Earn money while sleeping

One thing in advance: all the ways listed here for earning money while sleeping, always require a certain advance performance, which is also associated with risks is resp. can be connected. Put to bed today and do nothing before, so does not work. At least not with us.

But if you are diligent and step on the gas, you can get paid over and over again for services once created. Even if you are just sleeping resp. just at the sport is. In fact, with the right tools (which we also present here), automation is possible. We have ourselves systems created for it, which take work off our hands and thus free up more of our time.

Time to focus on other things (for example, new sources of income or our family). We show you in this article how we proceeded ourselves, so that your account has also increased a little bit the next morning.

This is how it is regularly with us. It simply allows us to travel more and discover more of the world. And, if you want to go deeper into the matter, you can also register for our free online seminar. Here you will learn step by step how to build a location independent income.

And now, we wish you a lot of fun with the article.

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10 ways in video

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12 ways to passive income (+ bonus)

Ads Below you will find our 12 ways to passive income. In addition, you will find another bonus way.

But: these ways don’t work if you don’t perform beforehand. This is the Basic requirement. Because where there is no added value, you usually can’t extract any value for yourself. skim. But, once you set up the system, you can make money in your sleep. On a regular basis. We are sure. Because it works for us every day.

#1 Advertising revenue

One of the most lucrative for us and for sure most regular passive income sources are with certainty classical advertising income. So advertising that often does not fit so well into the overall picture of a website. Here’s an example (turn off your adblocker, should you not see them): ads

At first glance, the revenue opportunities do not seem so high. Because you usually get only a few cents per click credited. However, this often also depends on the type of advertising. Since the click price is determined by bidding (at least on Google), the prices vary depending on how strong the competition is.

And this usually varies the income that you can earn per click on an ad. An overview of the click prices in certain topics offers the KeywordPlanner from Google (available via the Google Ads account).

Earn money in your sleep advertising income

Advertising for financial products has e.g. for the advertiser often a higher price than handbags for women. And accordingly higher will be the remuneration for you. So if you are advertising in a highly competitive market as a publisher (e.g. on your blog) and many visitors at the same time have, the earnings are also significantly higher. Through advertising revenue you can build a regular passive income stream

We place our advertising classically via Google AdSense. This is Google’s ad network if you want to monetize your own content. And it is meanwhile also the biggest. Advertisements

The advertising is bspw. in our articles on unpostponable.en faded in. Or also in our YouTube videos. This means that we have created these articles and YouTube videos once and are compensated about it every time someone views this article (or video). This way you can easily earn 4-digit amounts per month, if you have a larger reach.

Adsense earnings

And this also happens overnight when we sleep. So it can be that we have done nothing and in the morning when we get up we have 10 or 20 euros more on the AdSense account. And this is how it can look in practice: This is what AdSense revenue can look like

The condition is that your articles are still interesting for your users in the long run and attract new visitors. And of course you have to make the effort once and put the articles or videos. But then it is definitely possible to earn regularly on the articles (or videos). But to benefit from this effect regularly and also to increase your income over time, you should of course also always publish new articles.

If you have from the beginning your increase your revenue per click (double / triple), then we also recommend the ad network of Ezoic, which work directly with AdSense. You can also use this to include ads in your articles.

The playout of your ads is strongly optimized (systematically by machine learning), so that automatically the click strongest and most lucrative ads are displayed. This is usually even more profitable than the mere placement via AdSense. Advertisements

#2 Dividends

Another very lucrative option is to get regular dividends. In principle you don’t have to do anything, just wait until the fund is invested the next dividend payment is due.

We use ETF’s for this because you can combine many shares and thus minimize the risk. YOU can focus on different markets like "sustainability", "emerging markets", "technology companies" or the "MSCI World")

Earn money while you sleep Dividends

For this you invest a certain amount once or you invest regularly fully automatic (by means of a savings plan) in a certain fund. The nice thing is that through a savings plan also regularly your dividend payments will be bigger become. You can also earn regular income with dividends

You can inform yourself about ETF’s that are distributing (paying dividends and not automatically reinvesting them), e.g. with extraetf.com. Here you can easily compare the ETF’s with each other via the comparison function and find the suitable one. In addition, you can find out directly how high the payout is and how often it is carried out per year.

As a depot we recommend you the depot of advertisement comdirect.de. Here you can open a free account and create a savings plan that invests regularly for you. Depending on the ETF, the dividends monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually distributed.

The disadvantage is that your invested money can also be subject to price fluctuations. So you should only do it with money you can easily do without for the next years and which you definitely have left over. So money for what you do not take on debt must.

