Earning money on the internet as a side job


Most occupations on the Internet can be pursued without upfront costs. If you need a good overview of what opportunities to make money on the Internet, read the following detailed article with numerous ways to make money online.

You will quickly realize that there are an incredible number of ways to use the Internet to build a side income. This article is a guide on how to get started with a n ebenjob in inte r n e t.

Side job on the Internet – the requirements

First of all, do not forget that all activities that are connected with the intention of profit must be reported to the tax office.

If you want to earn money on the Internet, even if only as a part-time job at first, you need to be able to register a business. Such a registration takes only a few days and costs a small double-digit amount in Germany.

Once the business registration is completed, you can already start earning money on the Internet. And this is the real challenge.

While there are many ways to make an income through the Internet, there are many ways to make a living not all suitable for everyone. In addition, it is first necessary to find out for yourself what you would be "happy" to do in order to earn money.

Side job on the Internet

Side job on the Internet

First requirement: His personal interests& Identify strengths

  • What interests you personally?
  • What strengths do you see in yourself?
  • What do you like to do most in your free time??

It’s only advantageous to try to make money doing something you like to do and know about. There are people who love to write. These people could create texts for the Internet and earn money with it.

Other people see their strengths in modern technology. Also for this there are almost infinite possibilities to Interests& Hobbies to the profession to do – even if initially part-time.

If you get so many opportunities to do your dream job and earn money online, then instead of just chasing money and doing everything possible for it, even if it’s not fun, you should do something you love.

Second requirement: Time

You need to free up some time every day and use this time wisely, to build something on the Internet. You will have to start exactly from scratch like everyone else and create something through long-term work, which will produce more and more money for you.

Who is not ready to spend this time and would rather watch TV instead, should certainly forget about the idea of doing a side job on the Internet – it will not work that way.

Third requirement: perseverance and motivation

People who do not have enough motivation or perseverance have no chance to achieve any success on the Internet in the long run.

Only the will to change his financial situation is not enough to lead a project to success in the long run. There must be iron perseverance be present and always build up a large amount of motivation to succeed as a self-employed person.

Can anyone earn money on the Internet?

It would be a lie to claim that everyone has the same opportunities to work on the internet.

The truth is that there are many people who, for this reason alone will never be successful in making money on the Internet because they are not in a position to work independently, or quickly make important decisions to meet.

Those who do not have the important ability already to motivate/force themselves to implement tasks can never be successful self-employed.

For example, you can earn money on the Internet by recommending other people’s products for a commission, a good information site about this can be found here. However, those who are afraid to sell something to other people, even if it is something good, will have a problem, because it is always about selling when money is to be made.

Even as an employee you have to sell something, and that is their time and skills!

How best to start a side job on the Internet??

First of all, find out what you can earn money online with. Most of the self-employed (also in the sideline) offer their own services. A service can be offered in almost any industry. The important thing is that there is a demand for the service.

No demand, no money!

Alternatively, there are numerous possibilities available to you, where you do not have your own products or services. Creations need to sell. A good start is offered by so-called partner programs and the associated affiliate marketing. What it is and how it works, you can find a lot of information about it on the Internet.

Here is a good guide for affiliate marketing that anyone can understand to make money as an "affiliate" on the internet. Anyone can try this business idea and start first part-time. However, you should be prepared right at the beginning that you will have to deal with online marketing and product sales.

You could even run your own website.

For example, create your own WordPress website. WordPress is the easiest tool to build your own website on any topic on the Internet. Anyone can have their own website on the Internet and earn money with it.

But it is often even much easier.

The fact is that many people have a lot of experience and knowledge in a certain field. Now you ask yourself how you can earn money with this valuable information in your head.

How about writing an eBook ? An eBook is a digital book that you can publish on the Internet without a publisher. In such an eBook you can pack your information in the form of a guidebook and offer it for sale, for example, for 10 – 20 euros on various eBook stores for sale.


Can you also earn money on the Internet? Possibly. The question is: are you ready to invest a lot of time and work in an internet project in order to earn money with it sometime in the distant future??

It’s all a matter of time and willingness, to implement the right steps independently and concentrated, that ultimately lead to success. Many people are already not ready for this and thus will never be able to use the Internet to make money.

Many people can profit financially from the Internet, even in a part-time job. There are lots of ways to make money with the Internet. It is important to determine for yourself what you like to do and what you are good at. It is precisely these personal characteristics that allow you to make money and have fun at the same time.

This is a great advantage of the Internet.

You can do what you love and even earn money doing it. Unfortunately, too few people realize this advantage and try to make money somehow and don’t even think about whether they like what they are doing.

Making money, anyone can do that. But making money doing something you love to do, that privilege is reserved for very few people. Use the Internet therefore purposefully and meaningfully, in order to earn money in the side job with the Internet.

If the topic is not interesting for you and you want to do a classic job and you are just looking for a job, then you should learn how to write a perfect application to get your dream job quickly.


Vitali Lutz is the founder of several internet startups and regularly deals with job applications. On this website, he discusses the most common mistakes in job applications and gives tips on how to write a better application.

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