Fresh air feeling for everyone – the self-built convertible!

Mercedes G500 4×4² Hans Cabriolet Jon Olsson Tuning 24 Fresh air feeling for everyone the self-built convertible!

If you want to make a convertible out of your car as a tuner, this sounds simple. Quickly cut off the roof with the flex or the cutting torch and you have the open version of the vehicle. But as simple as this may seem at first glance, it is not so simple after all. Because by removing it from the roof, one strongly interferes with the body of the car. This loses its stability through the removal. Such a conversion is sometimes even more complex than the transformation of a sedan to a coupe, station wagon or pickup truck. So that the body has stability again, one must make appropriate reinforcements as with a Targa conversion. The reinforcements take place here usually over the underbody, as for example over the side skirts. Additional beams/reinforcements can be inserted here. How and to what extent the reinforcement has to be made depends, of course, very much on the vehicle model in question.

Stability must be restored

Convertible conversion self-built convertible fresh air feeling for everyone the self-built convertible!

In addition, an additional bracket between the rows of seats may also be required. To avoid making mistakes, you should seek expert help or at least consult with an expert appraiser. Thus one saves also later possible annoyance, if it concerns the permission of the car after the change. For there is no getting around it! Attention should also be paid to the front. We think of the windshield and the frame. Also here in particular in relation to the stability. The A-pillar may have to be reinforced? Will the windshield be able to withstand the new loads?? Of course, one must also consider whether to consider a hood. And if so, how does one build in? Here there is besides the possibility of an attachment, also the professional installation in the rear part of the trunk. But this also means that the complete use of the luggage compartment is lost. With the hood one has different models to the selection. But none will fit just like that.

Allow from conversion to convertible

TuV Tuev Dekra Prufstelle KuS Tuning Fresh air feeling for everyone the self-built convertible!

In addition to the variant of the electric top, there is also a model that can be opened and closed manually by hand. So or so in the area of the windshield but then a way to firmly close the hood is necessary. Modifications are not to be avoided if the car is not to stand around all day open in the area. Depending on the choice of the top, you may not only have to design the electrics for it, but also an equipment with a switch for its operation. Due to the extensive work that has to be done on the body, the car has not only to be filled and sanded, but also painted. And before you are allowed to move the final structure of his convertible in public road traffic, you need for it an approval by the TuV. Only with the approval is ultimately also the conversion to the convertible completed and legally usable. If this is done, you can even think about a hardtop retrofit to be ready for winter!

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