Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Friendship sayings: Nice sayings & quotes for friends

Good friends are like diamonds. Precious, rare and unique. Friendship is something without which no man can live.

Everyone needs friends, because without friends life really has no meaning. You want to show your friend how much he/she means to you and how much you value your friendship, but you can’t find the right words to say it?

Then you have come to the right place, because we have prepared everything you need. Here you will find short and crisp friendship sayings that get right to the point!

It is called Friendship, because with friends you can do everything. ÜSurprise your boyfriend/girlfriend with our quotes and sayings we have prepared for you.

Friendship Sayings Life Wisdoms

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Strangers become acquaintances, acquaintances become friends and best friends become family.

Many people enter your life, but only a few special ones among them also leave traces in your heart.

Life is never perfect, but there are special moments that make it worth living and there are people who make those moments perfect. You are one of these people for me.

Friendship is an affair of the heart based on trust and affection, a bond between two souls that neither time nor space can separate.

The best memories come from bad ideas you experienced together with your best friends.

True friendship is not being inseparable, but being able to be apart without anything changing.

You and I. We may not always agree, but we are still a strong team!

Friendship is like a lighthouse. You can see it clearly when it’s bright, but its true purpose is revealed when it shines through storm and darkness.

A true friend not only accepts you for who you are, but supports you in becoming who you should be.

You can recognize a true friend in an uncertain situation. Through thick and thin!

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

No matter how low you sink, I may not be able to pull you up completely, but I will do everything I can not to let you fall.

“Friend in need" does not mean much; some would like to prove helpful. But those who envy your happiness, you can truly call friends.

Friends are people with whom even totally senseless conversations suddenly make sense!

Friendship means always being there for each other and sharing everything with each other- whether dreams, thoughts, moments of happiness or sorrows.

No road is too far for me when you are by my side!

False friends say good things to your face and talk bad behind your back. True friends say the good and the bad behind your back to your face.

The fact that we change with time does not make us lose friends. It only makes us see who our true friends are.

Friendship is like a tree. It is not how high it is, but how deep its roots go that counts.

Life is like a train ride: many people get on, many get off. But only a few accompany you to the goal.

There are some friendships that are decided in heaven and consummated on earth.

Sayings, quotes for best friends

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

It is not the regular contact that makes a wonderful friendship, but the certainty of being able to rely on each other at any time.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whether you laugh or cry, whether someone loves you or everyone hates you: You can always count on me!

The fact that we change with time does not make us lose friends. It only makes us see who our true friends are.

It is not the daily contact that makes a friendship, but the certainty that you can rely on each other. No matter when& like.

What a difference between friendship and love! One is a temple of light, the other an eternally veiled mystery.

A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies!

Those who remove friendship from their lives seem to remove the sun from the world.

Of all the gifts that fate grants us, there is no greater good than friendship- no greater wealth, no greater joy.

When two people find each other again, even though a lot has happened between them, they are not stupid, but their love is greater than anything else.

Friendship is a blossom of the moment and the fruit of time.

Friends are people who accept your past, like you in the present, and stand by you in the future.

When you move away from the mountains, you see them in their true form; it is the same with friends.

The state of friendship occurs when both believe that they have a slight superiority over the other.

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

He who does not dance with me in the rain will never be with me in the storm, and he who is not with me in the storm I do not need him in the sunshine either.

Hard times also have their positive sides. For they show us who our true friends are. And with them we can really enjoy the good times.

Friendships are made only in youth, where the domination of interests over the common life has not yet begun, or between excellent individuals in whom a separation of interest from the ideal does not take place.

The real job of a friend is to stand by you when you are wrong. Everyone is on your side when you are in the right.

Faithful love can exist between people of very different, lasting friendship only between people of the same value. That’s why the second is much rarer than the first.

A friend is a person who knows the melody of your heart and plays it for you when you have forgotten it.

Friendship is partial marriage. and love is friendship from all sides and in all directions, universal friendship.

If you gave a person all the glory in the world, what good would it do if they didn’t have a friend to tell??

Hearing the voice of friendship in adversity is the most divine thing that can happen to the heart.

Friendship is like a spell that makes good times even better and bad times forgotten.

Friendship should never be taken for granted, for true friendship is almost as rare as great love.

Tolerance and friendship is often everything, and by far the most important thing we can give each other.

Friendship cannot be possessed, it must be won over and over again.

Funny friendship sayings

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Best friends know how crazy you are, but still go out in public with you.

Good friends do not reassure you. They get upset with you

Friends come and go, like the waves of the sea. Best friends stick like an octopus to your face.

I would even hug you if you were a cactus and I was a balloon.

For real friends you don’t have to clean up when the other one comes to visit.

God made us friends because no mother in this world could bear us as siblings.

It’s nice when you find people whose head had the same interior designer.

