Earn money online: safe, fast and serious – is it possible?

Date: 05.01.2021 | Article, Internet

Earn money online: safe, fast and serious - is it possible?

Especially in times of Corona, more and more people feel the desire to earn money from home and quickly improve their bank balance on the side. On the Internet you can find numerous offers for online jobs, as varied as the classic world of work itself. But not all of them deliver what you promise. In this article we present 7 ways before, with which you can earn money online seriously and quickly.

Basically, a distinction is made in online earnings between active and passive income. While the former is always associated with a direct time value (z.B. 50 Euro for one hour of work) the passive income is generated independent of time.

With paid surveys, the average earnings per provider and month are around 25 euros – provided you take part regularly.

If you are employed as a dependent in your main job, you are allowed to earn additional income of up to 410 euros per year on a freelance or commercial basis on the side without incurring taxes (§ 46 para. 2 no. 1 EStG). As a student under 18, both your pocket money and your extra earnings fall under the exemption limit and do not have to be taxed – as long as the tax limit of 450 euros per month is not reached.

7 serious and legal ways to earn money online

1. Answer paid surveys

Earn money online: Man answers paid surveys

With paid surveys on the Internet up to 300 euros additional earnings per month are possible.

An absolute classic among online earning opportunities is the Answering paid surveys on the Internet. To do this, you register on various portals on the Web and give your opinion on products or the interests of certain target groups. In return, you receive cash, vouchers or bonuses. As a rule, you will be assigned surveys that match your registration information. The more extensive the survey, the higher the compensation. If you regularly participate in surveys, are quite up to 300 Euro additional income per month possible. A decent chunk, considering you can take surveys virtually anytime, from anywhere (z.B. via app) can answer.

Good to know: Many providers only allocate a limited number of surveys per month (z.B. 10 pieces). Therefore, you should apply to as many providers as possible to increase your additional earnings.

2. Make money online: Write a blog

You burn for a certain topic and are in addition still somewhat linguistically talented? Then get to work. Start a blog, write interesting articles and build up as wide a reach as possible. Blogging has long since developed into a serious business model in recent years and there are quite a few professional bloggers who can even live off it completely.

A blog can be monetized in many ways (z.B. Online marketing, affiliate programs, paid posts or advertising) and monetize without any upfront costs. But keep in mind that a successful blog also involves a lot of work and representative sales are usually recorded only after a certain second. If you keep at it, however, a blog can certainly be a lucrative way to earn money online.

3. Publish and sell EBooks

As an author, you no longer necessarily need a publisher to publish a book these days. There are now numerous platforms on the Internet on which you can sell your work for a commission (but without investment) or for a fee. can sell. The size of your book is irrelevant. For example, share your knowledge or give useful tips in a specific area. For German stores and print editions you need an ISBN, which you can request for example free of charge at Tolino Media.

Tip: A particularly popular platform for ebook authors is Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

4. Earn money online: Write or correct texts for others

If you like writing and have a certain skill in formulating, you can also Earn money online as a copywriter for others. In relevant portals appropriate orders are mediated. Depending on the type of topic, a certain amount of research may be required for the creation of the website. Payment is either per word or a lump sum for the entire text. Similarly, if you are a proofreader correcting texts for others.

5. Test websites and computer games

Companies often spend horrendous amounts of money to create and set up a website. However, this should not only be visually appealing, but also as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Because the success of a homepage stands and falls with your user friendliness, the so-called "usability. But even if the developers and graphic designers have invested huge amounts of hours, they often overlook small but important details that can have a big impact on the user or customer.

Game tester on the PC

Computer games also have to be thoroughly tested for errors before they can be made available to users.

For this reason, a website is extensively tested before it goes online. This is where the website testers come in, who are supposed to represent normal users with no prior knowledge of the field. Your job consists of, Test and provide feedback on the user experience and website features. The payment varies depending on how many website tests you perform and how detailed they are.

The situation is similar with computer games. Because these must also being thoroughly tested for errors ("bugs"), before you can make it accessible to the user. What sounds like fun and a chilled out working atmosphere is a serious job, because for the producers usually a lot depends on such ratings.

6. Make money online with social media

Influencer at work

More and more young people dream of making it as an influencer on social media.

More and more young people want to become influencers and earn money online for posting photos and videos. Professional YouTubers or Instagrammers now reach an audience of millions. But you can also be successful with fewer viewers or followers, as long as the topic is right and has an appropriate target audience. Place advertisements or enter into cooperative partnerships with companies in a related field (z.B. computers, beauty products or clothing). Make sure to post interesting content regularly. Because this is the only way to increase your reach and every click brings you cash.

Good to know: Note that you must also always explicitly mark advertising in your videos and postings as such.

7. Participate in eSports tournaments

eSports have long since evolved from a niche sport into a professional competition, with prize money running into millions of euros. But even in smaller tournaments can already win attractive cash prizes. In order to earn money online as a professional gamer, however, you must meet certain skills and requirements.

Thus, especially in individual games, characteristics such as Reaction speed and coordination you need a broad understanding of the game you are competing in. And just like with all other sports, you can’t avoid daily training if you want to be successful in eSports.

Good to know: In eSports, people most often compete against each other in first-person shooters, real-time strategy games and sports simulations. The most popular games at the moment include Dota 2, Counter Strike and League of Legends.

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