Friendship sayings about the value and importance of friendship

These friendship sayings speak of the value of friendship as well as what friendship actually is or. what true friendship shows. Friendship is a precious commodity, as shown by the following friendship sayings from different centuries.

Most of the friendship sayings listed here are short friendship sayings. But in this brevity nevertheless lies an incredible variety and depth of wisdom. But see for yourself!

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Sayings on the topic: what is friendship?

The following friendship sayings clarify: What is friendship? How does it come about, the friendship? From what sources does it feed? Are there friends, girlfriends, for life? How lucky for a person to have at least one really good friend! – Not that it goes to you like Heinrich Heine, who regrets in his poem, neither the love, nor the friendship to have found:

Friendship, love, philosopher’s stone,
these three I hear praise,
and I praised and sought,
But ah! I never found it.

Sayings about friendship and what a good friend is

Statistically we have only one or two best friends. In addition to this – according to the statistical surveys maximum of five People we consider to be close friends. Most of the people with whom we maintain a friendly relationship are rather close acquaintances, towards whom we have a certain degree of Affection, sympathy and trust but not as much as it is the case with our best friends.

  • Whether or not we become friends has a lot to do with our Coincidence to do, more precisely: how our first contact with each other happens. First of all, of course, a situation must arise for a first conversation with each other. Only if this first conversation goes well, both participants found it congenial and would like to have more contact with each other, more and more intimate conversations can follow and the friendship begins.
  • Spatial proximity To each other seems to be an important condition for the emergence of a friendship. In addition, people we see regularly in everyday life enjoy an automatic sympathy bonus with us for psychological reasons – even if the contact is limited to just seeing them.
  • One another similar to be (z. B. interests, hobbies, tastes, life circumstances, …) is not a must for an intimate friendship, but it helps to. We tend to befriend people with similar social backgrounds – and without common interests, there is often little for friends to talk about with each other.
  • The longer a friendship has existed, the more likely it is that it will continue for a long time. The friendships of adults are usually more long-lasting than those of children.

In addition to sympathy, which must of course be present in a friendship, trust is elementary. Friendships become more intimate when we reveal something about ourselves (at the right moment) and in return are allowed to learn secrets of our counterpart. A third factor that should not be underestimated is the appreciation we receive from good friends. Scientific evidence suggests that for a truly intimate friendship to develop, it is essential that the people involved in it each get a bonus from their counterpart in terms of self-esteem have been mediated.

Friendship sayings from the literature give us information about what at all a good friend is. Let us be inspired by the wisdom of these sayings! Perhaps we then become aware again of what our friends do for us respectively. where we could perhaps once again be more active in cultivating our valuable friendships.

What is the basis of a good friendship?? Below, read selected friendship sayings that we have found in the literature on the topic of Sources of friendship have found:

Flowers in an oyster as a symbol of the value of friendship

Friendship is
to be the blossom of a moment
and the fruit of time.

With this saying, August von Kotzebue captures well what is important in a happy friendship: the "blossoming of the moment", i.e. the first sympathy between the two future friends, but also the "fruit of time", i.e. the time spent together and the long-standing loyalty to each other. Without sympathy it will be nothing with a friendship – but without effort and time commitment it will not be either.

Friendships are like old roofs:
One must constantly repair,
so that they last.

Friendships require work – just as love relationships do if they are to last a long time. This is what this saying expresses.

cup of tea

A friendship is like a cup of tea:
It must be clear and translucent,
and you have to be able to look at the bottom.

With a clarity we recognize (positive) facets in ourselves, which the friend or acquaintance shares with us. the friend reflects us as in a mirror. And with this clarity can also come an understanding of each other. Perhaps we share a common life path with the friend or. the friend? Maybe we are connected by a common experience in suffering? Friendship can have many aspects, as these friendship sayings show us.

There are people,
whose unique touch with us
forever leaves the sting in us,
to remain worthy of their respect and friendship.

The highest proof
of friendship is not,
to a friend our faults,
but to him his faults
to make noticeable.

This friendship saying contains from its statement a high demand to friendship. Surely it also depends on the right words on how to express a good friend or. transmits a "taint" to a good friend. Perhaps this is only appropriate when we ourselves feel hurt, that in such a case we then talk about the if necessary. disagreeable behavior with the friend or. talk to the friend – and not in general about the mistakes of the resp. of the other "draw near".

Friendship oath

A friend


and have the certainty,
that one is there,
who does not only listen,
but to listen.


and have the certainty,
that one is there,
who also
can stand silence.


and having the certainty,
that one is there,
who not only waits,
but waits.


and have the certainty,
that one is there,
who does not only laugh,
but laughs along.

