Driving a car in corona times: this you should know

Are three people allowed in a car in Corona times? It depends on the number of households

How many people are allowed to ride in a car in Corona times depends Of the contact restrictions in place on site from- these are based on the 7-day incidence value.

In a Night curfew, as provided by the Corona emergency brake, you are not allowed to drive your car without a valid reason- in case of a control a fine is due.

If you are traveling with people from different households, you should everyone wears a mask in the car. So far, masks are only compulsory in Berlin, Hamburg, Saxony and Saarland.

Topics in this guide:

How many people are allowed to ride in cars during the Corona pandemic?

If you drive your own car, you will be safe during the Corona pandemic. Provided: you are alone in the car. However, if you carpool with colleagues or neighbors, the risk of infection increases and the Corona rules also apply to driving. Therefore, you should find out beforehand what is and is not allowed when driving a car in Corona times, when you need to wear a mask in the car and what applies when driving a cab. You can read the answers in this guide.

Corona: driving a car with several people

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic in Germany, a strict Contact ban imposed: You are allowed to only two persons from different households in the public area meet. The contact ban also applied when driving a car. In the meantime, the lockdown adopted by the federal and state governments has been extended several times. Since the 24. April 2021 applies to new infection control law of the pandemic: the nationwide Corona emergency brake takes effect automatically when the incidence value per 100.000 inhabitants In a county or incorporated city on three consecutive days to over 100 rises. The consequence is Tightened contact restrictions and a nighttime curfew, to reduce the infections.

The corona rules that exist in a region also affect motorists. This applies depending on the incidence value:

7-day incidence is over 100 for three consecutive days:
The Corona emergency brake applies and a household may only meet with another person from outside the household Meet. A maximum of five persons may come together. children under 14 are not counted. In addition, the night curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m to comply with.
That means for driving under Corona conditions:
You are allowed to have in addition to members of your own household one more person take them in your car. During the night curfew, you are also allowed to drive your car only for valid reasons stay outside your own home.

7-day incidence between 35 and 100:
If the 7-day incidence in a region is for five consecutive days below 100, the contact restrictions are relaxed again and the night curfew does not apply. The Corona rules and restrictions of the respective state then apply again. For most countries, this means that your own household may with another household come together – maximum of five adults (plus any number of children under the age of 14).
This means for carpools under Corona conditions:
In addition to members from your own household, you may only meet with people from another household be on the road.

incidence value below 35 new infections per week and 100.000 inhabitants:
Maximum three households with up to ten people are allowed to meet privately. children under 14 years are not counted.
This means for driving under Corona conditions: You may not drive several people from your own household and from up to two other households Carry in your vehicle.

Is driving allowed during the curfew?

Since the introduction of the Corona emergency brake apply during a 7-day incidence of over 100 not only stricter contact restrictions, but you are also night curfew prescribed. If this applies to a county, people may Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m no longer stay outside their home, garden or patio. Unless you have a good reason. Such grounds are:

  • You must drive at night drive to work.
  • It is a medical emergency.
  • You must have take care of animals.
  • you care for a person, who need assistance.
  • They accompany one dying person.

Exemptions: The Corona emergency curfew provides that it is still possible until 24 o’clock, jogging or walking outside alone. In some states, such as Bavaria, this is also prohibited.

If none of the above reasons apply to you, you are allowed to Do not drive a car during the curfew period either. For example, if you are visiting a relative, you should not wait until curfew begins before heading home. Also, if you start a trip in a county with an incidence below 100, you are allowed to drive during the nighttime curfew do not drive through a hotspot with an incidence above 100. If you are checked with your vehicle and are late for no good reason, a Fine due.

Infection control law violations Cost varies from state to state. In Rhineland-Palatinate and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you have to pay a fine of at least 50 Euro expect, in the Saarland will up to 200 will be due and in Bavaria you will even have to pay in case of violations 500 euros.

Important: Inform yourself about the current incidence value In the city or county where you are traveling in your vehicle, what contact restrictions are in place and whether a nighttime curfew is also in effect. Then you know how many non-household persons you are allowed to take with you and when you are not allowed to be on the road.

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