Earning money on the internet

Do you want Earn money on the Internet? This is what many webmasters want, which is why the term Earn money on the Internet very often searched. Of course by means of search engines. A handful of sites want to make their readers believe that it is easy to make money on the Internet without spending a lot of effort to do so. Any person who puts such theses in the World Wide Web, you should meet with skepticism.

Because either they want to earn money themselves or have dubious practices inpetto. Also in the web money is not a good that grows on trees! Every euro, usually must with corresponding Work earns become. Only with diligence it is possible to earn so much money with a web page that one can live from it.

You will not become rich with blogging!

And even then it is not always possible to get rich. The amount of income depends mostly on which industry you are in and if you sell services or products. With pure blogging it is relatively difficult so much money to earn that you live from it can. Examples that it can work, there are. But you can count the number on one hand. And most of the time these authors are well positioned at VG Wort. Which I will go into more detail about in the course of this article.

In the following I would like to point out which Opportunities there are to earn money on the Internet. But be aware that you usually need professional programs to optimize your website. I use for example here in the blog Seobility, a SEO tool that is still relatively affordable.

Who does without such tools completely has it according to my experience more heavily in the search machines to be found. Because the data are simply worth gold with the offerers. With deep research you can find out the interest of your target group. On which you then your contents co-ordinate and/or. can optimize. So that you achieve better search engine rankings. These in turn give you a larger target audience, which you can use to make money on the Internet.

If you are still unsure how to build your website, I recommend my great WordPress tutorial here in the blog. There I show you the setup, SEO and how you earn money with WordPress on the Internet. Everything explained step by step and easy.

To earn money on the Internet

On my own blogs, I earn a nice amount in the triple digits per month. There is not yet enough money to live on it. But I can pay some vacations from it. The later listed sources of income I use partly myself and therefore report from experience. With appropriate diligence and targeted marketing of their own site, anyone can monetize their blog.

In the last years I have tested the listed possibilities to earn money on the Internet again and again. This has allowed me to optimize my own earnings. Now I would like to pass on my knowledge, so that you can also lead your blog to financial success. Sometimes it is only small things that decide whether you get only pocket money. Or if you can achieve higher sums.

Different ways to earn money on the Internet

Bloggers (but also other websites) have a variety of ways to earn money on the Internet in this day and age. The advertising companies have understood that the blogosphere offers a huge potential. To promote my own products and services. For this reason quite a few companies have set up a blog on their website. There you can increase customer loyalty, inform about products or even be found for certain terms in the search engines.

In addition, the cooperation of companies with bloggers has increased significantly. But not only the companies have an advantage. Also the bloggers are financially rewarded and are thereby looking for cooperation partners. So over time a great way of marketing has emerged. Whereby it is often assumed that bloggers on the Internet earn a lot of money. But this is not so at all. The average German blogger earns only between 100 and 500 Euro per month. I explained this to you in the article what does a blogger earn based on statistics.

So that you do not belong however to the low earners under the Bloggern, I want to show you now, which different possibilities you have, in order to be able to earn money in the Internet. This is not always just about selling advertising. You have so many other alternative to use your blog profitably. Alternatives that are often neglected. Because they are unknown or not tested intensively enough.

Earn money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good Source of income. This is a link that should lead the reader to a product / service. If the reader then buys this product, the advertiser receives a percentage of the purchase price. So you earn money on the Internet by Recommending products. Alternatively, you can also be compensated with a fixed price for registrations or purchases. This depends somewhat on how the particular affiliate program is structured by the advertiser.

You should also note the so-called cookies. These are small files that are stored on the computer / cell phone of the visitor. Based on the cookies he can then be assigned to you as an intermediary. Some partner programs provide for the cookies to be stored for longer periods of time. For example 30 days. Then a recruited purchase of a reader would be attributed to you for 30 days.

Why this is important? Now think about your own buying behavior. I read up on products in advance. It sometimes happens that I visit a website, but I am still undecided. Sometimes I buy the product only after weeks. If your readers do the same, you can earn much more money on the Internet with longer cookie lifetimes.

However, there is a little problem with cookies called TTDSG. Because the legislator wants us website operators to obtain the consent of the reader before setting cookies. This makes it a bit harder to make money with affiliate marketing.

All in all, affiliate marketing is a great option to earn regular income. Especially with more expensive products or services that are subscribed to. Because then you can be involved for life. Would you like to know more about the topic? Then I recommend you my detailed article series about affiliate marketing here in the blog.