The great thing is that you once set up a savings plan and then regularly invested for you and you are then also regularly distributed dividends. If you invest a one-time amount, you will also get regular dividends for it.

These are of course subject to fluctuations and vary somewhat from year to year (volatile) Ads

#3 E-book& Book sales

Another important tip if you want to make money while you sleep is to write books and publish them. This is possible not only with a publisher at your side, but now also in the self-publishing sector. That means in self-publishing.

Earn money while you sleep Book and e-book sales

You have to buy the books though write once or have it written. Book sales also work very well

We use for this bspw. the KDP service from Amazon. Here you put your book online once and can profit directly from Amazon. It can then be offered as an e-book or as a printed book. And if the customer buys from the credit card of the same provider, he even gets money back. So he benefits from a fast delivery and at the same time can get the book even cheaper. Advertisements

KDP of Amazon print the book namely always when it was sold. And they also send it resp. create the invoices for them fully automatically from. So we profit from regular income from books that we have put there 5 years ago and still sell.

Of course you have to write the book first and then you have to take care of the marketing at Amazon yourself. But, once the stone is set rolling, you can (in our experience) sleep many nights without having to worry about it even once.

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One of these books is bspw. "Advertisement Goodbye 9 to 5 – earn money regardless of location". In contrast to a publishing house the commission here is substantially higher. Because you get approx. 60% royalty minus. the printing costs. With a publishing house it is just 10. In the best case 12. However, they also take care of the marketing.

So physical book sales (and also Kindle e-books) can be provide for a good additional income in the month: Ads This is how your KDP earnings could look like

We are honestly very satisfied with this model. However, a certain advance performance is connected with it (i.e. to write the book once).

#4 Selling online courses

Also very lucrative can be the regular sale of online courses. Because just once you set up the sales process and provide for automatic regular visitors, the courses can sell automatically.

Our course "Goodbye 9 to 5 – become a digital nomad" sells bspw. regularly fully automatic and brings us thereby also regular incomes. And that means that we wake up in the morning and ideally have sold a course again.

Make money while sleeping online course sales

Since the rates are also a bit more expensive, these are particularly lucrative after they are taxed. Online course sales also work

However you must go for it also somewhat into Vorleistung. So you have to e.g. create the course and of course also take care of the marketing. We use for sales bspw. Advertisement Digistore24. We have been using this provider ourselves for many years. And he takes care of invoicing, access to the course and complete payment processing fully automatically. No matter if the customer wants to pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. And the great thing is that Digistore only costs something if you also sold something.

Especially if you do not have much money at the beginning is the a great solution.

And online we put the course bspw. at advertisement Coachy. This can be linked directly to Digistore and allows direct access to the marketplace. For marketing we use our own YouTube videos and of course our posts on digital nomadism which regularly provide a lot of traffic (visitors to the site).

However, you have to strongly in advance. Because an online course must be well planned and also takes some time. But, once it is created, you can profit from the regular income. Ads

If you want to learn more about the topic, feel free to also check out our free online seminar for digital nomads.

#5 selling t-shirt designs (for creatives)

What we also benefit from regularly when we sleep at night is selling t-shirt designs. These are usually created once and can then regularly bring money into the cash register.

The nice thing here is also that you create the designs once and the appropriate provider then takes care of the printing on T-shirt, sweater, cap, etc. takes care. Also usually takes care of shipping. After uploading the design, you usually have with nothing more to do.

It is important that you do not violate any trademark rights (designs with a Coca-Cola logo go bspw. not). It should be designs that you have developed yourself.

Sell t-shirt designs

We use Photoshop to create the ad, because it is possible to create transparent designs (where the background is completely transparent). We focus on current trends (Christmas, Soccer World Cup and bspw. also special days like Halloween). Also with t-shirt designs you can get good income regularly

For publishing we use the provider advertisement Spreadshirt. But also Amazon Merch is a possibility. However, here the prices per design are in the low cent range. With Spreadshirt you usually earn per sale min. 3 Euro.

This take care of the complete processing of purchased products. You upload your designs once and can then publish them directly in the Spreadshirt store. It’s worth it especially if you have a lot of designs at your disposal.

Have a look at the short commercial about it:

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Alternatively you can publish your own store (also at Spreadshirt). But especially if you want to earn money while you sleep, the marketplace (not your own store) of Spreadshirt is the best option. Because you don’t have to maintain the marketplace yourself (unlike with your own store).

So we still earn regularly from designs, which we created and published 3 years ago.

