scheduled to launch on 27. January 2022 according to media reports come to disruptions. Especially in the western part of the country, numerous cities are affected by Internet, telephony and TV problems. Vodafone says technicians are already working on cable network outage issue. Users would have to expect from restrictions to complete outages. The exact problem and the duration of the work are not mentioned so far. On the fault map, Vodafone customers are to be informed about outages and report faults.

PayPal introduces new payment option

Users of the payment provider PayPal can look forward to a new option. From now on, PayPal offers the payment function "pay after 30 days" to. Customers can use the function for purchases up to 1.Select 000 euros in their PayPal account. After 30 days, the amount is debited via direct debit. The due date will be shown in the PayPal account. In the near future, users will also be able to postpone the debit period once.

26. January 2022

New WhatsApp update gets feature for iOS focus

WhatsApp expanded for the new update version 22.2.75 a function for iOS 15. last year, Apple introduced focus mode for iOS 15. In the process, only selected apps will be able to send push notifications to the lock screen. Contacts can now also be selected from WhatsApp, which are displayed when the focus function is activated. WhatsApp also introduces display of group and profile pictures for messages on lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Date is set

For the product launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Samsung had already for February 2022 the live event "Unpacked" Announced. About the exact day was already speculated in recent weeks. Now the manufacturer has announced in a video that the Unpacked event will take place on 9. February will take place. In the video, the focus is on taking pictures at night. Also the motto "Break through the night. Break the rules of light Reveals that Samsung is sure to introduce new features for night photography.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2022: Official Trailer

25. January 2022

Microsoft Surface Duo will receive Android 11

Already in October 2020, the Microsoft Surface Duo was officially presented. In Germany, however, the sale started only in February 2021. At this time, the preinstalled software was already outdated with Android 10.

An update to Android 11 was promised by Microsoft for the summer of 2021. However, the manufacturer could not keep to this schedule. Now Microsoft has announced that the dual-screen smartphone will finally get Android 11. Most users should be able to download the new patch in the coming days.

New lighting modes for Philips Hue app

We already reported yesterday that Signify is expanding the outdoor series for Philips Hue Lights smart bulbs. From 8. February come the Philips Hue "Calla" The Surface Duo will not only be launched in stainless steel, but also the wall lamp "Inara" the range of smart outdoor lamps is to be expanded from February 2022 onwards.

Signify also announced new lighting modes for the Hue app. According to the press release, the "Fireplace" mode and "Candle" for warm and relaxed mood provide.

24. January 2022

iPhone software bug: display turns pink

In forums, users of an iPhone 13 are currently reporting a problem with the display. According to the video, the screen is supposed to suddenly turn pink. Only after a restart the smartphone could then be used again. According to the platform My Drivers, Apple had announced via the social network Weibo that it was a software issue. Users should update. If the problem still occurs afterwards, there would also be the possibility of an exchange.

A hint at the bug fix in iOS 15.3 is not said to exist for the software problem, however, according to 9to5Mac. According to sources on the Apple forum, the affected devices include all models of the 13 series, i.e. the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 13 mini.

WhatsApp: two-factor authentication coming for web/desktop version

As the blog WABetanfo reports, WhatsApp is expanding the options for two-factor authentication. On the smartphone, there has long been the possibility to protect the WhatsApp account via this function. When activating the messenger service, a code is set, which is queried every now and then to unlock the app.

This is to protect the access of the WhatsApp account from third parties. Now the possibility of 2FA is to come also for the web and desktop version. The code is then to be retrieved via the stored e-mail address. The feature is not yet unlocked, but should be there shortly, according to WABetaInfo.

Smart outdoor lighting comes in a new design

Already since 2018, there is with Philips Hue Calla a smart outdoor lighting for fans of the Philips Hue Lights. The lamps can be placed either classically on the terrace or with a ground spike in the bed or lawn. The outdoor lights are controlled via the familiar Philips Hue Lights concept.

Signify, the company behind the Hue Lights, has now announced that the outdoor lamps are getting a new design. Until now, the Philips Hue Calla were only available in black, but as of 8. February it will also be available in stainless steel look.

Hue Calla Silver 2

21. January 2022

Android and iOS: "Angry Birds Journey" Available now

The popular smartphone game Angry Birds is known worldwide. Angry Birds Journey, a new game, is now launching internationally for Android and Apple iOS. The makers of the mobile game return to the origins of the game and classify Angry Birds Journey as a physics puzzle game. By slingshot, the destructive birds are thus shot again at the devious pigs to grab the so-called Egg Wonders. Angry Birds Journey is available in the download for free.

