Five kilos lose in one week? The craziest tips from the internet

"How can I lose weight really fast please help me. "

Julia Hackober

A study by U.S. researchers has found that people who eat a diet of whole grains weigh less than those who rely on white flour products.

Source: N24/ Andreas Heidorn

"Hello everyone, I do not want to get a moral lecture from anyone here, that it is so unhealthy, I know that, but as I look, I do not like it. I would like to lose four to five kilos and as quickly as possible." – This is how the very first forum entry on gutefrage, which finds, who googles for Abnehmtricks. To be more precise, Azga researches how to lose five kilos in a week – a popular weight loss goal that many people set for themselves in a moment of weakness, after an overflowing barbecue, for example.

Five kilos, that’s not a utopian amount, still you can see it when they are gone, that should be manageable. Only fast it should go evenly, for five kilos one must plan nevertheless probably no complex nourishing conversion. Or?

So you just quickly google how others actually do it. Fortunately, the Internet is very informative when it comes to health issues, in relevant Internet forums, even pregnancies and skin cancers are certified. Helping someone get rid of "excess pounds," as it’s called in women’s magazines, is a cinch for the forum community!

In order to save you time and feelings of shame when searching for weight loss miracle cures, the author of this text has searched various forums for you — and has compiled the, well, most promising tips and tricks for you. Here you can find solutions for all common weight loss problems. So stop googling and print out this article. Good luck with losing weight!

(Oh yes: The spelling of the forum tips was only minimally corrected for authenticity proofing reasons.)

Problem 1: How to get rid of the kilos as quickly as possible?

Forum question: "How can I lose weight very quickly please help me. "

Forum Answer: "I can give you a tip eat an apple a day and exercise, but drink a lot, preferably only water or cola light"

Conclusion: Zero diet – a super weight loss trick that is guaranteed to work. It can happen that you faint in the office, but you have to make some sacrifice for the dream figure, that’s clear.

Problem 2: There must be a secret trick you don’t know yet!

Forum question: "Hello, I’ve heard that if you wrap your belly in cling film it will reduce, has anyone tried that?. Or what’s the fastest way to lose 5 kilos?. "

Forum Answer: "Yes you can really do that, some say that only lasts until the plastic is off, but that’s not true! I have not done any sports& me only every night for 1 month with the foil wrapped and got thereby a flat belly I have even now :)"

Conclusion: Just pushing away love handles, that sounds really logical. What you cannot feel is not there. The technical term for this weight loss technique is strawberry, by the way, according to "bodywrapping". Only one question remains: Does it have to be a branded film or will the one from Gut&Gunstig also do???

Or you can try jogging after all?

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Problem 3: What to do if you really have no self-discipline at all?

Forum question: "Help, urgent, emergency! I always need rules when losing weight, as soon as it’s up to me what I eat, I can’t do it. The best thing would really be a plan that I can live by& Exercise can etc. Thanks!"

Forum Answer: "I felt the same way, I wanted to see quick results. So I did some research on the internet to see what diet drinks etc are out there, then came across xxx. The first three days were horror, I was so ravenously hungry, my stomach growled. But I thought to myself, nothing tastes better than being slim! I’m going to pull the heck out of this now!! After the third day it was quite easy for me, kind of got used to it. A week was over and I put myself on the scale, and lo and behold, 4kg gone!!"

Conclusion: Yay, miracle powders work after all! And you don’t have to do any big shopping with it either.

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