The right target group& Partner

By the way, not everything in affiliate marketing depends on whether you have a lot of traffic (i.e. visitors) on your website. Even smaller websites can use it to make money on the Internet. In so far there the connection to the reader and/or. to the community is close enough. Because it depends above all on the trust of the readers. If you have built up a real community around you, maybe even 50 visitors a day are enough to generate enough income with your affiliate programs.

But the products advertised must be good enough. You can’t promote everything and especially not too much. Otherwise you will quickly get the reputation of writing only for the money. You should avoid that. Instead, you should think a lot about the placement of affiliate links and which partners you should work with. Because with very specifically on your contents aligned products, you can book clearly higher incomes.

For this reason, so-called affiliate networks have also formed at some point. There you have the opportunity to access thousands of partners. Which tends to increase the chances of earning money with the affiliate programs on your website. Some very well known and large networks are:

But it can make sense to focus on specific partners instead of big networks and only sign up there. For example, I have had very good experiences with Seobility (look in the navigation under Tools). Because the suite itself helps me a lot to create better content, I also promote it on the blog. But Seobility is not part of one of the aforementioned networks. Instead especially about this partner earn money on the Internet. This can be an effective means.

What are the advantages of affiliate advertising?

With affiliate advertising you can earn money very well on the Internet, since the Commissions are relatively high are. Especially with high-quality products, which also have a corresponding value, up to 20 euros can be earned per sale. However, the inhibition threshold for high-priced products is somewhat higher. You will have to do a lot of convincing there.

In addition, there are many providers for affiliate advertising, which use many different companies for advertising. So you don’t have to worry about finding appropriate partners as well, you just need to include the ads and convince your readers that the products have an added value. With each sale you earn then with. Sounds great? Then try to earn money with affiliate marketing on your website as well!

Seobility SEO Software

Earn money on the Internet with Pay per Click

Another form of advertising, with the help of which you can earn money on the Internet, is "Pay per Click". This is a very classic advertising medium. Because unlike affiliate advertising, it doesn’t matter if the reader makes a purchase or not. With a click on the advertisement – in whatever form – the website operator earns a certain amount of money.

As a rule, the earnings per click range from 0.01 to 0.20 euros. In exceptional cases, however, the price can be significantly higher at over 1 euro. There are keywords where you can earn even more than 10 Euro per click. In this case, however, the term is then also very contested among the websites. Less is therefore often more.

Also in this area there are providers with which you earn money in the pay per click area on the Internet. Providers who provide several thousand customers for advertising. I would like to list some of them below.

The monopoly in this segment is held by the large corporation Google with its affiliate program AdSense. Again and again there have been attempts by other companies to create an alternative. But still no one seems to come close to Google’s network. Even the biggest competitor Media.net from Microsoft has problems.

Many blogs have specialized in this kind of advertising and earn exclusively with clicks up to a few thousand euros per month. Unfortunately, it comes with Google again and again to blocking of accounts, which is valid for life. Thus, the site operator can not use this affiliate program and must look for other providers. Or use other sources of income to earn money on the Internet.

This is very disadvantageous. But Google can not be persuaded even by an objection to reactivate the account here. I can report this from my own experience, because my account was also blocked by Google a long time ago without authorization. This can be very annoying, but I have also taken my way without Google and now earn money on the Internet with my blog.

How do you embed advertising?

The great advantage of this advertising is the simplicity of integrating it and also the low minimum requirements for the websites. Every website is in principle suitable to integrate click advertising. Even with only a few visitors. The higher the traffic is, the more money can be earned on the Internet through it.

On the other hand you have to know a little bit about the programming of a website. Google as well as the other providers, provide you with the advertising in a Javascript at your disposal. This is what you need to include in your website.

The bigger problem is the General Data Protection Regulation, which has made it much more difficult for us website operators to deal with Advertising on the Internet money to earn. Because the code of the providers mostly sets so called third party cookies. But for that you need the explicit consent of your visitors. Before that they may not be loaded. In this respect you have to change it technically, so that the codes are loaded only after the acceptance of the cookies. It is not so easy to make it legally secure! I have written more about this in an article about the cookies in WordPress.

My services at a glance - SEO & WordPress consulting

The new one: Earn money on the Internet with Ezoic

As I have already mentioned, not so many alternatives could stay on the market. But Ezoic is a newer provider that promises to make you earn money on the internet with a website can. Although the company was founded back in 2010 and even received an award for business innovation from Google in 2016, only a few know Ezoic in Germany.