Google Play Store for Windows: Beta version launched

Google launches with a first beta version for a Play Store for Android. Apps and games should be able to be installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. The only downside is that Windows is only focusing on Android games and apps with Google Play for now.

From now on you can sign up for the beta test version on a new Google website. In this country, however, the test version is not yet available. However, German users can be notified as soon as the beta version is available.

20. January 2022

Twitter rolls out communities feature for Android

Back in September 2021, the social media platform tested a new group feature. Similar to Facebook, Twitter users should be able to communicate with each other in groups. First, the new feature was rolled out for iOS users, but now it’s available for Android as well.

Twitter is actually more of a platform where anyone can join in an open exchange of discussion. Apparently, Twitter now also wants to work more topic-related and therefore offers the group function. According to the platform, the feature should be available with the new update.

Google and Apple to remove Telegram from app stores

In recent months, the messenger service Telegram has come under fire from politicians. According to media reports, illegal content can be sent there with impunity. In Germany, they have already tried to get administrative assistance from Dubai, as Telegram has indicated its headquarters there. However, this is said to have been unsuccessful so far.

Now, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser is demanding that Google and Apple take social responsibility. Thus, both are to remove Telegram from the respective app stores. On Twitter, the politician published the reasons for the demand in this regard.

We remind #Apple and #Google of their social responsibility. As long as they offer apps like #Telegram in their stores, they are also a form of fire accelerator for #rightwing extremism and #conspiracy theories. No place for #hate and #murder calls!

— Nancy Faeser (@NancyFaeser) January 19, 2022

19. January 2022

WhatsApp support will answer in Messenger in the future

In case of problems with the WhatsApp messenger, there is the possibility to contact support. So far, there have only been external response options on the part of WhatsApp. This is expected to change soon. As reported by WABetaInfo on Twitter, the beta version for Android is testing a support request and response directly in WhatsApp.

Thus, the user could soon receive a response from WhatsApp in a chat window in the Messenger service, if he has reported a problem. Importantly, users should make sure that WhatsApp support is verified with a green tick and that this is also displayed in the chat window. All other requests from unknown numbers, should be reported or blocked.

Samsung accidentally leaks new tablet

What once ends up on the net, stays on the net. This is the experience Samsung had to make now. According to 91mobiles, the manufacturer had accidentally leaked an image of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra on its own site and deleted it a short time later. 91mobiles also says that the image also confirms a rumor from the last few months.

The Tab is namely to be equipped with a notch, as can also be seen in the image from Samsung. Samsung is rumored to install two selfie cameras on the front side for high-quality photos and videos. The new tablet series is expected to be officially unveiled in an Unpacked event in early February 2022.


18. January 2022

OnePlus discontinues updates for popular smartphones

On its own forum, OnePlus has announced that it is discontinuing support for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Thus, the smartphones will neither get OS updates nor security patches. The models hit the market in the fall of 2018. OnePlus had promised support for updates for three years. So in the fall of 2021, the OnePlus devices have received the last update.

Xiaomi introduces the Redmi Note 11 internationally at the end of January

On 26. January 2022 Xiaomi launches the new Redmi Note 11 at the "Online Global Launch Event". The date has been officially confirmed for 1 p.m. The livestream is expected to showcase the Note 11 for the global market, including Germany. The model, including Pro version was already introduced in China in October 2021. The online event will be livestreamed on Xiaomi’s social media channels. For sure, Xiaomi will also announce a stream link on its own YouTube channel.

17. January 2022

Google Pixel 6 (Pro): update should fix numerous bugs

Google has released the new update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. It is said to fix numerous issues reported by users in the past. For example, the smartphone should automatically unlock if a call was missed. These and other bugs should be fixed in the new update. This includes, among other things, general fixes and improvements for the network. Or fixing the problem that emergency calls cannot be made when third-party apps are installed. The new January patch for the Google Pixel 6 (Pro) smartphones is available now.

Apple: Security vulnerability in Safari revealed

As FingerprintJS reports on its own site, a webkit bug has surfaced in Apple’s Safari browser. This is to make it possible for other websites to track users as they browse the internet. Specifically, the bug for IndexedDB occurred during API integration, the source said. Normally, each website only gets access to its own database, but this is not the case with Safari.

The Webkit bug lets it read names from other websites, according to the report, which could allow it to search for more details about the user. The vulnerability is said to affect Safari 15 on the Mac, as well as iOS 15 and iPadOS15. In the video (see below) FingerprintJS explains the vulnerability. Apple has not yet made any statements about the Webkit bug.

