Creative cash gifts for birth

Creative cash gifts for birth

By Patrick Konrad Last updated: 10. August 2021

When a friend (or relative) has had a baby, you naturally want to give the young parents a gift. The first thing that comes to mind are clothes or toys for the baby. The problem with this is that in the first few weeks after the birth, so much of it accumulates that the parents hardly know what to do with it.

An alternative that always goes down well are cash gifts. They do have a reputation for only being considered when you can’t think of anything "right", but firstly you can’t say that across the board, and secondly, young families have extraordinary expenses that they are grateful for any assistance with.

How much money to give?

How much this support should be, you can not say in general, because it depends on how close you are to the parents. So this is a decision everyone has to make for themselves, unless it is a collective gift. When several parties pool, as is common in the office or sports club, a smaller amount from each party is usually enough, which is determined in advance. Taken together, all these small sums add up to a not inconsiderable total amount, which in any case helps the family receiving the gift a great deal.

Packing cash creatively

The simplest and most popular form of monetary gift is cash. But just handing it over in an envelope is actually a bit unimaginative, there are numerous ways to make the money a very special present with the help of a creative wrapping.


Packed in balloons cash becomes a real eye-catcher. To do this, simply roll the bills and put them in the balloons before inflating them. The ideal is not to just blow them up, but to use helium to make them rise up and be handed over as a kind of "floating bouquet".

Fold money

It doesn’t have to be the packaging; the gift itself can be presented decoratively in many different ways, too. After all, banknotes can be shaped into almost any form with a little skill – butterflies and little ships are just two of countless options. A money gift that goes particularly well with the theme of birth is described in this video:

In the bucket

A fun way to wrap it is to change the money into coins as small as possible (1 + 2 euros) and "bury" it in a bucket of sand. Once the treasure is completely sifted out, the bucket can continue to be used as a toy – killing two birds with one stone.

Give a gift of gold

Of course, a monetary gift for a birth does not necessarily have to be in cash. Another popular option is to invest the desired amount in gold and give it to the child as a gift. Instead of gold funds or other securities, physical gold is recommended here. On the one hand it has a higher stability of value, on the other hand it simply makes a better gift.
The important thing here is not to buy blindly from any random vendor. After all, you want to give away the purest gold possible, and you don’t want to get ripped off when you buy it either. So if you decide to buy physical gold, you should buy it from a certified dealer like or comparable suppliers.

Do you have any other ideas for creative monetary gifts? Post us your ideas in the comments!

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