Conquer the heart of a woman? This is how the girl conquers you!

Successfully conquer a woman

Smiling once nicely and the girls fall around your neck? No, unfortunately it is not quite that simple. I’m sure you know as well as I do that our job as men is to capture a woman’s heart. That is our job.

Nevertheless, you can use a few tricks to make the woman suddenly fight for YOU. If you do it skillfully, you will notice how she will try harder and harder to conquer you. How this works, you will learn in this article.

Conquer a woman – the biggest male mistakes!

The expression "conquest" already reminds a bit of war, doesn’t it? Perhaps this is why most men completely misunderstand what it means to "conquer" an attractive woman in the context of flirting.

They think they need to go completely on the offensive, charging off with wild battle cries to drag their lady of hearts home as prey as quickly as possible.

The guys from the "Attack Department" always make the same mistakes when they want to conquer a woman:

  • with cheap compliments overwhelm (until they slip on the slime track)
  • crude sexual innuendos
  • spending expensive gifts and drinks in the disco
  • run after the beloved forever
  • constantly report on WhatsApp and bombard the lady with messages
  • keep asking for a date
  • Do every favor to conquer the woman with his helpfulness
  • showing off on the date ("my house, my car, my boat…")
  • exaggerated romantic love confessions

Unfortunately, these strategies and behaviors lead exactly to the opposite: The girl is quite turned off, because she thinks: "Oh no, this guy is trying desperately to conquer me… he seems to be quite needy. Probably he is lonely and does not meet many women."

This is the REAL reason why ladies suddenly stop contacting each other or cancel dates…

5 tips& Tricks how to conquer the heart of the woman

Man wants to conquer woman's heart

Surely you are asking yourself now: How do I make myself interesting so that the woman conquers ME afterwards??

Here we must further clarify the misunderstanding that I have already indicated above: If I were to define the word "conquest", it does not (only) mean to go on the attack, as in war. It only means to do something to get, that you absolutely want to have.

Transferred to flirting, this means: you feel a sexual attraction / love and try to win the heart of the woman for himself – and with the most skillful tactics possible.

1. Talk to her IMMEDIATELY when you see her!

Of course, without approaching the woman nothing works – because how do you want to conquer her heart if you don’t even come into contact with each other?? Don’t hesitate out of insecurity, don’t wait until she gives you a clear invitation through eye contact and a smile.

In this phase of conquest it is even true that you should switch to attack mode…

Go straight up to her and be upfront about it: "Hey, I just saw you and thought you were really cute. That’s why I just had to come over and talk to you now!"

In tricky situations (bus and train, at work, university, etc.), you can do it.) it is of course difficult to conquer the woman like this. You should be a little more sensitive here and ask an innocuous question to get into a conversation about it casually.

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But the bad thing about it is: 99% of all men will never know this secret and therefore stay single forever!

The decisive question: What kind of man do YOU want to be??

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2. Turn small talk into flirtation!

The woman must find a character trait in you interesting when flirting, so that she wants to conquer you. But how can you awaken their desire for you? The secret is a mixture of humor, teasing sayings and a mysterious touch. Something like this can really make her ecstatic.

Here’s a little example:

You: What do you do professionally?

He: Oh, you know, I’m a pearl diver in the Caribbean. If you behave, I might take you on a trip sometime. (with a smile)

Maybe you feel it: A guy who answers like this seems much more attractive than some boring guy who answers every question as if he were a dusty politician in an interview. A woman always wants to conquer a man whom she finds attractive… where she feels this indescribable crackling!

So become this man, only then you will also enjoy that many a woman wants to seduce you.

3. Conquer a woman: Arouse her jealousy!

Your sweetheart will only try to conquer you when she has the feeling that you are also well received by other women. There are two reasons for this:

1. Your interaction with other girls acts like a kind of TuV seal that sticks to your forehead. This means that the other ladies have tested you and found your masculine qualities to be good.

2. Competition stimulates business, even in love. As soon as she sees the many competitors who also have it in for you, she will want to fight for you, so that she doesn’t lose her touch.

At the same time, show her that you like her! It is absolutely essential that she feels she has a chance with you. That means for you: Talk in their presence with other women. Have fun and don’t pay too much attention to her, but still show her your affection.

When you are alone with her..

By the way, with this technique you can conquer a woman even if there are no other women around. In fact, it’s enough to casually tell her about your contact with other women:

  • "Yesterday in the train I talked to a girl like that, she makes interesting hiking vacations. This is the kind of travel I like…"
  • "The other day I went to the movies with a good friend, we saw the new Spiderman, really cool movie…"

However, do not make these women the actual topic of conversation, but only mention them in passing as in these examples!

4. The psychological trick to win her heart

You surely know: we humans always desire the most exactly what we can’t get. So when you realize that a woman is interested in you, you can also distance yourself a bit and make her squirm to increase the tension.

Make yourself scarce in various situations, if you want to conquer the woman! This means: Don’t constantly contact her by phone or WhatsApp, and take your time when replying to her messages. You can also postpone a date.

Don’t overdo it with this method of manipulation, though, so as not to seem off-putting! If you want to conquer the woman, you need a lot of tact here and you have to interpret her flirt signals correctly. If you do it wrong, there is also the danger of losing the girl.

Take your cue from the ladies: women are perfect at this game of making a man squirm like a fish on a hook. You surely know this phenomenon! Use it to your advantage as a man as well, because that will drive her quite crazy.

5. Playfully distribute baskets

Another ingenious trick to conquer the woman: confuse her a bit by playfully turning her down:

  • "Oh, we do not fit together at all. We are like cat and mouse, this would never go well with a relationship!"
  • "Don’t expect me to kiss you on a date today". You can forget it, I am not such a man!"
  • "You like to watch SuperRTL on TV? Oh man, and here I thought I’d finally meet a sensible gal…"

Very important: Always say such things ironically and with a grin on your lips, so that the woman really understands these statements as a joke – and not as a real basket or even an insult!

If you do it right, you’ll arouse her hunting instinct like you would a hungry tiger. She will want to convince you that you are very much made for each other and start conquering you.

When it doesn’t work to conquer a woman’s heart

Clearly, the attempt to win her heart and be conquered as a man can also go wrong sometimes. Especially women who are very feminine or shy expect the first step from you. And not only that, these ladies are generally very passive and even want a man who is dominant and takes complete responsibility in seduction.

Or you have come across a complicated Scorpio lady who, according to her zodiac sign, can be very dismissive, moody, quick-tempered and jealous. Such girls see through even clumsy flirting tactics very quickly.

Should you meet such a woman, the golden mean between restraint and aggressiveness is required, WITHOUT running after her. Admittedly, it’s a fine line, but if you follow the flirting tips in my blog, you’ll be on a good track!

What other tips you need to keep in mind…

You want to conquer your fears now and finally conquer the attractive women you really want to have?

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