Five weird cat toys for intrepid can openers

Cat toys'Poop'

Do you know Etsy? On the on-line market place for handmade products among other things also cat toy is offered. Among them a lot of really pretty items. With some offers one asks oneself however already: What did they smoke then?? I have picked out a few examples and created a small hit list of the weirdest cat toys – for intrepid can openers, who are not embarrassed by anything.

Place 5: Crocheted pile of feces

Fortunately, the crochety turd smells from the store Crochety Cat only after catnip. Shape and color are realistic enough, after all. Funny is at Etsy always the automatic translation into German. Here’s a sample:

"This miniature hutch is the Purfect toy for that special bowel movement in your life. What’s more than that seeing this tiny little gift passed around will make your living room floor adorable?"

Cat toy'Poop'

Place 4: Crocheted sperm

The same supplier has also crocheted sperm in the program. They actually look quite cute and definitely make a good cat toy due to their elongated shape. Once again, the German translation for this product is worth reading:

"This unique and interesting toy is sure to get your cats attention! This disgusting little sperm is perfect for any cat who appreciates unique and fun toys."

Cat toy sperm

Place 3: Crocheted penis

Cat toys in the form of penises are offered on Etsy some. As befits an American platform, the objectionable parts are pixelated or otherwise obscured on the overview pages. Here you can get the crochet penises from Meowadays to see in uncensored version&

Cat toys penis

2nd place: Catnip pillow with Donald Trump

My goodness, the picture is uglier than the original! What must it look like in the mind of someone who designs a catnip pillow with Donald Trump on it? I do not like to imagine it… At DoodleButton there are also versions with Kim Jong-Un and with an unspecified "Russian dictator. At least we have been spared Hitler.

Cat toy Donald Trump

Rank 1: Bloody felt tampon

Absolutely deserved on place one are for me the bloody felt tampons from Ice Cream Breakfast. Some cats are said to like playing with (unused) tampons. This toy is an alternative for all cat owners, when not Aunt Rosa, but the mother-in-law comes to visit. From the product description:

"But believe me when I tell you, your cat will never let go of this thing, and it will scare everyone you know."

Cat toy tampon

Now it’s your turn: Would you buy such cat toys?? I am curious about your comments!

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