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With lawyer you will quickly find& convenient your specialized& certified lawyer in 1230 Vienna. Our quality-certified partner attorneys will work with you to find an individual solution to your legal problem or concern.

For this reason we have selected each lawyer in 1230 Vienna individually. So you can be sure that you will get the best advice for your legal problem.

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  • Find an works with specialized& examined attorneys in 1230 together
  • fast legal assistance through digital communication (within 24h)
  • Initial consultation at a fixed price
  • High security& Cost transparent
  • Many legal services at a fixed price
  • Experience values from clients

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Reviews from clients

Very uncomplicated appointment arrangement and a very nice team! Fr. Dr. Fidler-Fabmann was able to answer all our questions regarding the purchase of real estate and clarify them to our complete satisfaction. It is with pleasure that I recommend Dr. Fidler-Fabmann more!


Experienced legal advisors will support you with your request for Construction Law in 1230

Are you looking for an experienced legal expert in 1230 Vienna? Reach your goal quickly and conveniently with Here you will find exclusively certified and quality-checked specialists for all relevant fields of law. It does not matter if you need an expert for data protection law, a lawyer for construction law, a lawyer for business law or any other specialist.

In the lawyer directory on you will find the right lawyer for every legal problem in 1230 Vienna, who can quickly and competently assist you in finding a solution.

What can a lawyer in 1230 Vienna help you with??

  • A lawyer creates& reviews contracts
  • He advises you extensively to your individual concern& private building law
  • Your legal expert represents you before authorities, courts and in administrative proceedings
  • Fighting for your rights
  • A lawyer acts as a mediator in conflict situations

Legal problem? Specialized lawyers in 1230 Vienna help you with your legal problem!

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Why should I contact a lawyer in 1230 Vienna?

Our life today is regulated by a lot of legal norms and we quickly get into situations in our everyday life that require legal advice. Maybe we need to claim a warranty on a private purchase because the delivered TV does not work or we are entitled to compensation for a flight delay. We may be affected by bullying at work or we may have to defend ourselves against a car purchase scam.

There are many situations in which we should seek competent legal assistance. Often these issues cannot be solved satisfactorily in a direct way. An experienced and specialized lawyer in 1230 Vienna can give us comprehensive advice and initiate the right steps to solve the problem.

The expertise of a lawyer in 1230 Vienna helps to solve the problem

If we have a legal problem to solve and have to be prepared for a dispute with our counterpart, we as laymen are quickly overwhelmed. Legal issues are complex and require special expertise to solve successfully. An experienced and specialized legal counsel in 1230 Vienna can efficiently support us in this process. He analyzes the personal legal situation and can suggest a professional approach for the individual case.

He will use all his experience and know-how to assist you in enforcing your claims. It does not matter whether your personal case requires a tort lawyer, a data protection lawyer, a trademark lawyer or any other expert – on you will find the right expert for every legal problem.

How to find a suitable lawyer in 1230 Vienna?

Many law firms in 1230 Vienna offer legal assistance for a variety of legal topics. However, this does not make it any easier for those seeking advice to find the right specialist for their individual problem. In many areas of law there are also specializations within the subject matter. A lawyer for contract law can.B. be specialized in company formations, another colleague is especially experienced with contracts around real estate.

The criminal lawyer may offer special expertise in dealing with an arrest, an insult, cyberbullying, extortion, drug offenses whereas another specializes in tax offenses. In the search for optimal legal advice, you should therefore specify your request as precisely as possible.

Find the right legal counsel in 1230 Vienna quickly and easily online

Find a makes it easy for you to find a suitable specialist in 1230 Vienna. Here you can find the right expert quickly and easily, both by area and by specialization. A direct telephone contact by click is a fast way to reach the chosen expert in 1230 Vienna. However, you can also use the contact form and send an inquiry with your request.

The large selection of tested specialists for all relevant areas of law makes it easy to find the necessary expertise on very simple and fast. It therefore supports you effectively in your concern to tackle your legal problem quickly and without great loss of time.

Our lawyer directory helps you to find an experienced lawyer in 1230 Vienna

For all fields of law you will find on the right experts with the specialties you need. You can directly search for experienced and certified partner attorneys in 1230 Vienna in your local area. This is beneficial in several ways. It is easier for you to make more frequent personal appointments and you can more quickly establish a trusting and personal contact with your lawyer in 1230 Vienna.