#6 Affiliate income

What also brings us regular income in our sleep is affiliate income. Especially if affiliate links remain embedded in certain media for years and thus provide income again and again. With affiliate income you sign a contract with a contractual partner (the advertiser) or. an agreement that you, if you help him to turnovers, get a small commission.

Affiliate income passive income

This can be of different amounts. Sometimes it is 2 or 3 %, sometimes 10 or 20 % and there are also providers who offer you 50 or 75 % affiliate commission. The good thing is that you have nothing to do with the customer and also the product. It can be very relieving. Also with affiliate income can be achieved passive income

To start or. sign up for different affiliate programs, there are different providers.

    We offer bspw. yourself on our own products Affiliate commissions to. So if you have reach in the area of travel or digital nomads, you are also welcome to promote our products. The chance of making a sale is relatively high because we have conversion optimized ads and sales pages.: Through the affiliate network you can access a wide range of products. To be precise, on all products listed on Amazon. We focus mainly on the products that have achieved a particularly large number and positive applications or. Products that we use ourselves and are suitable for us. The Percentages vary here between 1 and 10 %: On Awin you will find a variety of providers (for example Otto or Amorelie), whose products you can advertise immediately. Here, too, the percentages vary between 1 and 20%. But sometimes there is much more.
  • Advertisement Digistore24: At Digistore you will find especially digital products. And therefore the commissions are often 50 or even 75%. You can use Digistore not only as an affiliate, but also as a vendor – this means that you can sell your own digital products through it as well.

Digistore24 income

Especially with Digistore, you can make incredibly strong sales easily: With affiliate cooperation, you can achieve good 4-digit sales per month

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, we can also show you the ad Stone age affiliate marketing strategy recommend by Ralf Schmitz. Here you will get step by step explained exactly how you have to proceed and earn 5000 Euro or more per month. advertisements

#7 Rental income

Another good source of income that can be earned regularly and also over night or during the night. Months works are rental income. For real estate you need some capital, of course, but if you raise the capital or the. the property is paid off, you can regularly earn rental income from them.

Rental income earn money while you sleep

Unlike with vacation rentals, you can profit from regular income with long-term renters. With vacation rentals you have to take care of new tenants on a regular basis which can be very exhausting. Rental income is one of our favorite types of income

But of course you must not forget that the property is also maintained has to be done. If something breaks (for example the heating or the windows), then you also have to pay for the costs.

Depending on the condition of the property, this may not pay off. Especially if the running costs are higher than the rental income. For us, this is certainly a great source of income.

#8 Audio books

Audiobooks Audiobooks earn money while you sleep

Especially if you produce audiobooks yourself and sell them digitally as an information product (e.g. as .mp3), you have the possibility live regularly on good margins to be able to. We have for example. brought the audio book Goodbye 9 to 5 – ortsunabhangig Geld verdienen (Goodbye 9 to 5 – earn money regardless of location) onto the market which sells well and regularly. Audio books (Audiobooks) are also a lucrative source of income

To get started, you need a good microphone as well as content. We use for this e.g. the ad Rode Podcaster with extremely good sound quality. For example, it is advisable to write an e-book first and then record it later as an audio book. So you have once work (concerning the content) and directly two products that can be sold

We use Digistore24 for the distribution of our audio books as well. So you can concentrate on the product production and have to worry less about the whole organizational process.

If you don’t feel like recording an entire book and reading it aloud, you can do this by the way also give away. We can recommend Fiverr here. Advertisement Fiverr is a big online marketplace for digital services, where you can buy such services cheaply. Because here you will also find a large number of professional speakers, some of whom even work for the radio themselves. advertisements

We market our audio books bspw. directly via our website, whereby regular sales come about. Audiobooks can also be marketed via your own social media presence, for example.

#9 Niche pages

Another lucrative way to make money while you sleep at night is to use the Set up niche sites. These must be set up once and can then bring in regular income. Niche sites specialize in a particular topic and then deal with it in great detail. The idea is that Google will index your page and bring you new visitors to this special topic on a regular basis.

Earn money while sleeping niche websites

And since you offer the appropriate products for the topic (for example affiliate products), you can of course also earn from it regularly. Niche websites also work great

In reality, of course, you can’t just set up a site and then rest on it for the next few decades. But this works well a few months. Even times a year are possible. But then you should also add new content again. Because so Google classifies you also again as relevant.

With a niche site are good 3 to 4 digit amounts per month possible. A classic niche site is for example. these here.

#10 stock photos

Wouldn’t it be cool if you get paid again and again for the photos you take once? That goes. Because there are many Companies that are always looking for new images and are willing to pay money for it.