According to the company, with its technologies you can take your revenue to a new level. Among the references are listed people who earn with Ezoic significantly more money on the Internet than before. Partially up to 300. To achieve this increase Ezoic also relies on Javascript. However, the supplied script promises to deliver advertising at the optimal positions, fully automated. So you earn more money through the experience of Ezoic about placements and forms of advertising media.

Making money on the Internet has never seemed easier! But there are many operators who report speed problems. Ezoic offers an optimization module for this, but it is not free of charge. Basically Ezoic is generally not free. But you can also simply assign a few percent of your income to the company.

However, the company also uses large advertising space and videos. That can make the reader ggfs. annoy. Although it can of course increase the potential revenue of your website. You need to know what is more important to you.

Sources of income to earn money

Sources of income to earn money on the Internet

Earn money on the Internet through link trading

More and more bloggers try to sell or rent links on their pages. This has become a very lucrative business and offers a possibility with high earnings. It should be noted, however, that Google tries to prevent such deals. At least those who want to manipulate the results in the search engines. That’s why you should always mark advertising links accordingly.

The business around the backlinks is very big. Companies pay a lot of money for better results. Because they also want to earn money on the Internet. However, I do not know a single case that has effectively talked about disadvantage on the part of Google because he has included advertising links.

In my eyes the following link trading providers have established themselves. I have been using these on my blogs for decades and have had good experiences.

If you go about the business of text link sales the right way, you can make a big profit a month. From a legal point of view, however, you should mark the links as advertising and set them as nofollow. The problem will be that you will only get a few orders. Because companies still think that good results are only possible without both. But what is not true at all. Why this is so, you can read in my article about the Google guidelines and the SEO basics.

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Paid articles as a source of income

A another way to earn money on the Internet offer the so-called paid articles. Here a company or agency contacts the blogger and negotiates an article to be written from which to link to their own website. Today it is quite intentional that the blogger receives up to three-digit amounts for a paid article.

The big advantage of such articles, is that the blogger can write the text itself. So he stays true to his style and can earn money with it on the Internet. Moreover, the blogger has the option to decide whether to write the article or not. Because not every blogger likes to sell his opinion completely, just to get money.

Meanwhile, some providers have also been found here, which make it easier for bloggers to find a company for paid articles.

If you want to earn money on the Internet with a blog, Trusted Blogs should be the first port of call. The payment there is more than reasonable. In addition, the provider pays attention to the above-mentioned rules on labeling and the Google guidelines.

Seedingup (formerly Teliad) is now also among the providers that offer paid articles. Here you have to say that there are only 12 months remunerated and the prices are relatively low. In addition, Seedingup itself determines the prices based on the website data that has been determined. It is not possible for the website owner to change the prices, resp. to change only moderately.

If you want to know more about paid articles or sponsored posts, I recommend you to read my article about earning money with your own blog. There I have discussed the paid articles even more intensively.

use a members area to earn money

Earning money on the Internet also works wonderfully with a members area. As a blogger it is of course a bit more difficult to implement this, because people usually expect free content on a blog. However, some well-known experts in the marketing field have done it before.

The entire newspaper industry has now switched to premium content. Not few people book such offers in the subscription. As long as the total amount is manageable or possibly only one-time, this can be quite an opportunity. In WordPress you can connect this well with a member plugin.

On the other hand, you really have to provide content that offers added value to the visitor. Otherwise you will get rid of your premium members faster than you can look. Properly set up, however, I believe that it is possible to earn a lot of money on the Internet with it.

Another factor is the so-called PayWall. This must be set up correctly so that the premium content also finds its way into the Google index. Because only because the readers must pay, you should not renounce the visitors over search machines. In my opinion this would be a big mistake. Only the clean programming of the PayWoll is essential for it.

Earn money on the Internet: Market advertising directly

Probably the most effective and also Most profitable way to earn money on the Internet, is the Direct marketing. Here, the website operator himself lends a hand and tries to find companies that want to advertise. This has the advantage that you can find a customer independently of an intermediary company. This saves you an agency fee. This saving can ultimately be passed on to the end customer. Especially if the period for a campaign is longer, the price for the advertising space also increases. If the blog then still relatively much traffic can show, it is already possible that you receive a four-digit amount with a campaign.

On the other hand, you have to take the whole process into your own hands. So you have to find on your own advertising partners who are interested in your website. Advertisers may have to evaluate themselves. For various networks, the reach and effectiveness can usually be controlled via the dashboard. Simply just set up a "advertise here" page is not enough. You will have it clearly more heavily to customers to come, in order to earn with direct advertising finally in the Internet money.

