Does my cat feel good? These 5 signals speak clearly for it

Does my cat feel good? These 5 signals speak clearly for it

Who shares its home with one or more cats, would like naturally that its animals are well. The fact is that when they are comfortable in their home, there are fewer problems with cats, such as unpleasant scratching of furniture or marking with urine. Since the velvet paws however as well known cannot speak, it is not at all so simple to answer the question "Does my cat feel well with me??" to answer. In the following we have compiled five signals, which speak for the fact that a cat is well. Every cat owner should therefore observe his animals closely with regard to these signs, in order to find out whether they really feel well.

Signal 1: The cat shows its well-being by its body language

The clearest way for a cat to show whether it is doing well or not is through its typical body language. The following four signs in particular speak for an absolute well-being:

1. The cat purrs when being cuddled and stroked. Thus it requests its owner to continue and expresses absolute well-being.
2. The velvet paw nudges its owner with its nose. In this way it expresses its affection and at the same time demands the attention of the person. She would like to cuddle or play now.
3. The cat "gives head", thus rubs its head again and again against its owner or also against pieces of furniture. Usually cats express their reunion joy in such a way, if the reference person was absent over a longer period of time. Then is a good moment to stroke the cat, so that the well-being increases even more.
4. The velvet paw steps with the paws on one and the same place. Cats often massage their owner or the favorite blanket with their claws. This so-called milk kick shows that the cat feels absolutely safe and secure – like in the past, when it was still suckled by its mother cat.

Who observes these four signs with his cat regularly, can consider himself lucky, because then he is more than content with his life.

Signal 2: The cat is curious and likes to play

A cat that is comfortable in its home will respond to new toys and any change with curiosity. She explores empty boxes or shopping bags with great pleasure. If, on the other hand, an animal retreats shyly when something changes in her environment, this is an indication that she does not feel safe in her territory. Even when playing, cats show if they are doing well. Happy and content velvet paws have fun to occupy themselves with their toys. If a cat scratches at furniture and wallpaper or attacks the hands and feet of its owner, it expresses its dissatisfaction. For this reason, every cat owner should make sure that the cat gets enough activity for a physical and mental workout. Only in this way the unpleasant behaviors of the house cat can also be stopped.

Signal 3: The velvet paw is completely relaxed when sleeping and resting

Cat owners who are unsure whether their four-legged friends are doing well should observe them when they sleep. Here our velvet paws show very clearly, how it stands around its personal well-being. If the cat turns on its back and stretches its paws pleasurably from itself? Then this is a sign of absolute happiness. A relaxed cat sleeps in addition not always withdrawn in a cave, but makes itself gladly also once stretched out in the middle of the space comfortably – it has to fear finally nothing.

Signal 4: The velvet paw is clean and uses the litter box

Cats are very clean animals, which is why they usually use their litter box reliably. If this is not the case, it is an alarm signal! First it must be clarified whether the cat is ill and has for example a bladder inflammation. In addition, there must be enough toilets, which are cleaned regularly. If this is true and the cat is healthy, but still unclean, the behavior indicates enormous stress. This is caused, for example, by new people or animals in the household as well as big changes in the territory.

Signal 5: The fur of the cat is soft and shiny

A happy and healthy cat cares intensively for its fur so that it is soft and shiny. If, on the other hand, it licks itself compulsively in one place, this is an alarm signal. Severe hair loss can also indicate unhappiness.

Increase the well-being of the cat – with an extensive pampering program

Who has the feeling that the own cat is not satisfied, can treat his cat to an extensive pampering program. According to, the following three steps are necessary:

1. Spoil the cat with a culinary delicacy
2. After eating, cuddle intensively with the cat, because it is then particularly receptive to cuddling units
3. Create a pleasant atmosphere by playing soft piano or string music in the background
With these three simple measures the well-being of a velvet paw can be increased.

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