Apple: security vulnerability in Safari surfaced

14. January 2022

Xiaomi smartphones tested by BSI

According to a press release from Xiaomi, the smartphones have been tested by the Federal Office for Information Security. According to the source, on 13. January received notification that no abnormalities were detected. In particular, the BSI could not detect any transfer of filter lists. The smartphones from Xiaomi are thus secure, he said. The manufacturer itself emphasizes that security and privacy are top priority and all EU standards, as well as data protection and security laws are complied with.

Take Two acquires games provider Zynga for $12.7 billion

There is a significant acquisition in the gaming industry. Take Two Interactive, which is responsible for "Grand Theft Auto" Are known, has bought the game provider Zynga. And this for a whopping 12.7 billion dollars. For Take Two Interactive, the acquisition is a game changer in the mobile games industry, according to Take Two officials. Business to expand in fast-growing mobile gaming segment, cementing leading position in mobile, says CEO Strauss Zelnick.

13. January 2022

Google releases Android 12 L beta

Google has released the latest version of Android 12 L beta. The operating system is primarily aimed at foldable smartphones Devices with large displays, such as tablets or Chromebooks. Improved, for example, the creation of a split screen, which is arranged vertically on the smartphone. For example, when playing a video as a picture-in-picture format, it’s possible for other apps to open through a split-screen shortcut.

Google Assistant has also changed with the update, as have the settings for flight mode and the display for date and time. These new features could also become part of Android 13, which media reports say Google is already hard at work on. Android 12 L beta is available now for foldables, tablets and Chromebooks.

Instagram is testing a new feature for Stories

As reported by some users on Twitter and 9to5Mac, Instagram is currently testing a new feature for Stories in certain countries. Accordingly, these should be able to be scrolled vertically, as with the competitor app TikTok. Until now, users have to click to the right or left in the story on Instagram to view further or previous content.

In the so-called "Reels" Instagram has already adapted the function so that the videos can be played further with the scroll up or down. Perhaps this will soon follow for the Stories feature as well.

& Instagram is testing a vertical swipe stories feed in Turkey

12. January 2022

Vodafone: 5G for 45 million people in Germany

As Vodafone Germany reports in a press release, the 5G network rollout is running twice as fast as planned. In addition, the network is growing faster than the existing mobile networks in Germany. 45 million people should already be able to use 5G, according to Vodafone. The standalone technology is said to work with high bandwidths and a response time as fast as the human nervous system, the announcement continues. Vodafone originally had the goal of providing 20 million people in Germany with 5G by the turn of the year.

Beats Fit Pro go on sale in Germany at the end of January

The new Beats Fit Pro in-ear headphones have been available in the U.S. since this winter. The TWS headphones are also to be launched in Germany. From 24. January 2022, they can be pre-ordered from Apple or on the Beats website. The official release in Europe will then start on 28. January 2022. The headphones are similar in features to the AirPods Pro.

In addition to noise cancellation or 3D audio, the in-ears are equipped with Apple’s H1 chip. With the appropriate app for numerous settings, however, users of an Android smartphone with the headphones will also get their money’s worth. In addition, the Beats Fit Pro will be charged via USB-C. For 229.95 euros, they should be available at the end of January.

11. January 2022

Gmail: New inbox widget for iOS

Google has released a new Gmail update for iOS. The Gmail app for iPhone has so far only offered quick actions as a widget. With version 6.0.211226 there is now a new widgets for the homescreen. For example, the latest three mails can be displayed on the homescreen. In addition, there is a button for writing new mails, as reported by MacRumors. The update is available for iOS now.

WhatsApp tests new feature for voice messages

As reported by the blog WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a new tool for voice messages in the new beta version. In beta version for Android, it should be possible for voice messages to be listened to even if the user leaves the chat window and opens another chat window, for example.

The voice message will then appear as an audio display at the top of the screen and play automatically. But it should also be possible to pause it. Until now, the voice message broke off as soon as you left the chat window. It is currently unknown when the new feature will be released.

10. January 2022

Third hook on WhatsApp is spreading as fake news

For some time, numerous rumors have been circulating on the web that WhatsApp is planning a third hook for messages. This is to indicate, among other things, whether the chat partner takes a screenshot. Other rumors say third hook displays information about blocking a user. As the fan blog WA Beta Info now announces on Twitter, the rumors on the net are fake news. According to the report, WhatsApp has no plans for a third tick as a screenshot notification or the like.

It also warns that this fake news could also be exploited by cybercriminals. So if you receive messages giving a link to the alleged update for the third hook, it could be a cyberattack. Users of the Messenger service should therefore take supposed messages with a grain of salt and inform themselves accordingly.

Samsung announces SmartThings Hub

In order to be able to network products with each other and control them digitally, Samsung plans to establish a new technology. With SmartThings Hub, the manufacturer announces a seamless for networking without an additional device. For example, a smart TV will serve as a control center to connect devices with each other. The new technology is said to be used in numerous Samsung devices, making smart home networking easy as a result. SmartThings Hub is expected to be available later this year.