If you want to earn money on the internet you should also have a look at Ebesucher. There you can generate visitors or get paid for surfing the web. You won’t get rich there, but it may be a way to earn some money on the side.

The VG word incomes in the Blog focus

Focus the VG Wort income in the blog

Use the VG Wort for revenue

Then there is the VG Wort as a potential source of income for authors to mention. The VG Wort is also known as Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort. But not only Website operators can earn money there on the Internet. All authors, whether working on the Internet or with publishers, can be financed for the works they create.

Authors, rights holders of deceased authors and publishers can only participate in the VG WORT distributions if they have concluded a rights management agreement with VG WORT. The conclusion of the contract with the VG WORT and the participation in the distributions are free of charge.

Source: Official website of the VG Wort

If you have signed such an agreement with VG Wort, you will receive money for your work once a year. However, the texts must meet some basic requirements, which the VG Wort determines every year. In 2020, for example, works should have at least 1.800 characters and 1.500 calls register. The hits are counted by means of an image pixel that you embed in all texts.

While in 2015 the VG Wort distribution was still 20 euros per work, in 2020 there will be a distribution of 40 euros per work. In my eyes a really lucrative way to monetize a website. Because let’s say you meet the requirements with 100 posts, you can make 4.earn 000 Euro.

Hardly another offerer helps web page operators to be able to earn money in the Internet in such a way. And the great thing about it is that once you have reported an item, it automatically remains in the report and you don’t have to do anything else. Except to make sure that the minimum calls are made.

Earn money on the Internet with products& Services

Often own Products or services underestimated. They are two of the best methods to earn money on the Internet. The big advantage of own products is the independence. You can design the products as you like and adjust the prices to your ideas. On the other hand you need a marketing channel and of course you have to do marketing. In addition, there is the right of withdrawal and the rights of customers. So you can earn money on the Internet, but have increased effort.

It is similar in my eyes with making money on the Internet with services. No matter whether you are a copywriter, developer or do other work. You can set your own hourly rate. Especially since freelancers earn on average over 60 euros per hour. With a blog and pure text- resp. advertising related services this becomes really hard. Meanwhile, many websites offer in addition to the pure informative texts appropriate contextual services. Like me here in the blog help with WordPress or SEO.

sell eBooks

As products many potential things come into question. From real goods that are produced to eBooks. Last mentioned eBook is no longer a rarity today. Because almost anyone can write an eBook. Thanks to great distribution partners like Amazon or Tolino, almost everything is taken off your hands when marketing your book.

I have published my own eBooks "Successful Blogging" and "Blogger Everyday Life" for example at Tolino. This allows customers to buy it almost in all known bookstores. From Weltbild to Thalia to Amazon. I could set the price myself and had to meet only a few requirements. Besides I offer the eBooks still over Digistore24. There the fees are not quite so high, which I consider quite positive.

Earn money on the Internet with courses

Online courses are also very popular. Both with potential customers and with operators. Because used correctly, you can earn a lot of money with your own courses on the Internet. You pass your knowledge on at the same time to several persons. For this a participation fee is due. Even if you only allow 10 participants and advertise the course at a low price of 15 Euros, you can earn 150 Euros for relatively little effort.

By the way, you can approach such online courses comfortably via providers such as Elopage. Then you do not have to worry about the technical processing. You can fully concentrate on offering your participants added value or. Market your courses.

By the way, e-mail marketing is quite suitable here, for example, to bring entire course series profitably to the customer. You could divide your courses into smaller sub-courses, for example, and after registration or. the participation already point the customer to the other courses.

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Conclusion: Can you earn money on the Internet??

Running a website costs you a lot of time. You will have to deal with countless questions. For example, how an imprint looks like or how cookies may be integrated. Over time you will gain regular readers and many visitors will find their way to you. Then it is legitimate to think about how to generate revenue. Only there are many ways to make money on the Internet.

That’s why it is important to look at these possibilities and to do various tests again and again. Perhaps an advertising medium achieves more revenue in another place? Established in the market are click advertising via Google, Media and Ezoic as well as affiliate marketing, paid articles, premium memberships, the VG Wort and direct marketing. But even without a website you can generate income.

Of course this is only an excerpt. Other options to earn money on the Internet arise mostly from experience, if a website is operated over several years. That’s why you should definitely stay on the ball, always question yourself and your content and then optimize accordingly.

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