Every woman has this one friend, offering to beat up the guy who hurt you.

Remember: we are best friends and I am always there to help you up. To help when you’re down… But only after I’ve finished laughing.

For my friends I go through hell. To all others I’ll gladly show the way

When you laugh, I laugh too. When you cry, I cry too. And if you jump off a bridge, I’ll climb in the boat and save you, sucker.

Short friendship sayings and quotes

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Friendship is the rope that holds when all ropes break.

You are for me like a star in the sky that shines more than all others.

When friendship is real, distance doesn’t matter!

It’s nice to know someone with whom you can have fun can forget the seriousness of life.

Friendship does not have to be perfect. Only real.

Friendship is home no matter where you are.

Better one or two true friends than 10 false ones.

Surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine.

We are like two pieces of a puzzle: so different, yet we fit together perfectly.

Best friends are hard to find, because the very best is already mine!

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Friends are like lanterns on the path. They may not make it shorter, but they make it brighter.

Friendship without trust is like a flower without fragrance.

The pain you confide only to your friend, the happiness you share with everyone.

A true friend will always stand by you, no matter how successful your or his life is.

Friends are like stamps. They become more and more precious the longer you have them!

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

The oldest friendship must Be the sweetest to us, as the wines count the years.

Friendship is like money, easier won than received.

A friend is the one who sees your smile, yet senses that your soul is crying.

Real friends not only hear what you say, but also understand what you mean.

Because I tell you far too seldom: You are incredible, unique, really great and unbelievably wonderful. Thank you for being there!

Beautiful friendship sayings for real best friends

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

Small gifts keep friendship alive.

Female friendship is a backdrop wall, it falls down when you lean on it.

You are the friend who is always there for me, who always listens to me, who is most important to me, who understands me. I thank you for that!

Friendship is like a rare flower. They must be cherished and respected.

Every moment can be the most beautiful, you just have to know who to share it with.

Friendship- Something like love only with brains.

The most beautiful thing a person can leave behind is a smile on the face of those who think of him.

There are people who still don’t understand you after a thousand spoken words. And there are people who understand you without a word: Friends!

A true friend is one who takes your hand but touches your heart.

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

You have family. Friends are chosen and can also be lost again.

The friends with whom you forget to breathe because of laughter. These are the best!

Happiness acquires friends, misfortune proves them.

Friends are angels who help us back on our feet, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

A good friend never lets you do stupid things alone!

With many people only my mouth smiles. With you my heart smiles.

In the end, the only people who count are those to whom you answer the question- Are you well? – can answer honestly.

Friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, but you know they’re always there for you.

Not she is your friend who wipes your tears, but she who does not drop them.

Famous sayings, quotes about friendship love

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

„Friendship, that is a soul in two bodies.“ (Aristotle)

„The friends you can call at four o’clock in the morning, they count.“ (Marlene Dietrich)

„Friendship is a door between two people. It can sometimes creak, it can jam, but it is never closed.“ (Balthasar Gracian y Morales)

„Friends go through thick and thin, friends accompany each other. Friends get rich, friends keep.“ Wolf Dietrich

„Friendship: something like love with understanding.“ (Sabine Sauer)

„From kinship one can remove goodwill, not from friendship.“ (Cicero)

„It’s the friends you can call at four in the morning that count.“ (Marlene Dietrich]

„So this is not friendship, that when one does not want to hear the truth, the other is ready to lie.“ (Cicero)

„It is better to surround oneself with reliable enemies than with unreliable friends.“ (John Steinbeck)

„The proud seal of friendship is worn by many, who flee unfaithfully in the exam hour.“ (Friedrich Schiller)

„Serve your friends without calculating.“ (Gottfried Keller)

„As a rule, one will not lose a friend by refusing him a loan, but very easily by giving it to him.“ (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Friendship sayings: nice sayings& quotes for friends

„Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stand by us.“ (Marie von Ebner Eschenbach)

„To the world you are anyone, but to anyone you are the world.“ (Erich Fried)

„A true friend contributes more to our happiness than a thousand enemies to our unhappiness.“ (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

„Every friend is another’s sun; he draws and he follows.“ (Jean Paul)

„One may have known three or four thousand people, but one always speaks of only six or seven.“ (Elias Canetti)

 "It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship that makes the most unhappy marriages.“ (Friedrich Nitzsche)

 "Friendship is the noblest feeling of which the human heart is capable.“ (Carl Hilty)

„The only way to have a friend is to be one yourself.“ (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

„God keep our friendship. One would almost like to believe that one is not alone.“ (Kurt Tucholsky)

„There is no better remedy in suffering than a noble friend’s encouragement.“ (Euripides)

„True friendship is a very slow growing plant.“ (George Washington)

„Friendship flows from many sources, the purest from respect.“ (Daniel Defoe)

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