WhatsApp is NOT developing a third blue check to detect screenshots: it’s fake news.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) December 27, 2021

07. January 2022

Apple HomePod performs commands again

At the end of the year, customers of an Apple HomePod and HomePod mini reported problems with the execution of commands. For example, events or reminders could not be created. Now, Caschy’s blog announced that the issues are said to be fixed and the HomePod should resume executing commands as usual.

Twitter tests new retweet feature

As Twitter now announced on its own platform, a new feature is currently being tested for iOS. According to the report, users will be able to embed a tweet from other users into a photo or video. The new feature is currently being tested as a beta for Apple iOS. It is not yet known if and when the feature will be rolled out to the public.

Tweet reaction videos can now start on Twitter!

Testing on iOS: when you tap the Retweet icon, choose "Quote Tweet with reaction" to create and customize your very own Tweet Take — a reaction video (or photo) with the Tweet embedded.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 6, 2022

05. January 2022

CES 2022: Roborock presents vacuum cleaner robot S7 Max

For the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Roborock presents the latest innovation of smart household helpers. The Roborock S7 MaxV can vacuum or mop on its own and creates a 3D map of the room during the process, taking into account furniture as well.

According to the manufacturer, the matching app will also allow users to select only certain areas that the robot vacuum cleaner should clean. To empty the dust bin and fill the water tank, an Ultra Station can also be ordered for the S7 MaxV. Roborock plans to launch its new product in April 2022. The Ultra variant with dust-wiping robot and station is to be available for the price of 1.Give 399 euros.

Anker introduces new eufy camera

Anker has also unveiled a new smart home product for its Eufy sub-brand. The eufy Security Video door intercom Dual is to be launched in February 2022 for 249 euros. The product is equipped with a 2K front camera and has a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

The floor camera resolves with 1.080 pixels and can move at an angle of 120 degrees. In addition, there is a dual motion detection from radar and infrared technology. The door system can be addressed via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and has a 16 GB memory.

CES 2022: Samsung unveils portable projector

Samsung Electronics presents the new portable projector called "The Freestyle" at CES 2022. The product will provide customers not only with a projector but also with an entertainment device for video and audio content. The Freestyle weighs just 830 grams and can be rotated 180 degrees via stand foot. The product is equipped with Auto Keystone and Auto Levelling, which automatically adjust the image to surface and projection environment.

In addition, there is an autofocus function for different surfaces and the possibility of video playback up to a size of 100 inches. In sound, the product is equipped with a dual passive radiator that can produce clean and deep bass without distortion. With a 360-degree sound radiation is also to create a real home cinema experience. According to Samsung, The Freestyle will be available in Germany from mid-February, the manufacturer does not yet give any price details.

04. January 2022

CES 2022: LG presents "Innovations for a better tomorrow"

LG presents itself at this year’s CES 2022 under the motto: "The Better Life You Deserve." With new innovations, the focus should be on an improved lifestyle but also sustainability. With LG ThinQ, for example, compatible devices will be equipped with numerous functions that create personalized and individual experiences, LG said in a press release.

Contribution to sustainability is to be made, among other things, with recycled materials in the packaging of soundbars and the reduction of plastic components in the LG OLED TVs. By 2022, LG also plans to have more than 600.The company is planning to introduce more than 1,000,000 tons of recycled plastic into its production processes and increase the recycling of electronic waste to eight million tons by 2030.

For visitors to CES 2022 on-site, as well as online, there should be an interactive experience through new AR and VR technologies from LG. Three zones are presented with a Virtual Studio: Here visitors can discover new products. More information about the CES 2022 presentation of LG can be found on the website.

Garmin launches weatherproof Tread series devices

Fans of powersports can rejoice: Garmin expands its Tread series for off-road expeditions. Garmin is launching a new trio of rugged, weatherproof devices in its popular Tread series: the models come with 10-inch or 8-inch displays and offer vehicle-specific route guidance that takes into account the dimensions of the vehicle, turn-by-turn trail navigation and trail map content based on OpenStreetMap (OSM).

There are also global satellite communications and group tracking features to stay in touch with fellow travelers. From 1.299 euros, a total of three new models with the Tread Overland and Tread XL Overland, as well as the Tread SxS are available on the market now.

WhatsApp is testing new push notification feature

As the blog WABetaInfo announced in the news, WhatsApp is testing a new feature in the new beta version for iOS. In future, the profile picture of the chat partner will also be displayed in notifications. This should apply to both individual chats and group chats and their profile picture. Whether the feature will be rolled out to the general public is not yet known.

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