Diy: tie a tie knot for the wedding

Almost every groom and male party guest wears a tie and thus also needs a proper tie knot for the wedding. But tying the tie sometimes poses a little problem, which we want to help you with.

We have selected various types of tie knots for you, and there are also instructions on how to tie each one. This is how tie tying can’t go wrong anymore! Look it up right now!

Tie wedding

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1. Four in Hand knot

The classic tie knot and easy to tie, making it great for beginners and any wedding guest. This tie knot goes with any shirt and is characterized by a slight asymmetry and its elongated-narrow shape! The name "Four in Hand" comes from the fact that this type of tie knot was worn by coachmen, who are known to hold four reins in their hands. The instructions for this tie knot with hints where you have to lead the tie end along, you can find here in the video.

2. Simple Windsor knot

The simple Windsor knot is characterized by a conical shape. It goes particularly well with shirts where the collar corners are close together, as well as with shirts with a button-down collar. This type of knot is also called "half Windsor", because it is the simplified version of the real Windsor knot. But looks just as good and saves the groom some stress, at least when tying the tie! So close the top shirt button and go…

How to tie a tie


3. Nicky knot

The Nicky knot, also called "Olney" or "Free American", is easy to tie and impresses with its simple elegance. In addition, it is gentle on the fabric and does not wrinkle the tie. A crucial point on such an important day! Check out the tie knot instructions in a bit:

4. Plattburgh node

The Plattburgh knot is often worn on festive occasions and is recognized by its triangular shape. It belongs to the more demanding variants, because it does not always succeed at the first attempt. His shape needs a little tweaking at each step of the binding process. However, with a little help from a groomsman or father, this festive option also succeeds.

Tip: Plan a little time to tie your tie before the wedding, so that you don’t get into stress.

5. Onassis Knot

The Onassis knot is an unusual tie knot because it is not a typical knot. It is the "four in hand" knot, but after tying it, the wide end of the tie is turned over. This makes the knot under the tie disappear and provides an exotic way to tie the tie on your wedding day!

Watch the video for instructions on this knotting technique.

Which tie knot for the wedding is right for you, now remains your decision. No matter which knot you will choose, nothing can go wrong now!

Shopping tips for ties

Tie knots for the wedding


Now you know how you could tie the tie for your wedding. Now only the suitable tie to the tie knot is missing.

Tie suppliers are endless! So you don’t have to search the whole internet for the perfect tie, we can recommend you the providers. Bet there will be the right tie for your suit?

  • Laue festive fashions
  • Asos
  • Amazon
  • Men’s

Tip: Choose a tie for the groom that matches the wedding color:

By the way: Often a wide tie, a so-called plastron, is also particularly popular with the groom.

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