Saying about friendship

One does not get far in friendship,
when one is not ready,
to forgive small mistakes.

As a rule one becomes
not to lose a friend,
that one denies him a loan,
but very easily through it,
that one gives it.

Friendship sayings about the value and importance of friendship

Friendship is
not a question of distance,
but of the heart.

True friendship requires
more permanence than
whimsical intensity.

We have the same problem with books as with people.
Though we make many acquaintances,
but only a few we choose as our friends.

Two hands that hold - in friendship

Delicate is the thread of friendship,
yet inseparable like that chain,
that sky and sea and
that embraces the stars.

Perhaps the "thread of friendship" can be compared to spider silk: delicate, and yet one of the most stable materials in nature. Even phases of separation or difference of opinion can be overcome by a good friendship, in which the goodwill and affection of the other person or the wrong person makes it the other way around. remains with the other person – even if it is sometimes difficult and you have to overcome challenges together.

Truly good friends are people,
who know us very well,
and still sticks to us.

The idea behind this saying is that true affection means to love a person even with all his faults.

True friendship is
a slow growing plant.

Two girls walking a path together in friendship holding hands

Friends are like stars:
You cannot always see them,
but you know they are always
there for you!

This folk wisdom can give us comfort when we feel lonely. It reminds us that true friendship endures even over long time and great distance.

Two Bedouins who are friends

friendship does not criticize
in the hour of suffering,
does not say soberly,
"if you had done so and so",
but simply open their arms and speak:
"I do not ask, I do not judge,
here is my heart, rest on it."

If you always knew in advance,
how to act,
then there would be no error.
Friendship advises and warns beforehand,
after that she loves.

Only this is the real one,
the wrong one does it the other way round.

The friend is one,
who knows everything about you,
and who loves you anyway.

Saying about friendship and how necessary it is

The friendship belongs
to the most necessary in our life.
In poverty and in misfortune
friends are the only refuge.
But friendship
is not only necessary,
but also beautiful.

It does not belong only
good will to friendship,
also talent, spirituality and
Experiences of a similar kind.

Friendship: common work

The real core
of friendship:
a faith, a hope,
a common work!
There lies a great
joy in it.

man and woman on the way - friendship and love

Only on the path of friendship
you can read a person
recognize correctly.

Maybe in this saying the word "friendship" could be replaced by "charity" … let’s think about the psychologists who are especially interested in recognizing a person in order to support them in finding more optimal paths. And of course you recognize yourself in the other – like a mirror of self-knowledge.

Four good things

four good things
are in the world –

old wood,
to make fire,
old wine,
to drink it by the fire,
old books,
to read in it,
and old friends,
to trust them.

The best way,
to have a friend,
is to be one yourself.

where befriended
Ways converge,
there sees for an hour
the world looks like home.

I have always believed,
that the greatest privilege,
the greatest help and comfort
in a friendship consists,
that you don’t have to explain.

A single beautiful rose

The friendship is like a rose
She gives her scent to all things.

Metaphor about the friendship

In other words, friendship is one of the beautiful things in life that can spill over and beautify almost every area of life.

Friend in need does not mean much,
some would like to be helpful.
But which envies you a happiness,
you can truly call them friends.

Friendship means
forget what you gave,
and keep in memory,
what one received.

who does not speak frankly to you,
is not your friend.

Friendship is
the connection of souls.

Five friends

a growing
of life.

This saying probably expresses the idea that friendship enriches life and makes more of it. A wonderful thought, isn’t it?

A friend is a person,
in front of which one can think aloud.

A friend –
half of my soul.

Two birds' nests

To the bird a nest,
the spider a web,
to the man –


A good friendship can guide us through difficult times. A good friend listens, tries to understand and takes an interest in our lives.

A friend, that is a gift,
that you make for yourself.

Friendship is
the marriage of souls.

There are some friendships,
that are decided in heaven
and be accomplished on earth.

A friend is a person,
the melody of your heart
Knows and plays it for you,
when you have forgotten them.

iceberg in the water

A real man friendship,
it’s like an iceberg:
Only the last quarter
looks from the water.

It’s actually a pity that affection among men is often interpreted as a sign of weakness and many members of the so-called "stronger sex" are afraid to talk honestly about their feelings ..

Perfect friendship
is based on the certainty
about the intrinsic value
of the beloved.

Friendship is a door
between two people.
It can sometimes creak,
it can jam, but it is
never closed.

Friendship is
a divine feeling.

A friend is someone,
who knows that one
just needs.

Friendship saying: Friendship grows out of respect

The friendship flows
from many sources,
but purest
from the respect.

A friend of all
is nobody’s friend.

friend is someone,
that forces you to,
what you can.