Our legal experts in 1230 Vienna are all quality-checked and individually selected experts who can offer you the best possible service in your legal matter. Legal problems often require quick action. With you do not lose valuable time searching for an experienced specialist.

How do I go about finding a specialized lawyer in 1230 Vienna??

The search function on allows you to search for a specific legal specialization and an individual local area at the same time. Our verified partner attorneys in 1230 Vienna provide detailed information on your specialist profile here. This makes it easier for you to choose the right lawyer for your personal needs. In addition, you can benefit from the reviews of former clients who have already worked with the respective expert.

When making your selection, please consider not only the specific expertise you require, but also the geographical proximity. Furthermore, you should also let personal sympathy flow into your decision. This helps to quickly establish a good personal contact and efficient communication.

Uncomplicated contact via

Once you have made your choice, you can contact us directly by telephone with a click of the mouse. Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to request a free initial assessment of your case. You can arrange an initial consultation in both ways. This is usually subject to a fee and is calculated according to the individual lawyer’s tariff. However, here at Anwaltfinden we offer offers the initial consultation at a fixed price, which you can book directly. This provides you with cost security and guarantees that no further services will be charged for the initial consultation.

How much does a consultation with a legal expert in 1230 Vienna cost? ?

Due to the fear of high legal fees, many people seeking legal advice often avoid a lawyer’s consultation. This usually does not pay off, because lawyer costs remain in a manageable framework. During the initial consultation you can also discuss the fees for your legal work.

Lawyers’ fees can be calculated according to different remuneration models. In addition to the flat fee for a fixed service, time-based fees (hourly rates) are also common, or billing according to tariff.

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The first meeting

This can already be clarified in an initial meeting and the person seeking advice is thus provided with good cost transparency and the ability to plan. Legal cases are always individually different and also require very different legal support from a legal expert in 1230 Vienna.

Through the initial meeting, the individual F all is analyzed and the consulting effort is estimated. The initial consultation is usually charged as a lawyer’s service and is billed according to the lawyer’s individual tariff. At we offer you a fixed rate for the initial consultation, which you can book directly. An initial consultation can be done in person at the office, on the phone, via video call or even via email.

Who pays my legal fees ?

Attorney’s fees are initially to be paid by the client who has retained the attorney in 1230 Vienna. However, if a case is won, your own costs will be paid in full or in part by the other party. In extrajudicial matters, if necessary. Claims for damages or also claims against your own insurance are asserted.

If you have a legal protection insurance, it will normally cover the costs minus a deductible, which is usually given. However, it may be a condition that a lawyer is hired with whom the insurance company cooperates. If a case is lost, the legal protection insurance will normally also cover the costs of the other side.

A lawyer in 1230 Vienna advises you extensively on any legal topic

The law in Austria is formed from a wealth of laws, orders and preconditions for applicability. Lawyers in 1230 Vienna must also specialize in order to be able to build up real expertise in certain areas. For a layman, individual legal issues are already so complex that he is not able to grasp all the relevant details for his individual case.

Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a proven legal expert in 1230 Vienna on important legal issues. It does not matter whether the individual legal topic requires a lawyer for corporate law, a lawyer for warranty or possibly a lawyer for legal advice. needs a lawyer for labor law. Each area of law is very complex in itself and therefore requires an experienced specialist in order to successfully resolve the matter in the client’s interest.

Lawyer advises clients

Mastering complexity with an experienced specialist in 1230 Vienna

Thus, z. B. a traffic accident does not only result in claims for damages, but also in a claim for compensation. compensation for pain and suffering or criminal consequences should also be considered. In the case of construction defects, not only warranty claims but also compensation for damages or the contestation of a contract can become relevant. In employment law, a claim for reinstatement or severance pay can come into play in the event of dismissal. In every legal matter, there are a variety of options that can determine a successful outcome.

Trust an experienced legal expert in 1230 Vienna. He will use all his expertise and know-how to take the right steps and help you to enforce your rights in the best possible way. In hot phases of the dispute, he keeps an overview and will advance our case with a cool head. He takes care of all bureaucratic procedures and keeps an eye on the observance of deadlines.

A lawyer in 1230 Vienna will inform you about aspects of civil law, criminal law and tax law

In legal cases, criminal law or tax law aspects may play a role in addition to civil law aspects. An experienced legal expert in 1230 Vienna will review your individual case in every respect, to what extent the different areas of law can be affected. Thus, z.B. in the context of a building damage not only a warranty and claims for damages come into question. Criminal consequences are also possible, if the responsible person is grossly negligent or evtl. has even acted with intent.

