“Don’t let it! ‘they’re scared’: halle movement defends its residents’ application, which authorities say is inadmissible

The Saxony-Anhalt state administrative office has certified that residents’ applications to the city council regarding compulsory vaccinations and the Infection Protection Act are not admissible.

"A residents’ motion concerning state tasks of implementation of measures of protection against infection and compulsory vaccination is inadmissible and may be rejected by the municipal council or. District council not be admitted", it says from the office.

The Halle movement, which is also collecting signatures for such a motion in Halle (Saale), is not satisfied with that. "Another attempt to sabotage law is the alleged admission of the LVwA on the alleged inadmissibility of the residents’ application," explains the movement on Telegram. "Do not be deceived. It is admissible."

According to it it does not go in the inhabitants request around the execution of the infection protection law (IfSG). "It’s about an investigation of the consequences in our city. The city is solely responsible for that. From this responsibility they want to shirk. Do not let it! They are afraid."

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15 responses

"Do not be deceived. It is permissible."

Stupidity is also permissible!! Mimimi- we are right. The others know nothing of the" truth "!

Otherwise your contribution would not be here .

Stupidity knows no boundaries..

Who are they from LvwA, that they are allowed to determine so over us people? Who are those who may replace us? Who are these people who have such power. Who?

So many questions, dear Horst… One thing in advance: Reading educates. You can find out about the functions of offices, the rules in societies and about very different other things – not just gobbledygook. Then you also understand why, for example, the baker in the bakery, has "the power" to give or refuse you bread. For you must pay the price. They have "the power" to demand it. But why is she allowed to rule over us humans like this?? Maybe the price is wrong. Or perhaps she may demand none at all?

Who wants to "replace" who or what here? The majority of the population already has to endure senseless chatter. But it does not have to implement any of this. And even if any of that should be dealt with in the city council, there will be no majority decision on this.

No matter what they replace you with. Everything is better than you. &‍♂️&‍♂️&‍♂️

These are the ones that were installed by those who were elected.
How such a system now once works.

Should nevertheless once someone out of line
then the person is just uninstalled again or you
Hangs like Ms. Judge Heisig in a forest on the branch.

Unfortunately, they will be with us for a while. After all, jellyfish have no brain either, but they belong to the oldest forms of life.

Mrs. "Steinmetz" explains to the policy, how it has to function. Pompous and confused… We will see them again on Monday, unfortunately.

"The rulers (state administrative office) give instructions to the subjects (city council)"

Super not allow any questions at all

that is "democracy

Pipi Longstocking "..I make the world as I like it"

Read, understand, then comment! ?

Up to understanding you have not yet come, but stay tuned!

"From this responsibility they want to steal" who steals here from which responsibility remains the question

"That residents’ motions to the City Council regarding vaccination and the Protection Against Infection Act are not admissible "

That says it all about citizen participation.
What the rulers do not like is simply not allowed.

The competence order should understand even you. After all, you can’t run to your child’s daycare center (please don’t have children) and apply for a building permit for a house in Saarland.

first of all nobody "runs" here.
secondly, it is a citizen petition with the goal to write a RESOLUTION. this is only a point of view, a positioning, statement. all kinds of cities/municipalities have done this on environmental/educational issues z.b.
and it would be nice if the city of Halle would position itself to enter into a discourse, to take a stance on the fact that tabooing unvaccinated people in the working world is a social, economic, ethical and other disaster.
Halle could do something for social cohesion and peace and simply say that the emperor is naked and that the madness must end

"with this Halle could do something for social cohesion and peace and just say that the emperor is naked and the madness has to end"

Right, but Halle is not known for rational thinking.
By the way, I would be interested to know how many percent of the readers here know that the Emperor has something to do with a very wise Andersen fairy tale.
For the uneducated: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/the_emperor’s_new_clothes

There is no emperor with us any more.

& this is a parable

You just have to look at the people. I always find it very entertaining to look at the daily sentences people from the right wing spectrum are regularly sentenced to. Example Martin Kohlmann from ProChemnitz: he claims to be a successful lawyer and to have legal expertise. Was sentenced in 2018 to daily fines of 70 daily fines of 30€ each. What does this tell us? A daily sentence is equal to the monthly net income : 30. One may still deduct maintenance obligations. According to Adam Riese, Martin Kohlmann – successful lawyer of the right-wing scene, equipped with legal expertise – had a net income of 900€ at the end of 2018. Say: the man was poorer than a church mouse. If one puts now once again the attributes (successful RA) and this income on social welfare level in relation, should understand also the last humans: the man has no idea from Tuten and blasen. Otherwise he would be successful. That he is not, is regularly shown by his statements.

No he is only very successful to hide his real income from the tax office. In addition, this is the sum that remains minus all expenses. Which employee can claim to have 900 € left to spend freely, minus all expenses?.

Then the good man is liable to prosecution for fraud. And the expenses may not be deducted, the daily rate is calculated on the basis of the net income, but you read that differently at Telegram for sure. So: Loser

There the good JEB unfortunately overlooked that the monthly net income is estimated, d.h., The one will be QUESTIONED about his income. The daily rates are therefore determined on the basis of a verbal statement and the prosecution has NO legal possibility to question the tax office. So you’re just rambling or you deliberately concealed it to make your agitation not seem so cheap.