A friendship can be uncomfortable: for example, when it comes to daring to do more and to leave one’s comfort zone from time to time. Afterwards you thank your boyfriend or girlfriend for or. she gave you courage ..

I do not think it is the greatest happiness,
to have unraveled a person completely.

A greater is, with the one we love,
always new depths to discover,
which the inscrutability
reveal their nature.

The winner has many friends,
the defeated has good friends.

Maybe you have to
who have felt love,
to recognize correctly.

Where two people embrace,
there they form a circle.

Friendship and love
are two plants at one root.
The latter has only a few flowers more.

That friendship and romantic love have a lot to do with each other and often one follows the other is common knowledge.

Friendship is certainly
the best balm for the wounds
of a disappointed love.

The safe friend you recognize
in uncertain.

The intimate joy
at the great happiness of a friend
speaks higher love,
as the same participation
in whose misfortune.

Letting go and yet keeping,
do not bind and yet always
to be there for each other, that is
the essence of intimate friendship.

A friend of all
is nobody’s friend.

Beautiful saying about honesty and tolerance

Honesty and tolerance
are the suspenders
of friendship.

Friendship saying: good friends in everyday life

Good friends
are the shock absorbers
on the rough road
called everyday life.

I want friendships
do not treat like mimosas,
but with the strict courage.
If they are any good,
they are neither fragile
Glass still ice flowers,
but the most solid,
what can be thought.

Friendship does not mean
to hang together and sit together,
Friendship is great and free
and lies in the thought,
for whom every room is equally close.

friendship sayings about the value of friendship

There are friendships that all our life and those that give us a important period of life long accompany. What would this time be without the friend, the friend, at our side! The following friendship sayings illustrate how valuable friendships can be for our lives, what an important role they play and what friendship is in general.

Just these friendship sayings you can give to a good friend spontaneously to their respectively. to his joy, to thank for the fact that she or he is there, but to. gives him. Or maybe you want a friendship saying for your birthday as a gift tag to tell the friend how important they are or how important they are to us. it is for you? Even after an dispute or in one difficult time beautiful sayings about friendship are suitable to reconcile or to create new hope. For whatever occasion you want to give your friends a nice saying – they will surely be happy about it!

key to friendship

Of all gifts,
granted to us by fate,
there is no greater good
as the friendship –
no greater wealth,
no greater joy.

Friendship saying about friendship as a gift

You can use this friendship saying well together with the picture as a gift tag on a gift. If you might otherwise find it difficult to appreciate a friendship, this would be a nice way to let the good friend know how important they or. it is for you.

much can
man can do without,
only the people not.

Contact with other people is no less important for us and our health than food or sleep. Loneliness makes us sick and can even kill us.

support in being alone

There must be hearts,
which the depth of our being
know and swear by,
even if the whole world
leaves us.

Friendship of a boy with an elephant


reinforces the happiness
and alleviate the misery,
it doubles our joy
and halves our pain.

Even the vernacular agrees with this statement, for as is well known, joy shared is joy doubled and sorrow halved.

To find people,
that feel and feel with us,
is probably the most beautiful happiness on earth.

With sorrow one can
to cope alone,
but to feel at ease for the sake of
Hearts to be able to look forward,
one must share the joy.

When the years grow,
one recognizes the value
of friendship deeper and deeper.

Little turtle

In this changeable world
it is something great, unchangeable
to have friends.

Of course, friendships may represent certain periods of time in our lives, which does not diminish their quality. Sometimes, on the other hand, a lifelong friendship occurs for which we can be grateful.

A modicum of real friendship
is much more than a whole
wagonload of adoration.

Be courteous to all,
but familiar with few,
and check these few carefully,
before you give them your trust.
True friendship is a noble plant,
that grows slowly and through warmth
of the adversities tested
and must be fixed,
before it deserves the beautiful name
of friendship to bear.

Saying about the home where you are understood

Not there is one at home,
where one has his residence,
but where one is understood.

The soul that would be quite safe,
that somewhere in the space of the world
the friend soul will encounter,
she would last a millennium
To be content and happy in loneliness.

It is a true gift of God
to a wise and careful friend.

There is no better remedy for suffering
as a noble friend’s encouragement.

Two little children holding hands

So necessary
like friendship
is nothing in life.

Friendship saying about the value of friendship

Maybe some would disagree and say that not only friends, but also partners and family are very important – but aren’t these people also our friends (and just a little bit more)?

More valuable than all goods
is a reliable and
virtuous friend.

On the paths of friendship
you should not let grass grow.

Two girls, friends

Everything great in this world
is not worth so much
like a good friend.

Choose a friend slowly,
change it even more slowly.

