Drive your neighbors crazy with this crazy china gadget

Drive your neighbors crazy with this crazy china gadget

A vibration motor is said to fight the noise of the neighbors with noise. Photo: Getty Images

By Thomas Porwol [30. April 2017, 4:40 pm

Because the noise pollution from neighbors became too much for him and even the police couldn’t help, a Beijing resident simply helped himself – and mounted a vibration motor on the ceiling of his apartment to make the noise go away. Now an entire market has sprung up around these noisemakers in China.

Perhaps it’s because the walls in Chinese apartments are simply particularly thin, or the living situation in the big cities is more cramped than in Germany- whatever it is: disputes between neighbors seem to be much more bitter in China than in Germany.

For in China at the moment enjoys great popularity a gadget that raises neighborhood disputes to a whole new level: A vibration motor that you attach to the ceiling of your own apartment to drive the neighbors in the apartment above you crazy.

The police could not help- so a Beijing helped itself

As a local daily reports, the idea came from a desperate man in Beijing: running-around children in the apartment above him kept him and his parents awake at night. Calling the police didn’t help either- after the law enforcers left, the noise continued. So the man helped himself: He bought a vibration motor, attached it to the ceiling of his apartment and whenever the children made noise, he turned on his construction.

Here’s what one version of the noisemaker looks like: A white box supported by a pole.

The South China Morning Post also took up the issue and translated what the gadget inventor told the local newspaper about the success of his curious gadget: "The family in the apartment above us came to talk to us. For a while it became quiet, but then the quarrel between us continued to increase.“ So the noise gadget was only partially successful in bringing peace between neighbors.

The noisemakers are already available from 20 Euro

Although this gadget unsurprisingly only leads to further conflicts, a real market for the noisemakers has emerged in the meantime. On the website, the Chinese equivalent of Ebay, there are numerous imitators: for around 20 euros, you can buy the absurd gagdet for your personal neighborhood dispute.

On, the noisemaker can be found in different versions.
Photo: Screenshot Photo: Screenshot

The devices are advertised with slogans such as "Still annoyed by the noise of the neighbors? When you face a problem that even the police can’t solve, it’s time to fight back.“ Some of the sellers even offer to take the device back once you’re done driving your neighbors crazy.

Vibration gadget is not without danger

You can also see what one of these shaking machines looks like in action: On a Chinese video platform, you can watch a clip with one of the troublemakers in action, in which instead of vibration with knocking the neighbor is to be driven to white heat. Other versions can even be controlled via WLAN or set in motion with a remote control.

However, this gadget is not completely safe not only because it is impossible to estimate how the neighbors will react to such heavy artillery. A professor at Peking University of Civil Engineering and Architecture has also spoken out about the noisemakers, noting that such devices can cause cracks in walls in the long term.

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