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Earning money made easy

Published on 28.10.2021 Author: D. Korkut

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If you want to earn money as a student, it’s not easy. Lectures, term papers and learning have to be balanced and the day has only 24 hours. A job for students must therefore allow a certain degree of flexibility. However, free time management is less of a given in industry and business, and not everyone is suitable as a service worker in the catering trade. But there’s still the classic way for students to earn money: by tutoring! You don’t have to be a math professor or have extensive life experience to do this. Today, all you need is a PC with microphone and webcam and an Internet connection. Because as a tutor you can easily earn money online from anywhere in the world.

Support from finding students to getting paid

In the past, finding tutors was the greatest initial difficulty. You had to spend days distributing notices in the university and surrounding schools and approaching many people. This was time-consuming and did not guarantee success by any means. A tutoring portal brings students and teachers together, the place of residence does not matter. One simply applies to advertisements of students or one is contacted on the basis of one’s own profile. This profile describes the skills and special knowledge and thus ensures attention. You can make a list of the hours that fit into your personal schedule. The tutor sets his own hourly rate, while the portal operator takes care of secure payment. Earning money online as a tutor couldn’t be easier.

Tutoring as an important pillar of education

Tutoring is more important today than ever. Since 2000, the number of students who use private tutoring has increased by 75 percent. Research shows that between a quarter and half of all students receive tutoring during their school years. Especially in mathematics and foreign languages tutoring is mainly demanded by high school students. The market volume for tutoring was recently close to one billion euros. These numbers reflect the increasing focus on performance. For many parents, however, the individual support of their children also plays an important role. a promotion that school can’t provide. And that’s exactly where a tutor can be much more than just a knowledge provider. If he is good and empathetic, he can become a friend and confidant who guides the young person through the ups and downs of the school year, perhaps even several years. Training as a tutor is not required in Germany. In addition to technical competence, a tutor should be very patient and be able to convey the subject matter in a comprehensible way.

With patience and small steps

But how can tutoring be arranged concretely? It is best to set a goal together with the student right at the beginning. What should be achieved? Which school subjects to focus on? What grade should be on the report card at the end? Intermediate goals make it easier for both sides to persevere. These can be knowledge in a certain subject area or the next class test. A good preparation for the tutoring should be a matter of course. It doesn’t hurt to review the material yourself before the lesson. It’s also important to consider the needs of the student. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some students can concentrate for a long time, others need breaks at shorter intervals. Varied instruction can help prevent boredom and the resulting loss of concentration. And at the end of the lesson, it makes sense to briefly summarize and repeat the material you’ve covered. Was everything understood? Are there any questions left that need to be revisited in the next lesson? Lessons that are well prepared and followed up are fun for both teachers and students! Patience is important in every respect. Big improvements are not achieved overnight. This is also something you should talk to your parents about. If the expectations are too high, it can quickly come to disgruntlement.

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