Happiness is,
to have.

The best refuge
is a friend,
Rich or poor he may be,
sad or cheerful,
be with or without mistakes.

All the treasures of this earth
do not outweigh a good friend.

It seems to be a constant in the thoughts of wise people: the conviction that material wealth is of little value and true wealth consists in the people who love us.

Whom heaven loves,
to whom he sends a friend.

Who is rich,
who have friends.

A life without friends
is like a journey
without inn.

Of all things,
who make up the happiness of life,
friendship gives us
the greatest richness.

No road is long
with a friend by your side.

Friendship is like old wine

Old friends
Are like old wine,
he is getting better and better,
and the older you get,
the more one learns
this infinite good
to cherish.

This metaphor about friendship shows how valuable a long, friendly relationship can be for us. ups and downs have been overcome over the years and many a misunderstanding has been cleared up. If we look back on friendships of many years, they can seem to us like a special gift, to which we ourselves have also contributed, by forgiving some things and overlooking others.

I know someone
near me have,
whom I can trust without reserve,
and that is something,
which gives peace and strength.

If you gave a person
all the glory of the world,
what’s the use if he has no friend,
that he can say it?

What can comfort us
in human relations
full of mistakes and troubles except
Loyalty and mutual affection
among really good friends?

Friendship saying: two friends - what is unique in friendship

The uniqueness of a friendship
Is neither hand,
that stretches out to you,
nor the friendly smile
or the pleasant company.

What is unique about it
the spiritual inspiration,
you get when you notice,
that someone believes in you ..

Friendship saying about the value of friendship

It can be a wonderful thing to have a friend who speaks well to you. This does not mean that. should tell the other person what to say. Own thoughts can be something very valuable in friendship. A basic confidence in the abilities of, for example, the girlfriend can strengthen their self-esteem. Showing compassion in failure can be uplifting and give encouragement for the next steps. After all, a friendship is there to make you feel good in the friendly relationship and to look forward to the or. rejoices the other.

The friendship
more and more the good
and distributes the bad;
it is the only means
against unhappiness,
she is breathing a sigh of relief
of the soul.

Friends are good for us – as human beings we need each other, in good times as well as in bad. Baltasar Gracian y Morales has put this into wonderful words with this saying.

Is there anything more satisfying,
than knowing a person,
with whom one can talk
how with oneself?

Could be highest happiness
and deepest misfortune,
you would have no one,
who takes part in it?

Friendship is first of all
sympathy and compassion.

A relative is
a part of our body,
a friend is a part
of our soul.

Thank you for our friendship!

Thank you for our friendship!

The reason why you mean so much to me,
that in difficult moments you make my life easier,
That on cloudy days you let the sun shine for me,
that you never ask long questions, but give me answers.
I want so much to give you a present for your birthday,
that is at least as valuable to you as you are to me.
Only – there is nothing like what you mean to me, so I send you my very best heartfelt wishes. I hope that they can enrich your life as you enrich mine!

With this text, which you can modify and adapt as you wish, you can send a message of friendship to a good friend or to a friend of yours. express your thanks to a good friend for the beautiful friendship.

Friendship sayings on picture

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Friends – the family we can choose to have

Friends are the family we can choose – the vernacular knows it long ago. While family relationships are almost always based on blood ties, business relationships on economic considerations, and love relationships on attraction, friendships are the relationships in our lives that result solely from sympathy and affection. It’s no wonder that most of us have taken our friends to our hearts and prefer them to other interpersonal relationships in our lives.

But friendship is not just friendship. How close we are to our friends varies a lot. From the lifelong and intimate friendship with your best friend, in which there are no secrets from each other, to the more utilitarian friendship with club colleagues, with whom we are primarily connected by common interests – friendships are as diverse as the people who are a part of you. And yet we all have an idea of what friendship means, and most likely have already had our own experiences.

When a friendship breaks up

Almost no friendship is lucky enough to last a lifetime. Often at some point it ends. That sometimes happens to one great noise, but mostly rather creeping, by gradually losing sight of each other. As painful as the end of a close friendship sometimes is, it is nonetheless also something normal – just as most love relationships eventually break up. We change, and with us our circumstances and needs change as well. If the characters are too different or the life paths too incompatible, this often means the end of the friendship in the long run.

But that’s not so bad, because we can make new friends all our lives. In fact, the older we get, the more our friendships become even more intimate, Because most of us, as we go through life, choose more and more carefully with whom a friendship is also worth the effort.

So do not grieve too much if you have lost a friend important to you: It may not be one of the best parts of life, but quite normal. Sometimes former friendships even make a comeback after years or decades – perhaps in your case as well? It is always worth a try!

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