In business law, legal problems can arise in the context of responsible activities in companies, which relate to private law, criminal law and tax law issues. Such complex cases can be z. B. result from wrongful acts of a managing director within the scope of his managing director contract.

The specialist in 1230 Vienna grasps all legal consequences

Your case should therefore be examined by an experienced specialist in 1230 Vienna. He understands in the depth of his field of expertise all legal points of contact of your individual case. A legal expert will include all aspects of the different areas of law in his analysis and advise you extensively.

Therefore, when searching for a suitable partner, be very precise in describing the expertise you need. Find a, our certified partner attorneys offer you the required know-how and the right experience for all areas of law. No matter whether you need a lawyer for criminal law, a lawyer for inheritance law, a lawyer for business law or another specialist.

Specialized lawyer search

Find a we want to make this search easy for you and thus help you to find fast and competent advice for your personal case. Here you can easily search for the specialization you need and quickly get in touch either by clicking on the phone or by using our contact form. Find a offers you a spectrum of proven and tested experts for all legal topics.

Your legal expert in 1230 Vienna asserts your rights

The right legal expert in 1230 Vienna will not only give you comprehensive advice, he can also represent you in your matter. He has a far-reaching power of representation and can stand up for your rights in your place in court as well as with authorities. A legal specialist represents you in all judicial and also extrajudicial legal matters, in private and public matters. A lawyer in 1230 Vienna works in an independent profession is committed exclusively to the interests of his client.

He can therefore also represent you in dealings with state and other institutions. In doing so, he will use all his expertise to assert your interests and help you achieve the best possible result. Furthermore, he is bound to secrecy. This implies that he will treat all information with absolute confidentiality and will not disclose it to third parties without your consent.

Your lawyer in 1230 Vienna will help you with the execution of the contract

In order for a contract to be able to fulfill its regulatory provision really well, it must be adapted to the respective individual regulatory need. We need contracts in many areas of life. The field of contract topics is wide and therefore each individual area requires special expertise in contract drafting.

An employment contract needs completely different regulations than a shareholder agreement and a private purchase contract must regulate different things than a company purchase contract or a real estate purchase contract. In addition to the individually adapted contents of a contract, there are also some formal necessities to consider when drafting a contract. An arrangement and review with the help of an experienced lawyer in 1230 Vienna is therefore always recommended.

Often, high values are the subject of a contract or a contract is to regulate a longer-term economic cooperation. Therefore, it is very important to place this basis on a legally sound foundation. In addition, a good contract also prevents possible conflict situations.

Interesting facts about Liesing 23. District, 1230 Vienna

Liesing with its 106.000 inhabitants (as of January 2019) was formed in 1954 from eight formerly independent municipalities. The 23. The eastern part of the district, Inzensdorf, has an industrial character, while the northern part is characterized by many residential areas, such as the Alt-Erlaa and Siebenhirten residential parks. Further to the west lies Liesing with its old town center. Further north, Atzgersdorf, with its loosely built-up residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, shoots up. Here along the southern railroad line there are few green areas, whereas the large district of Mauer still has large parts of the Vienna Woods.

In the south of 1230 Vienna are Rodaun and Kalksburg with their old village centers and many green areas, castles and parks. The 23. District offers residents and visitors several attractions. From the landlord period are for example the castle Liesing and the castle Alternaa. In Rodaun, too, you can walk in the footsteps of bygone times in Rodaun Castle or Hofmannsthal Castle. In 1230 Vienna you can marvel at listed aqueducts that date back to the 1870s. A special attraction is the Wotruba church. It is made of cubic forms after a design by Fritz Wotruba, a sculptor of the 20th century. Century, put together.

In the Mauer district of 1230 Vienna are the Rosenhugel film studios. After their construction between 197 and 1923, they were considered the most modern and largest film studios in Austria. Several classics of Viennese film such as the operetta film Maskerade were made here. Even today, filming and production is still done here. Important companies are also located in Liesing. In addition to the Austrian State Printing Office, the tool manufacturer Hilti Austria also has its headquarters in 23. District. In the west, the Vienna Woods invite you to relax, but also in the southern parts of 1230 Vienna you can find peace and relaxation in many parks and baroque palace gardens. In the Draschepark, in the Engelbert-Schliemann-Park and in smaller Beserlparks you can go for a walk and enjoy the nature in Liesing.

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