German Civil Code (BGB) from 2. January 2002 (BGBl. I S. BGBL year 2002 I page 42, ber. S. BGBL Year 2002 I Page 2909 and 2003 I S. BGBL year 2002 I page 738).

Law on administrative offences (OWiG) from 19. February 1987 (BGBl. I S. BGBL Year 1987 I Page 602).

32. BImSchV

32. Ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (Equipment and Machinery Noise Control Ordinance – 32. BImSchV) from 29. August 2002 (BGBl. I S. 3478).

Dealing with neighbors

You are annoyed by neighborhood noise or think that the people in front of your apartment are too loud?

The Noise perception also depends on the information about the Noise source and from the Setting to it from. Particularly in the area of neighborhood noise, these factors often determine whether a noise is considered noise at all. If a noise from the neighborhood gets on your nerves, you should first ask yourself whether a clouded neighborly relationship is to blame for it.

If necessary, talk about it with other neighbors concerned. Consult an expert, depending on the circumstances. If you come to the conclusion that it is an unacceptable disturbance of your peace and quiet, point it out to the noise maker in a friendly manner. Often the stumbling block can be removed with a conversation or at least a reasonable compromise can be reached.

Otherwise, the involvement of an attorney may be appropriate. Sections 906 and 1004 of the Civil Code provide a vehicle for claims in civil court. Unnecessary and unreasonable noise nuisance be called in accordance with § 117 of the Administrative Offences Act penalized. In acute cases, the police can be called.

Also keep in mind: Anyone who constantly complains at the slightest noise is no longer taken seriously.

"Music is often perceived as disturbing, especially since it is associated with noise."
(Wilhelm Busch)

Understanding celebrations

If you want to celebrate a loud party, inform your neighbors in advance in a friendly manner. Also consider whether your music system should be set to "loud" must stand. Possibly you invite even one or the other to it. An informed or invited guest will be more sympathetic to your celebration because, after all, he wants to celebrate once himself. How to avoid trouble with the neighborhood.

Dog barking

Occasional dog barking during the day is acceptable. But nocturnal continuous barkers can forbid the neighbor. It is now common practice to keep dogs indoors at night.

Garden tools

A robotic mower drives on the lawn. Isophones are shown to illustrate the noise generation

Mowing robot

According to the Equipment and Machinery Noise Protection Ordinance – 32. BImSchV, motor-driven gardening equipment may only be operated in residential areas on weekdays between 07:00 and 20:00 hrs. For particularly loud devices, such as leaf blowers, further operating time restrictions apply.
Municipal domestic work and music noise ordinances also frequently protect the midday rest period.

Beer Garden

In Bavaria there is a special regulation for beer gardens. The beer garden ordinance regulates the requirements necessary for the protection of the general public and the neighborhood from harmful environmental effects caused by noise for beer gardens in the neighborhood of residential buildings. For beer gardens, the time of day is considered to be from 7.00 to 23.00 o’clock fixed.

Furthermore, the beer garden ordinance prescribes the following measures for compliance with the immission guide values:

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