Earn money while you sleep stock photos

However, the market for this is huge and a Picture will hardly be enough to make a living in the segment. You need many thousands of images to make the sale profitable. Because the masses do it, even if you are paid per sold image and get only a few euros. Stock photos are also very lucrative

For this, however, the vacation pictures of Aunt Erna are not enough. The people or companies that buy images usually have something in mind with it and a certain demand.

And most of the time it is Placement of advertising for their own customers. So it is also important to think like an advertiser when creating photos. Are bspw. people on the picture? Is there enough space on the image for a possible writing? Ask yourself how the advertiser can use the image to better showcase their product.

What works well in this area are bspw. Trends (like World Cup or Halloween). However Competition also quite big. Because many want to earn money in their sleep. And that is definitely possible once you have uploaded your images and then also take care of new ones.

A platform where you can implement the whole thing is bspw. Ad Shutterstock. Here you can sign up for free.

#11 YouTube

YouTube is also a great way to practice making money while you sleep. We earn via inserted advertisements bspw. still make money from videos that we actually already made in 2017.

But on YouTube you can earn money not only by showing ads. You can also combine different sources of income presented here. So you could e.g. on YouTube also on your audio books and other digital products tipsn. You can also Affiliate links underbringen, with which you regularly generate income.

Earn money with YouTube

For this purpose is suitable bspw. the infobox under the videos. Also with YouTube you can earn money in your sleep

But also for YouTube you need first make some money in advance. Depending on the topic, you may also need longer time to create videos here. We do the whole thing technically with our display iPhone and iMovie (to edit the videos on our MacBooks).

The important thing is to think beforehand how to align your videos resp. in which field you want to work. For lucrative advertising revenue (of course it always depends on how many watch your videos) and for the placement of affiliate links, is suitable for example the DIY (do it yourself area).

Take a look at our YouTube channel for example how we do it.

#12 Apps

Make money while sleeping also works bspw. with the creation of apps. However, the app market is now also very highly contested. Still, it can be worth it if you have an excellent idea that may not exist in the form before.

Earn money while sleeping with apps

Often, it can simply be an addition to an existing product (for example, an online course) to provide customers with even more additional features. If you offer an online course to learn for a fishing license, you can bspw. Enable learning on the go with an app. With apps you can still make a lot of money – even overnight

Income can be generated excellently via an app. Bspw. by displaying advertisements or even better: by the possibility of subscriptions. Because through this you can always generate revenue that is Flush money into your account.

#Bonus: Software

One of our favorite topics in the area of "make money while you sleep" is software. Once you’ve created a software and it’s possibly linked to a subscription, you can also provide recurring revenue here.

Software make money in your sleep

And you can earn real money, if the marketing is right. Software is by far one of the most lucrative sources of income that also works passively

Interesting here are topics that are called again and again. Be it in the area of graphics (for example advertisement Canva as premium version ) or also for example Ubersuggest (for search engine optimization). Both have in common that they are can be accessed via the browser and both can be paid by subscription.

Software is certainly one of the most lucrative areas at all. If you can not program yourself, then you should look for a programmer. Cheap programmers you can find bspw. on display Fiverr .

Conclusion on the subject of earning money while you sleep and earning passive income

The topic "make money while you sleep" is in principle very controversial. Because it smells literally of scam and fraud. Because why should you get money, if you actually do nothing at all? But we think that it is an outdated way of thinking. Because every entrepreneur builds systems on which to get out of the business and no longer work in the business.

And that is exactly what we do. We create system where we can take ourselves out more and more, but still bring regular income. In this article we showed you several methods that really work for us.

If you now want to go even deeper into the matter, then take a look at our free online seminar. And if you have any questions about the topic, you are welcome to leave us a comment below this article.

  • For those who have more time to themselves and still want to make a regular passive income would like to earn
  • Suitable if you are still in an employed relationship so far or even if you are already self-employed
  • It doesn’t matter if you have prior knowledge of passive income or are starting from scratch
  • The perfect step by step roadmap for the right lucrative ideas and the complete structure
  • Create the Jump to passive income still this month, if you step on the gas
  • Earn passive income on a regular basis
  • To make a More self-determined life to lead, to gain more freedom and to become your own boss

We tell you our best tips on how to do it yourself

  • are looking for ways to to earn money independent of location
  • See more of the world but still want to earn a regular income
  • want to decide for yourself, where you earn money & where you will do your job
  • more Time with family& your children instead of in the office
  • want to decide for yourself how much money goes into your account at the end of the month
  • want to create your own extraordinary life
  • be self-determined, independent and free want

We tell you our best tips that we have collected since 2014 with our location-independent online business.

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