He was good. Unfortunately, I have to jump in JEB’s shoes: of course the StA has the possibility to get information about the income situation of the accused. Just have a look at the corresponding regulation of the RiStBV (you may google now). As a prosecutor I am allowed to ask the court assistance, all authorities, the municipality as well as the debtor’s register of the employer and in case of doubt I can also ask the police to investigate (ask the employer etc.).). If you have never worked as a StA, why are you trying to lecture others?

PS: By the way, the estimation only takes effect if the defendant does not give any or insufficient information. One should be able to read. We notice: the internet and you have one thing in common: no idea about law.

When may ask who – what – whom ?

"The rulers (state administration office) give instructions to the subjects (city council)"

Super not even allow questions

this is "democracy

Pipi Longstocking "..I make the world as I like it"

Read, understand, then comment! ?

A written instruction of the LVwA is "allegedly" therefore. That says it all. and if one does not know its own text, thus obviously cannot read understandingly, one should rather be completely quiet.

Democracy is not only one-sided. Even the walkers have to live with the fact that there are other opinions than theirs. Has also something to do with mutual respect.

Well, that comes of it, if humans with below average IQ were even more rarely in the school, than Greta Thunberg&

Horhorhor! WHAT a saying worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

I am vaccinated, was not afraid of the injection. What scares me is the stupidity of some people who are rioting there on Monday when they are walking around.

i am unvaccinated, i have no fear of injections, but i have well-founded concerns and doubts about the benefits of "vaccination" and about many nonsensical and exaggerated measures.
stupidity of other people does not frighten me. I don’t like to be teased either. that’s why I’m glad that the demonstrations are peaceful.

Which founded doubts and doubts about the benefit of the vaccination havete then? And why vaccination in quotation marks? Out with it.

sweetheart, this has been discussed up and down here in the last few months. You do not want to know, so do not ask so hypocritically.

neither appearance nor sanctity should keep us from coming back into conversation. if someone asks, i answer, if the person means it, i don’t know. but I don’t want to get anything insinuated, so I’d rather answer in case the question is also meant that way. &

this "vaccination" is not one in the conventional sense, because here neither living nor dead pathogens, nor their toxins animate the body to start its own defense. rather, the body is screwed up….t, by spiking or deceiving himself (i.e. his own cells) and then fighting the whole thing, i.e. himself. that is clearly autoaggressive. if you did that in macro, you would be committed&. and where this process takes place is a coincidence. therefore also the side effects are accordingly ever different. so you can be lucky or unlucky. I don’t do that, I don’t play the lottery.
therefore, in any case, sufficient medical considerations can already be derived.
further: vaccinations are supposed to protect me – they don’t do that here, because there are almost countless double/triple vaccinated people who have been infected.
further: the relevance of the disease is mostly not of importance. most people experience it as a mild, moderate or severe cold. that there were sometimes, depending on constitution, chronic diseases, age, also more dangerous or even fatal courses, that is undisputed, sad and bitter, but isolated in comparison to the large remainder. life threatening moments/diseases/crises always existed and exist, nothing and nobody is 100% safe, that’s life. life goes even further: it sometimes consciously or unconsciously chooses risk. man has the choice.
and therefore further: this choice is what people use here: their right to decide what they will put their body through and what not.
like the choice, if/which food and beverages I consume or if I want to be the health maniac, if I go rafting, climbing, cross or if I just cycle to work or if I prefer to stay at home 24/7 to avoid all security risks – it’s all a personal decision and not that of my neighbor, the MZ, mr. Lauterbach or anybody else.
and in this respect i extend my concerns about compulsory vaccination to individuals/groups/all and think that it has already done enough harm to individuals, groups, society, economy, culture, civil behavior etc.
… etc pp
we could talk on monday evening when we go for a walk?! &

It was quite an effort to gather this pseudo-wisdom in these Telegram channels. Respect ! Thinking outside the box apparently means just not thinking for yourself. Respect again. Have fun then on Monday, meeting point for all those who are addicted to the thinking plague, as an albeit vocal minority. And my respect was irony. If you do not know what that is. Look at Telegram !

in summary: you are afraid of injections, but you don’t know how to justify this with facts, so you make up something or. you are parroting – to put it mildly – nonsense. Best example immediately the first paragraph, which does not originate surely from your experience of many years as trained Immunologe.

@gonzo @tldr
no, these were INFOs from technical texts of scientists.
what a pity, one could exchange ideas, but you both come up with insults?! well, then don’t.

The first paragraph is copied from a book written this year by a writer who studied medicine in the last century and last practiced as a healer 20 years ago. So an absolute professional, who is fully into the stuff, of course.

I am unvaccinated and would be more afraid of such people as
Franz2, Omikron von Omikronia, HALLEnser and how they also call themselves
name. Gave me chills right away.

Then you should go to bed and not look at the screen. Maybe you take a temperature again (anal is the most reliable).

I am sorry to hear that. With diffuse fears you would be well in Julius-Kuhn-Str. lifted. I haven’t heard of any attacks of the vaccinated on the unvaccinated … the other way round it looks quite different as is well known – there one goes over dead bodies and the well-being of children … but suddenly "fears" break out against vaccinated who just live their lives.

And the earth is an equilateral triangle; just prepare a request to NASA to have it finally recognized.

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