Friday the 13th. – why is it considered unlucky day?

Why "Friday the 13th." Many people don’t even know that the new regulation is considered unlucky in our country. It is often wrongly claimed that this day owes its reputation to the so-called "Black Friday" of the year 1929, the great stock market crash in the USA – because this did not fall on the 13th at all. and actually started on. The media played a major role in making some people think that every Friday that falls on the 13. Of a month falls, take with a grain of salt. But where does the popular belief actually come from that on this calendar day of all days we would be pursued by bad luck??

Friday the 13th. - why is it considered unlucky day?

Friday the 13th. – is it really an "unlucky day"?? (Source: BirgitH/ Rainer Freynhagen |

The alarm clock rings, it’s Friday – you’re just about to get out of your bed when it flashes through your mind: It’s 13. of the month and of all days, on this Friday, you write a math paper. This can only go wrong… Strange how we are naturally haunted by superstition on days like these, and are confronted with the "worst" calculate.

Yet statistics say that on a Friday the 13. no more or even greater misfortunes occur than on any other date – why should they?? In spite of all this, it seems to many that they are downright unlucky on this day. In every year there is at least one and at most three Fridays, which fall on the 13. fall. Where do these Fridays get their bad reputation? Is misfortune really on our trail – or is it not rather us on the trail of misfortune? That’s how it should be for a Friday the 13th.

In search of misfortune

Friday the 13th. - why is it considered unlucky day?

Will we on Friday the 13th. Chased by bad luck – or are we "looking for bad luck"?? (Source: Kurt Michel | Pixelio)

On this date many already leave very cautiously, always in the head that a misfortune could happen. Inevitably it happens then also rather – and we experience such a misfortune, we are again confirmed that this day must be a misfortune day. Often it is a matter of incidents or situations that on any other day would be of no importance to us.

The American stock market crash of October 1929, which also triggered a terrible crisis in Europe, actually began on a Thursday. But because of the time difference it was already Friday in Europe. Besides, the world economic crisis did not begin on the 13th., but on 24. October 1929. The great stock market crash resulted in many companies dissolving and countless people worldwide becoming unemployed. The date went as "Black Friday (in English "Black Thursday, Thus "Black Thursday" into the history and strengthened with us the call of "Friday the misfortune day". That this day for the myth around the "Friday the 13th" is a reality." is responsible for the myth of "Friday the 13th" is not true. In fact, there were on Friday the 13. May 1927, a price collapse on the Berlin stock exchange. Probably these two events were mixed up and so the wrong claim spread among us.

A long time ago, past 700 years, was a black day for the famous Knights Templar: it is said that on a Friday the 13. October of the year 1307, have Philip IV., the King of France, ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar throughout Europe. Many Knights Templar were eventually accused of heresy, imprisoned and executed. The French king had it on the riches of the knights aimed. The Templars – knights and monks at the same time – were a wealthy order of the Christian church.

Already in former times a bad omen?

Friday the 13th. - why is it considered unlucky day?

13 is also called the "Devil’s Dozen" called. (Source: Klausi | Pixelio)

The superstition spread to the general population in Germany only about 50 years ago. In 1957, the launching of an oil tanker was postponed, otherwise scheduled for Friday the 13th. would have fallen. This was made fun of by a journalist in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a major German daily newspaper, thus contributing to the spread of the superstition of this dreaded Friday. Independently, however, both Friday and the number 13 have long been associated with bad luck.

There are several origins for this. For example, Friday is considered a day of mourning by Christians because Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. Besides, it was a Friday when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge – also a great misfortune in Christian belief. However, Friday was, until he earned his reputation as Friday the 13th. made, with the Protestants even as luck day regarded. Often people got married on Fridays, as such marriages were considered particularly happy. Unlike the Catholics, who associated Friday rather with calamity and suffering due to the biblical background. It was called It was said that a year that began on a Friday was unlucky – and children born on Fridays were called "unlucky children" designates.

The round twelve and the crooked 13

Friday the 13th. - why is it considered unlucky day?

In contrast to 13, twelve is considered a divine number. According to the biblical story, Jesus had twelve disciples – but with Jesus there were 13 guests who took part in the Last Supper (picture: "The Last Supper").

The number 13, like Friday, has long been considered a bad omen in some cultures. The 13 owes its reputation more or less to the twelve. This number is considered "holy" in many cultures. It symbolizes order and perfection. Quite in contrast to the following 13, which brings everything "in disorder" in a strange way. It does not appear round and regular to us, but rather angular, chaotic and unpredictable. Often it is also associated with the devil and as "devil’s dozen" – namely 12+1 – designated.

The number twelve – also "a dozen" called – appears in many contexts. The year has twelve months, day and night count twelve hours each, in the Bible is spoken of the twelve apostles. It often appears in fairy tales and stands for harmony and order, while the number 13 has a negative meaning – for example, in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, it is the thirteenth fairy who brings misfortune to the royal family with her magic spell. It is possible that the negative meaning of the number 13 has its origin in the story of the Last Supper. Jesus held the Lord’s Supper with his twelve disciples – so with Jesus there were 13. Judas, the thirteenth guest, betrayed Jesus the same evening.

Some believe that the reputation of the number 13 is connected with the lunar calendar. Today’s calendar is based on solar time, which is why it has twelve months. Before the introduction of the solar calendar, people lived according to the lunar time. According to the lunar calendar, which was common among the Celts, for example, the year had one month more, that is 13. At that time the number 13 stood for luck. With the introduction of the solar calendar among other things by the Christians this changed however. They tried to dissuade people from the lunar calendar by all means and gave the once lucky number a negative meaning.

room number 13? No, thanks!

Friday the 13th. - why is it considered unlucky day?

Some hotels have adapted and let follow the floor twelve directly number 14. (Source: Wikipedia)

Today, the assumption that the number 13 brings bad luck is at the top of the "ranking list" of superstition arrived in our otherwise so scientifically oriented society. The fear of the 13 even goes so far that many hotels have adapted and simply the 13. Leave out the floor or even the room with the number 13. ÜBy the way, in Africa and Asia the number 13 has no more or less importance than any other number.

It is also interesting that in countries like Spain or Greece, for example, Tuesday is the 13th day of the year. is considered an unlucky day, whereas in Italy, Friday the 17th is considered an unlucky day. is feared. The number 13 was even considered sacred in the Roman Empire and in ancient China. Even today, 13 is a lucky number in Mexico, for example. It would be more useful, therefore, days that fall on a Friday the 13. are simply considered lucky days – or at least "ordinary dates". This would certainly make life more pleasant for many on these days.

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